Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fall days

It's raining and it's the fall.  October apparently had the most frequent days in a row of rain that has ever happened.  Like, 28 of 31 days or something crazy like that.  Bleh. 

Let's talk about happy things! 
Once again, I am stoked to represent Betty Designs in 2017!  This team has been such a wonderful group to be a part of.  Not just amazing gear, but the friendships and fun.  I'm excited for new pursuits (hello, off road triathlon!) and for continuing to build my connection with this group of amazing women! 

I'm in a Friday night social league.  This sport is a whole lot of fun & perfect for the dreary nights.  Getting to know a different group of people in Squamish (ahem, the former mayor was my skip for a week), and learning something that requires a totally different set of skills than what I use in racing. 

My doggie.  She's the best and oh so hilarious. We are also nearing the one year anniversary of getting her first head lump removed, and she's still with us.  I'm grateful for that.

Also: interesting observation.  When we moved to Squamish, there was reportabley a dearth of Christians in the region.  However, odd thing is that we have come to realize that the majority of the people we are meeting here are Christians. Not the typical "brand" that we have traditionally known, but I'd say more Christians than who we were hanging out with in Vancouver.  So... We're still not chilling with Anglicans, or getting the Eucharist regularly, but I do think we can anticipate having a good Christian community around us.  I also think it will expose us to a community that we are not used to being in... Which is good. 

So, that's a quick update.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Summer in Squamish

Oh boy!  I can't believe that it is already September.  The summer has passed so quickly, and fall is certainly in the air.  Sometimes I wonder if it is because I didn't have any focused race periods, or builds, or whatnot.  Or, perhaps it was because of the consistency with the Malawi walking challenge. I'm just not sure.  But here is a quick recap, with some of the summer highlights. 

1) going to Edmonton and DNFing a triathlon 
I went to Edmonton on a lovely trip with Sean to see friends, visit family, bury/remember my sister, celebrate my birthday and compete in GWN triathlon. It was quick, but filled with fun and love.  

2) Malawi walking challenge 
500km of walking in 50 days.  Basically... Lots of lovely walks, some fundraising, lots of reflection on how to keep Warm Heart Initiatives going strong. 

3) Squamish 50km.  
It was hard and it was fun.  I cried, laughed, trotted, walked, balanced, and felt like I was accomplishing a great feat,  
In the mountains of Squamish! I met my expectations, loved the aid stations, and understand why people can get hooked. 

4) kayaking desolation sound with Sean, Sam, and Gretchen. 
So lovely to have our yearly catchup with dear friends.  Spent some days kayaking in a beautiful location in BC, camping on cliffs and poking at sea creatures.  Hard work, nice rewards. Kayaking is adventurous and fun! 

5) Challenge Penticton 
I entered and participated in my first Cross triathlon! That was 1.5km open water swim, 28km mountain bike and 10km trail run.  It was so much fun,super supportive   and a hard challenge. It was nice to be in Penticton for another triathlon year.  I got to catch up with some teammates while I was out there, meet a hero of mine (Silken Laumann( and had an altogether great couple days.  Also, I qualified for world championships next year!  Yay!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Head on over to Warm Heart Initiatives

Hi Folks,

I know that there are a few people who are continuing to read this site... And, I appreciate you.  I also appreciate this site, and know that I have been neglecting it. I have thought and drafted a few posts that I will eventually get to, but for now, I want you to head over to Warm Heart Initiatives. 

I'm doing a walking challenge right now, and I would appreciate your support!  I am aiming to walk 500km in 50 days (basically), and raise 1500$.  So far fundraising has been slow, but walking has been awesome.  It is amazing how much you see and how much you think about when you are walking. I live in this incredible spot of the world, which makes walking "easy."  However, doing something consistently day after day is a challenge.  So, please join me in this journey.

Meanwhile... some photos from a weekend camping trip I did up to Joffre lakes with some girls. It was walking, it was just not during my walking challenge!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Living in Squamish

Its pretty hard to believe that I have lived in Squamish for 8 months!  We seem like such new residents, and it is so strange to continually have conversations about "how long have you been here, wow! ok!"  There is no question in my mind that this was a bad decision.  However, lets talk about the good and the bad.

The Good:

  1. Mountains. 
  2. We see lots of animals: bears, salmon, bald eagles, deer, mysterious animals in the forest that you cant see, birds, snakes.
  3.  There is so much to do!  Being outside is Squawesome, and it is so much fun to learn new things.  Mountain biking is great, and challenging. Trail running is way better than road running.  I want to paddle board, I want to get back into camping.
  4. Our neighbourhood is awesome.  Almost like the condo community in Vancouver, but with yards houses.  Good Facebook group, lovely conversations while walking the trails around our house.
  5. Farmers markets, and craft markets.  Such a good, local scene here.
  6. Mountains.
  7. Lots and lots of people our age, with similar interests to us. Everyone has super adorable kids who do awesome active stuff.
  8. The dog has so many great places to explore and sniff and run.  She is basically in doggie heaven. 
  9. Mountains.

