Saturday, January 22, 2011

long distance moments and A moment for inspiration...

So, it has been a long week, and I know that I was SUPER tired last night. And, I also realized that I have to make sure that I have good sleeping patterns in order to make it through the week to weeks.

but, this week, late nights came because I had two conversations with the boy i like which lasted 3-4 hours. parts of those conversations were times where we talked about nothing. and in those times, we get somewhat distracted by the internet, and will send links, photos, etc. back and forth to each other. And, you know, many people spend time doing nothing together: you know the times.. where both people are sitting at a table, and reading the newspaper? together, doing nothing, but, being together. And, since the boy I like and I cannot physically be together, we procrastinate on the internet. we look at blogs about bikes. we find interesting hilarious ridiculous things on etsy. we do nothing. because that is what people do.

however, as you may have also guessed, we talked about some pretty meaningful things (i mean, comon' we talked for 3+hours!). and, i find it interesting how I react to talking about meaningful things on skype. Cause i am a pretty emotionally inept at talking about the deep, most meaningful and important things in my life. and skype has this magic wall on me, that it makes me not want to approach those topics even more. yet, in a long-distance-relationship, you have to. because you can't just save those conversations for when you see eachother. or else you are missing a lot of time. and, that is just no good.

I just got off my bike. I was supposed to ride it last night, but, i was so dang tired. And, I still have a run (1:15 hrs) to do later. It is going to be fricken cold. but, it will get done! All I have done is procrastinate today, and dream about moving back to BC once I am done with this degree.

but, I have a friend of mine, Donna (who was a former WVU rower with me, and is now a train-this triathlete) doing a ultra 50km trail run. I guess the pre-race note went something like this:
You are the one responsible for entering this race, you better be prepared
for the course itself. The rocks will have no mercy. I have seen this course
rip apart many a "good trail runner." Mountain Mist is trail running in its
finest form. No one is ever let down, just shut down, beaten up, broken and
left bleeding. You first timers beware, this course may cause you bodily
harm. Even though you have entered the race and paid the fee...YOU CAN STILL
BACK OUT! No one will laugh at you, just tell them your family still needs
you and you want to continue running in the future, they'll understand!
Otherwise, "know your limits and then completely ignore them."

To me, THAT is inspiration.

Not to mention, my friend JuDE UlTra. , who i know from working at MEC for the first 8 months that I was in Vancouver. Jude just arrived down in Costa Rica for the 2nd year in a row to do the Coastal Challenge rain forest run. Now, THAT is ridiculous. The "route of fire" run is a ridiculous 6 day, 225-250km race through the rain forest. Pretty much a trail-marathon a day, for a week. The route isn't even on the website yet!!! so, there is another pile of inspiration. I wish you luck JuDE! This video "Impossible Ain't Nothing but a word" is sick.

She also has recently posted a fab video from North Face. Which, as she mentioned, are thoughts that are never far away from the mind. BEautiful. Take a bit of time to have a little watch!

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