Why the title?!

... a very brief explanation...

The title of this page comes from a song that was introduced to me during my sophomore year at WVU. A teammate of mine, and good friend, said "I have this song that you HAVE to hear.  It totally reminds me of you."  and, I was introduced to "Johnny's Camaro" by David Wilcox. and, I was sold.  

because, you see, it was kinda like a life story for me.

about a girl who likes the big cities, but who went away on a trip to africa.  And that trip changed her life.  and she how she would come back to something that would never be the same, because she was not the same.  

I am pretty much as white as you can get.  I am a 3rd generation canadian, with ethnic backgrounds in england and scotland.  but, i have a dream, a vision, a passion, a connection to something that is so far way from me.  Everyday, I dream of when the next time I will return to Africa.  i sleep under a map of the continent, and when I get the chance to stand on African soil, my heart feels complete.  It is something that not everyone understands, and that is okay.  I am okay with that.  

I know that in the future, I will have some part of my life dedicated to serving the people of that beautiful continent.  I have never been completely sure on what it will exactly look like.  But, I know it will include health care, education, and rural health.  and service.  I go so that I can serve.  Because frankly, I have been to privileged to have been given so much in this life.  And, I need to be able to give at least some of that back. 

For now, that desire is being met by putting effort into a small non-profit, Warm Heart Initiatives.  We just became (Summer 2013) incorporated, so we can now officially take your money.  Our Main partner is in Malawi.  If you want to help change the lives of people living in southern Malawi, please be in touch. 

but until the days I get to walk back on that continent, and dance with the people, and serve and sit under a mango tree.  I will dream.  and I will remember.  

"She was dreaming over the ocean

Dreaming of being home again
Dreaming over the ocean
Of what would never be the same."