About Me

Hubby and I getting ready to do
what we very well might like best! 

I am... in my 30's, working as an outreach nurse, in Vancouver, BC.  After living on and off in Montreal, QC,  I moved back to Vancouver in 2012, to be with my beloved, Sean. BC feels like home to me, and I am super excited to settle for a while here, and start my little family. We were married in September 2012.

It has taken me a bit to figure out what I want to do with life.   I grew up in edmonton. went to boarding school on Vancouver Island for grades 10-12, went to West Virginia University ="Montani Semper Liberi" for my B.Sc in Exercise Physiology. I did a M.Sc in Rehabilitation sciences at University of British Columbia.  Then, FINALLY, I have discovered a love of my life: Nursing!  In 2012, I completed a M.Sc (A) at McGill. 
Looking way better than everyday life!
Photocredit: Ilyaxous Photography

This blog is about balancing life.  It is about triathlon and nursing and faith and nutrition and friends and adventure and learning situations and relationship and health

I've traveled a lot:
Canada, USA (including Alaska!), Haiti, Bahamas, England, France, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece (albeit only for a day!), South Africa, Mozambique, Cameroon, Liberia, Malawi, Jordan, Isreal, Palestinian Territories, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand. (22.5 countries!)

Lake Chaparral 2010 PhotoCredit: Sean Birch
I like to do sports.  as a wee one, i mostly did swimming.  as a medium one, I rowed.  And, now, as a big one, i do triathlons.  I did my first in the summer of 2008, and hit it hard in 2010. I tend to prefer racing to playing games. 

i attempt to be a student, a triathlete, an adventurer, a friend, a daughter, sister, aunt, and an inspiration to the people around me. i *heart* africa and bikes and mountains and the ocean and people and traveling and working out. 

My Sweet puppy: Ilala, African Wonder Dog,
Queen of the DIckens, Birch
i am ferociously dedicated to my friends. and sustainability and healthy living and eating.  

I have a fairly dynamic and deep faith.

mostly, I want to see the world change into a better place.

i love love.