Monday, May 31, 2010

Amazing weekend!

So. What an incredible weekend.

actually... two incredible weekends in a row.

and, next weekend will be incredible as well.

This past weekend, on saturday, I rode my bike from Montreal to ottawa. and, it was beautiful. It was really fricken long. I went with a friend, Ben, and props to him, because he rode the whole thing on a 10 speed, steel frame oldschool bike with an awful saddle, and a milk crate strapped to the back. and, it is not like he trains for things like this. I know it was challenging for him.

FOr me, I felt amazing. i got to have a few more breaks than ben did, due to the fact that I would ride, and then turn around and not be able to see him. so, I would stop and wait. but, here are the highlights and lowlights:
  • cows. deer. horses.
  • open fields, and long rivers.
  • stopping for french fries.
  • finally crossing the ottawa river.
  • our final 50km into ottawa, the rolling hills, the sunset.
  • stopping for pizza dinner.
  • stories of lost love.
  • picture taking and video shooting.
  • making 10$ for the leukemia and lymphoma society.
  • my ass and girly bits. and how it felt like i had a seat tattoo'd into it.
  • wearing my backback, and feeling like I had sore shoulders.
  • not hitting nutrition for the last 1/4 properly.
  • having to go a lot slower than I wanted to.
  • the feeling of bugs and grit in my eyes.

So, on sunday, I got to be a spect-athlete. it has been a long time since I have gone to a race, just to watch. But, so much fun!!! I was so inspired by the girls, and how stoked they were to be running, and finishing. I so remember my 1st and 2nd half marathons. and, what an amazing experience to have raised their money, and to have completed the race, feeling good. I loved chasing them down the course, and waiting for them to pass, and running a long with them for a few meters. I can totally see how amazing and inspiring it is to do these types of things.

but, there was a weird point.

at one point there was this runner, who just about passed out, and almost hit her head on the concrete. The 1st aid people were there, but, as she was lying on the ground, she started to become violent. and would try to kick, or hit the first aid people. And, this was when I saw here. given that I just finished a clinical stage in pschiatry, I have been dealing with people who can get violent. so, I walked over to help. And, with my magical nursing skills, I was able to get her into a safe position, hold her, take her vitals, and just comfort/ nurse her. And, it was incredible, to see how the things that I have learned in the last 8 months were able to make a huge difference. when you are able to say "Hi. I want to help you. But, you are going to have to tell me how to do that. You are going to have to allow me to help you." makes a world of difference to just "approaching" with no preface. how "okay. I am going to come a little closer now. but, only when you are ready." allows someone to not feel threatened.

i was priviledged to have this girl allow me to let me help her.

but, it reminded me how much what we do can be on the edge. how when we push our bodies, it is so essential that we do it to a level which we know. remember that we need to drink. remember that we need to respond, and listen to our bodies.

6 days until I am racing mooseman. so excited about it. this week includes a swim test, a sweat test, and a few higher intensity, shorter workouts. and... taper taper taper.

it is go time, friends.

Friday, May 28, 2010

TNT racing, and epic bike rides

so, tomorrow, to get ready to cheer my friends Beth and Leanna on at at the Ottawa 1/2 marathon, I am going to be going on an epic bike ride. I am so excited that they have reached their goals, and that this weekend, they will see how they will actually be able to succeed in running. Their perseverance, and attainment of goals has encouraged me.

I am going to be riding with my friend, Ben, from Montreal to Ottawa. It is about 200km, and will take. well. the whole day. All I gotta say, is that those crazy ironpeople (aka... look at my teammate blog roll list) who are going to ride 180km, and then run a fricken marathon. crazy I say. See our bike route here.

My 1/2 marathon for Team in Training is still about a month away. I am so priviledged to be able to go out and do something I love, and meet so many people who have some sort of story with this battle.


Once again, I am going to tell you about where I am with my fundraising. I know that this gets annoying, but every single day I am thinking about this, and getting more and more nervous about it. This is where the stressful part comes in.

