Tuesday, January 18, 2011

food days

sometimes, i have days that i am shocked at how much i eat. today was one of those days. this says nothing of portion sizes, which were controlled.

but, i suspect it does say something about the 3 week strength block i am in...

breakfast: 2 eggs, banana, plain greek yoghurt (small bit)
post-gym snack: latte, muffin (gasp!)
snack: mixed nuts, apple, more pomegrant greek yoghurt.
lunch: tomato-veggie soup, salad, soy-whey-almond butter-chia seed drink.
snack: larabar, frozen berries with soymilk.
dinner: left-over veggies and tofu, with shrimp and eggplant added to fill it out.
post-swim movie snack: homemade baked yam fries.



Alexa said...

um.. are you kidding me? today I ate a salad for lunch followed by some Cheetos and then like 15 cookies. sooooooooo don't even get me started!

Anonymous said...

I am so hungry after I swim! I sometimes feel like a bottomless pit!

Meggie said...

You're making me hungry/making me realize I need mire snacks in my life!

Kelly said...

I've been starving too!! Today wasn't so bad, but yesterday I ended the day with 2 huge bowls of cereal!!