Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Swimming Snob?!?!

(i just re-read this post... and I said "annoying" so many times! HA! i guess it is clear what my sentiments are when there are too many people at workout times!)

so, last night, I went to the swimming pool at McGill during the 6:30-8:30 lane swim time. and, i did this, because my classes are scheduled too close together on tuesday's to get the lunch time swim in, without being totally crunched for time. I just gotta say that I am SO EXCITED for the pool at the Y to re-open, so I can have normal master's on Tuesday and Thursday Evenings.

I decided to swim late, due to the fact that I also wanted to go see Harry Potter. You see, tuesday nights are 6.50$ night at the big fancy theatre downtown. And, I have no classes on wednesday. It is my mid-week "work from home" day. which I love!!!! So, to McGill I went. And, reallllllly?!!? this is the second time that I have had this week during the "evening workout time" that I have been SUPER annoyed with how many people are there. I think it might be a combination of the time of day, as well as the new years resolution people. All I know, is that i really need to stick to the morning workout times, as to not just get super annoyed.

the first was monday, where the YMCA was exceptionally full that I had to wait almost an hour to get a treadmill, and I had to hop between 2 treadmills to get my full hour in. HA! it is annoying. but, that being said, I do realize that the only reason it is annoying is that it doesn't fit within my schedule. so, really, it is just a selfish reaction.

the second, was yesterday. And, the advantage of having so many people in a lane means that you can practice your open water skills by passing and having people hit you, cut in front of you, and swim slowly (so you can learn to draft). the disadvantage is when those same people stop at the end of the lane, and not move over. when they take up at least 1/2 the lane. when you tap their feet to tell them you are behind, and they don't pause at the wall. or, my personal favourite, they wait until you are exactly going into the wall for a flip turn, and push off directly in front of you. :rolleyes:

yes, people, I am a swimming snob. i apologize. Meanwhile. have a watch of my weekend swim video. NOt a terrible video, but, I wish I had more "head on" time. I hope you like my bathing suit, at all. Yes, it is watching you.


Scott said...

What did you use to take that video?

Bonnie said...

Liked the video....