On June 7th, I meet my final deadline. I have to have a minimum of 5800$ raised. I am currently at 78% of my goal ($4,533), which is about 1400$ short. I will not be able to make up the difference that they require, and this puts me in a hard spot.

I am hoping for your help. First, as a donation, and second, if you would be able to contact people that you know. Companies. Individuals. Family Members. Blog about it. Anyone you know, who would be able to support my run. And ask them, on my behalf. Would you please forward either of the following attachments to them? I appreciate it! Because my deadline is so soon, I need you to act quickly. Thank you for supporting my run, and the cause!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

spring time brings... races and outdoor adventures!

so, it feels like it has been ages since I have blogged.

and, it is coming up. I have so much to talk about.

  • about how much i love working at the douglas hospital for my stage in Psychiatry.
  • about how wonderful being in BC for Erika's wedding was.
  • about how I find it hilarious that a friend of mine went on a date, and the girl asked for chopsticks. they were in an indian restaurant.
  • about how my TNT fundraising is going, but how I am totally nervous about how to raise 1400$ in two weeks. click here to donate.
  • about how in 10 days, I am going to be racing an 1/2 ironman, and I am soooo excited.
  • about how much i heart mountains.
  • about how I have found training recently. how I feel like it has been tremendously sporadic, but somehow, it is going to all come together.
  • about how much of a gong-show my life has been in the past 3 months. and, how I am ready to have some months off of all of this. I have 3 more weeks of busy busy busy.
  • about how uncertainty sucks.
  • about really cool things that people are doing. Like my uncle, riding his bike across canada, for YMCA's Kids of steel. Or my friend Erik, who is starting a mobile bike repair. He is kinda like my bike sponsor.
  • how erik got me a new helmet, and new chain rings, and new tires, and new brake pads, and how all of that is going to help me feel faster and safer on my bike.

and you know.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Congrats Jay and Erika!

Back from an amazing weekend on the West Coast.

Congrats to the newly weds: Jay and Erika Sangerloo!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

bike course

so, there it is. mooseman. all of 90km of it. (With two fricken big looking hills! ughghgh. but, that means downhills as well!) i went out for a long ride this morning (3 ish hours), and it felt like the ride that I have been waiting for for a long time. and, something said that I am going to be ready. Something else worried me that I am not going to be ready, because of the insanity over the past few weeks. ANother thing told me that I need to buy some aerobars asap.

but lots of things told me that I am so excited. nervous. on edge. about racing. i love racing. and, I love racing bigger races. I remember the time coming up to NOLA 70.3 last year. Mooseman is going to be totally different. i am ready to see just *how* different :)

fundraising push

hey all,
so, this is the email that I am shooting out to people throughout the day. your help as well, would be appreciated!

I am writing you today, in order to ask you for your help. As you probably know, I am in the process of training for a 1/2 Marathon dedicated to raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. I have been training, and believing in this cause for the past few months. I have met people who have inspired me in the journeys that they have walked. Not only in training for endurance events, but mostly with the stories of loved ones who have been living with blood Cancers.

In June, I am very excited to be running with Team in Training. However, I need your help. I am currently at (just under) 50% of my minimum amount needed to run (5800$). My fundraising deadline is June 7th. If I have not raised my amount, I get into a truly tight spot. I am asking for your help in 2 ways.

The first is to donate directly towards my run, and the society. 75% the money raised is used nationally and locally for funding dedicated to blood cancer research and providing education and patient services. To help me run my 1/2 marathon, please click on the following link to donate:

The second way to help is to tell 10 people that you think would be able to donate, to also help my in my efforts. I need your help to get the word out. I have also attached a pamphlet for various information as to what I am doing. Could you print it out, and give it to a few people? Would you talk to your family, or parents, about donating? At groups that you may participate in, or at your place of work?

