Monday, April 25, 2011

back to montreal

and, just before i go to sleep, after my flights from edmonton to calgary to montreal.  i thought i would give you a photo or two from the weekend.  it was delightful.  and sunny. and fun.  it was EASTER!

so very very very nice to see the boy i like for a great weekend away. more to come, though! 

and, you gotta admit.  we are just way to cute. ;)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scotia Bank 1/2 Marathon Race report: whamo

blankaty blank is a bit how i am feeling right now.
legs are tight, my stomach is feeling a bit like it doesn't like my lunch.
and i am fricken tired.  i am going to go home and have a long ass sunday afternoon nap.

so, to start off my race report, i would like to mention these three things, which help explain how i am feeling right now. these aren't excuses. they are just facts which play into today's truth.  and, i recognize them.

  1. my last 4 stand alone 1/2 marathons: 1:46/1:47/1:46/1:48.  notice the theme?  all within a 2 minute spread.
  2. wind forecast this morning: 10am (race start): 54km/hr, gusting to 67. 11am: 46km/hr, gusting to 63..  12pm (just after the finish): 45km/hr, gusting to 58.  notice the theme here? f'in WINDY!
  3. i had a 3.5hr brick yesterday. it was hard.
first off, i think my nutrition was pretty much right on the ball.  spent the last 2 days doing a bit of carb loading (and...weighed myself this morning.  i have been losing weight!  even with the not so clean eating as of late during paper writing weeks!), and hit my race morning nutrition well.  last year, i remember getting a headache at about km 17...  this year, i was on the edge of nutrition.  i burped up once, but i think that was because i drank a gatorade too quickly.

anyway, first 11-12 km were good.  great, in fact.  wind sucked ass, but, in general, i was feeling good.  I came through the 10km mark at 48 minutes, which was maybe too quick, but, i was feeling good.  a little tight, but, i had a girl that i was pacing with, and both of us looked at each other and said "1:43?  sounds good! let's do it!"  the way it was going, i was sitting in the middle of my tempo zone, and felt like i could keep it going like this till the end.  I even had some buffer to break the 1:45 time.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

pre-race day!

so, i have a few minutes to blog, before i get back to my papers, or, before the boy i like calls.  i am sitting in my bed, looking at the *terrible* weather outside, and exhausted due to the workout that i just finished.  you can see it here:

I am running a 1/2 marathon tomorrow, (but would rather be racing NOLA 70.3.  but, life and funds dictate something else... one day i will get back to race my "inaugural" 1/2 ironman).  I really hope that the weather clears up tomorrow, or the race will be like it was last year.  wet and cold.  and, that is NOT weather for a PB.  and, i really want a PB for this distance.  it has been 2.5 years that i have ran 1:46's on my stand alone 1/2's.  it is time, folks.  time to smash that.  (but... after the past few weeks of crappy training... and today's workout?!?  we shall see...)

and, just as a note... i have been loving working out in my new zones... they have definitely bumped up from that 5km i did a few weeks ago... but, it is a little "Scary" to be running in new zones, because, honestly?  it feels like i am training at race paces. and it makes me wonder if will be be able to sustain the higher HR's during race days...

anyway.  school.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I have 2 papers due at the end of this week, just before easter...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Back to blogger land... just for a moment.

but, only for a short time.  Tonight, I am having to myself.  I will finish a glass of wine, watch a movie, and go to sleep *EARLY.*

first off, thanks to all the great comments after my 5km race report.  they really meant a lot.  and, also, if you are a (possibly new) follower (via blogspot or twitter), post a comment!  I would love to know you are following, and add you too my RSS feed.  I love new followers, and i love reading new blogs, and i LOVE getting comments from you all.  honestly... what do YOU want to read about?! what are you interested in!?

I have not had a quality post in quite some time, because it is crunch time,  my friends.  It is that time of the semester where everything tumbles together, no matter how well prepared you were for it.  I thought (oh so naively, perhaps) that I was on top of my work.  but, sadly, that was not quite true.

Over the last 3 weeks, i have been ears deep in school work.  Mostly what it has consisted of is writing my research proposal for Malawi.  It was progressing fairly well, but then I had a meeting with my supervisors, and my research questions ended up changing.  Which... well, despite them being now more appropriate for the setting, added an ASS LOAD of extra work, to be done in a very short time...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

i haven't died.

but, if you are interested, this is what I have been doing.

I have designed this study:

Based on this theory of Nursing Retention (Stewart et al. 2010):

and further backed up by this model on Maternal Mortality:

and, on Friday, i present it all. eeps.