Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Motivation to improve

I can't remember exactly what motivated it back in 2004, but all I remember is that fall I wanted to be a better person.  I wanted to be a better rower~ so I started riding a road bike.  I wanted to be a better student~ so i set apart a dedicated study time.  I wanted to build my faith~ so i dedicated to a quiet time.  I wanted to deal with a broken relationship~ so I sought counselling.

I remember my senior year at WVU as being a year that I grew a lot.  Let's do a throw back to that year: New years 2005 in Key Largo with some of the most quality people in the world.

The reason why i mention this, is somehow this fall, I am feeling that motivation again~  it's building in the past few weeks.  The motivation to be a better person.  Maybe it comes as part of my off season from Triathlon, and I have more time on my hands... maybe it comes out of a trip to visit my brother and his family.  Maybe it comes with the autumn season, where there is a physical representation of the death which has to occur before the spring of new life.  I don't know exactly what it is, but there is excitement.

I want to be a better triathlete.  Next year, I want to qualify for world championships in the 70.3 distance, and I want to rock it.  I know that one of the things that I have to do is become a better runner.  So, to do that, I have joined a running club.  And after 2 years of limited direction, I am hiring a triathlon coach again.  I am also really tapping into my food. and getting a personal trainer for a few weeks to build my core strength and intensity training.

I want to deal with the hard things in life.  I want to learn how to be a better wife, friend, and sister/daughter.  I want to figure out if I have dealt with the pain and grief that exists in my life. So, I just started working with a counsellor.

I want to have mentors.  So, I am thinking of putting together a personal "council."  on that council would be someone to mentor me in career, spirituality, friendship, and marriage. I hope that I can think about who those people are in my life.  They may not be "Friends" right now, but I want to find people who can dedicate to meeting with me, and mentoring me. 

I want to not have beer or wine as part of my daily routine.  Not that I drink too much, but, I want to know that a glass of wine isn't a requirement after work.  my goal: to follow the 1-2-4 rule.  

i want to take on a hobby that is not sport related. im not sure if that is related to improving the home, or taking on an art (such as taking piano lessons again). this still is going to take time to figure out.

I want my Non-for-profit company to take off.  Warm Heart Initiatives is amazing.  In partnering with folks in Malawi, I truely think that we can make a difference.  We are learning how to do this, but I want to be bolder with my promotion of it, and spend at least 10% of the time that I put towards nursing work, as a commitment of the limited amount of time that I can spend on WHI.  That is about 3.5-4 hours a week. 

Finally, I want to spend money on other people.  I know that I spend a huge chunk of cash on sports, and triathlon, and hobbies.  Sean and I have been talking about how we can commit to donating to something that can encourage kids that otherwise could not afford to do sport, to be able to do sport.  It's a bit hard to figure out, but, I am sure we can find it eventually.

These are big goals.  But, maybe they are kinda my new years resolutions that are happening a bit early.  Let's see how they go.  Stay tuned.  Cause this time, next year, I am going to be a better person.