Your help, and your donation, is already appreciated. I look forward to seeing your name on my fundraising page. I will email you in the next week, again, to follow up on if any of this has been able to take place.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chambly duathlon

so, those are the top results in the women from this morning's race. Can I say that I am sick of racing in the rain/sleet. Cause I am. I am fricken ready for the summer.

here is the email I sent to Mary, with a very very brief race report.

pretty much, I spent the afternoon in a warm bed. it was delightful, after a very cold morning.
here are the brief points!

I was really happy with today's race. :) it was small, it was really fricken cold, and the wind was insane on the bike. but, here are the main points. it seemed as if there were a lot of fast racers (the #1 woman is a world level duathlete), for such a small race.

critirium style, both on the run (5 laps of 1km... great for hitting lap splits in my head), and 7 laps of 2.7km (or something) on the bike. the bike was pretty much an out and back on a circle. but... the wind was gross. very gross. i yelled at it a few times. ;)

got a friend who shot photos of me, i will send some your way. they show a vast improvement in run form, (not all of them, but a lot of them!) but a sad decline in feeling like I have gained a few pounds in the past couple weeks.

I have attached the top 7 women's results. there were 16 women in total.
The run splits include the T times.

I fricken HIT the run pacing. was sooooo stoked about it. stayed about a 4:45/km for both of the runs. maybe a bit faster.I feel like I hit pacing better than the 4 girls ahead of me (but... they still went faster than me, esp on that first run... boo...) Each of my T's were about 2 minutes long. My fingers were so cold on the second one, that I could barely get my shoes tied (mental note... buy some elastic laces). the 2nd run, i had forgotten what it felt like to run off the bike. ridiculous.

I felt like i need to remember to "slow down and drink." I know that this will be better in Mooseman, because this race is so fast. you just want TO GO. I was a little worried about this race, and how it was going to turn out, since I have felt off with my training recently. but. i am happy. i wish i could've won though. that would have been fun. ;)

yay! SO EXCITED that my next race is mooseman.

Friday, May 7, 2010

how time flies!

things tend to never be simple. and, if i tried to sum up the last 3.5 weeks in a single blog, it would not go so well. so, I am going to do a low.high list of the past 3.5 weeks. and, it should give you a pretty good idea.

i always start with the lows, because then you end on a high note.

  • my mum breaking her hip.
  • having to postpone two final exams.
  • making the decision to postpone two final exams.
  • being so inconsistent with training.
  • sleeping in hotel rooms and hospital chairs.
  • grading bad papers, and giving poor marks.
  • hitting "Send" too early.
  • not being able to be there for my rowing girls.
  • inconsistency.
  • going and coming and going and coming.
  • eating like crap.
  • hospital food.
  • finding out today that my swimming pool is closing for two months.
  • losing my shoes.
  • snow. in montreal. in edmonton.
  • being in capable of figuring out non-descriptive messages.
  • having a flash into my life in 15 years.
  • worrying.
  • the fatigue.
  • limbo.
  • leaving.
  • dealing with disappointed students. or, worse, angry students.
  • feeling unreliable.
  • ridiculous amounts of drama at school.
  • seeing people that i love. mum. makayla. terry. terry. sujan.mike.cara.
  • getting new mizuno shoes, and finding my old ones.
  • running into beth in the hospital cafeteria.
  • taking train rides.
  • taking plane rides in executive class.
  • grading good papers, and thinking "wow.this kid really gets it."
  • meeting with students, and having them understand the feedback.
  • riding a double suspension mountain bike.
  • running with a husky.
  • talking and swimming with a world champion age-group triathlete.
  • riding a titanium frame road cycle.
  • wine. good food. good conversation. late night.
  • hot new haircut and dye job.
  • re-acquaintance.
  • coming back to a surprise birthday party for a friend of mine.
  • that my mum's accident was not more serious, and that she was in ottawa for her care.
  • knowing that life is going to get back to some realm of normal.
  • knowing that God is keeping me hanging on.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

i love this girl

My niece makayla. She got to come and sleep over last night. I never can spend enough time with her.

Dropping her off at school this morning: