Monday, July 18, 2016

Head on over to Warm Heart Initiatives

Hi Folks,

I know that there are a few people who are continuing to read this site... And, I appreciate you.  I also appreciate this site, and know that I have been neglecting it. I have thought and drafted a few posts that I will eventually get to, but for now, I want you to head over to Warm Heart Initiatives. 

I'm doing a walking challenge right now, and I would appreciate your support!  I am aiming to walk 500km in 50 days (basically), and raise 1500$.  So far fundraising has been slow, but walking has been awesome.  It is amazing how much you see and how much you think about when you are walking. I live in this incredible spot of the world, which makes walking "easy."  However, doing something consistently day after day is a challenge.  So, please join me in this journey.

Meanwhile... some photos from a weekend camping trip I did up to Joffre lakes with some girls. It was walking, it was just not during my walking challenge!!!