The Bad:

  1. There are way too many things to do.  How am I to choose if I have mountain and road biking, swimming, fishing, climbing, paddle boarding, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing!?
  2. We have not found a church:  however, we have heard sermons that deny the resurrection of Christ, believe that the United Nations is representative of "the one world government" and symbolic that the armageddon is coming, or have misogynistic/homophobic tones.  It really makes me uncomfortable and sad.  I miss church and having a good community of Christians to have dialogue with... and, not going to lie, I miss not having to explain my traditional background.
  3. Trying new things is dangerous.  I have rolled my ankle real bad, and it sucks.  Sean has fallen on his bike, and he got hurt.  Having fun outside can be dangerous.
  4. I miss my triathlon team.  Being in a team builds community.   I miss that.  I miss the routine of training with others. I miss seeing people on a regular basis.
  5. it is hard to make appointments.  It basically requires a whole day off work.  And, things are randomly quite spread out. 
  6. Everyone has kids. its hard to hang out. 
  7. The commute: even though it is the most beautiful commute in canada, it still sucks 2-2.5 hours out of your day. 
SO, basically, Squamish is awesome. But, I still don't feel like I/we have built a community though, and I know that we both long for one. Here are a few shots from over the past few months.


Friday, January 1, 2016

100 awesome items from 2016

1. being told with a great big hug "it's only 2 km.  You will make it, run over that finish line" at IMC
2. Being asked from one portopottie to another: are you OK? At IMC.
3. Trampoline with Swartz kids
4. Cessna plane ride with Zach driving,
5. Buying XC Skis.
6. The lake at Oliver half following a scorching hot day.
7. Buying a mountain bike.
8. Buying a house in Squamish.
9. Obtaining bruises while mountain biking in Squamish.
10. Seeing just how far my dog can run while I am cycling.
11. Watching sean and Sam come off the Alaska ferry.
12. Getting on global news Edmonton during my sister's public inquiry.
13. Having my sisters public inquiry covered in the Edmonton journal, here and here.
14.  Playing ticket to ride with the Greenaway-Robbins.
15. Finally finishing our bible study of the book of Luke... 2.5 yrs after we started!
16. Mandatory hi-fives at Alice lake after an epic training weekend with Jill.
17. Running a st patty's day 5km with sean.
18. Meeting new nursing friends from province wide up in Prince George.
19. The velvet decorations at my host home in Prince George.
20. Getting the middle finger flashed at me at the top of burrard st bridge by Smadar.
21. Going on a tour of brittania mine museum with my dad.
22. The privilege of praying for Kirsten and Elizabeth and the grace that can be provided in devastating times. 
23. Half Nelson.
24. Team Betty designs.
25. Dave watt's magic fingers.
26. Incredible JamJar of the drive lunches.
27. Giving out Narcan kits, so people can save lives.
28. Breakfast wih Donna in Atlanta.
29. Catching up with an old friend in Atlanta.
30. Little five points Halloween parade.
31. Training weekends in Whistler.
32. Canada day swim at sasamat lake.
33. Wine tasting in Napa.
34. Outreach nursing.
35. Madison's graduation.
36. Nighttime Beach running at Hilton head.
37. Fountains in Savannah, Georgia.
38. Watching Trainwreck in whistler.
39. Mad max fury road.
40. Getting a new job.
41. Being a clinical coordinator.
42. Meeting lots of people under five years old.
43. Jill nunns' run at whistler.
44. So long, Stephen Harper.
45. NDP victory in Alberta.
46. Christmas carolling with neighbours in Squamish.
47. Snow at the top of sea to sky gondola.
48. Getting a sewing machine for my birthday.
49. Sewing lessons, particularly button holes and zipper installations.
50. Gingerbread house.
51. New carpets.
52. New bathroom.
53. The sparkling bright courageous encouraging women on #teambetty2015
54. Seeing Raisen stuck in the second floor hallway.
55. Rob and ginenne's wedding.
56. Risha and Wren's wedding.
57. Nicole and Chris' wedding.
58. Jasper national park in August.
59. Watching auntie Maureen dance and blow bubbles at Rob's wedding.
60. Stars and Hey Rosetta.
62. The lion king musical.
63. Ditching TD and moving to Squamish savings credit union.
64. Starting to invest.
65. The Tacoma zoo with my dad.
66. Wednesday night spin classes.
67. Fergies
68. Biting the bullet and registering for the Squamish 50k.
69. Not having cancer.
70. Being mentioned on CBC radio On the Coast.
71. Giraffe at the Atlanta zoo.
72. The great work at the Atlants belt line.
73. Seeing my bestie Christina.
74. Seeing my other besties, Zach and Donna.
75. Rowing reunion.
76. Watching the salmon run up close.
77. Aldea having a baby.
78. Morgantown, WV.
79. Seeing a goofy happy toothless dog at a local park.
80. Home made croissants.
81. Getting a BCP for Christmas.
82. Sean's humour in the last 500meters of the st pat's race.
83. Beer on bike rides.
84. Morning training with Keighty at Tightclub.  The future is tight, indeed!
85. My niece and nephews in Duncan.
86. Clara Hughes' book. 
87. Earnest icecream.
88. Being on LETC board.
89. Resigning from LETC board.
90. Getting a ride to the Pittsburgh airport from K-Shon.
91. Beating the bounds of St James Parish.
92. DNTO live in East Van.
93. Ticket to ride with the Greenaway-Robbins.
94. Thanksgiving dinner in Vancouver with the Birches.
95. Knowing that I live in bear country.
96. Watching my dog trot along in her booties.
97. Back scratches from Sean.
98. Watching Seahawks games in Tacoma.
99. The rare Ilala snuggles.
100. Keeping on with Supporting Malawi & Warm Heart Initiatives.