Friday, May 7, 2010

how time flies!

things tend to never be simple. and, if i tried to sum up the last 3.5 weeks in a single blog, it would not go so well. so, I am going to do a low.high list of the past 3.5 weeks. and, it should give you a pretty good idea.

i always start with the lows, because then you end on a high note.

  • my mum breaking her hip.
  • having to postpone two final exams.
  • making the decision to postpone two final exams.
  • being so inconsistent with training.
  • sleeping in hotel rooms and hospital chairs.
  • grading bad papers, and giving poor marks.
  • hitting "Send" too early.
  • not being able to be there for my rowing girls.
  • inconsistency.
  • going and coming and going and coming.
  • eating like crap.
  • hospital food.
  • finding out today that my swimming pool is closing for two months.
  • losing my shoes.
  • snow. in montreal. in edmonton.
  • being in capable of figuring out non-descriptive messages.
  • having a flash into my life in 15 years.
  • worrying.
  • the fatigue.
  • limbo.
  • leaving.
  • dealing with disappointed students. or, worse, angry students.
  • feeling unreliable.
  • ridiculous amounts of drama at school.
  • seeing people that i love. mum. makayla. terry. terry. sujan.mike.cara.
  • getting new mizuno shoes, and finding my old ones.
  • running into beth in the hospital cafeteria.
  • taking train rides.
  • taking plane rides in executive class.
  • grading good papers, and thinking "wow.this kid really gets it."
  • meeting with students, and having them understand the feedback.
  • riding a double suspension mountain bike.
  • running with a husky.
  • talking and swimming with a world champion age-group triathlete.
  • riding a titanium frame road cycle.
  • wine. good food. good conversation. late night.
  • hot new haircut and dye job.
  • re-acquaintance.
  • coming back to a surprise birthday party for a friend of mine.
  • that my mum's accident was not more serious, and that she was in ottawa for her care.
  • knowing that life is going to get back to some realm of normal.
  • knowing that God is keeping me hanging on.

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