Sunday, May 31, 2009

my first few little videos!

Hiking in oregon!

Shawnigan race report!

Fun at BenJammin Mauss's house in tacoma washington this past week!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

just as it turns

so, turns out that I have a sweet new little video cam-corder. Thank you soooo much to the unnamed, super generous client who gave it to me as a going away gift. The still photos are not the high point (it only gets about 3 mgpxl for the still shots), but i am not complaining in anyway possible. so, enjoy. THese are some photos from the last week: shawnigan lake tri, and washington state, and portland. wowza!

oh, and ps... I now also have a youtube site... now, i don't know how to direct you to it, but my user name is "roweramo" :)

Hike today, up "Dog mountain" in the columbia river gorge...

risha and bradley and i post hike, today, just finishing eating ice-cream!
Zach, at the waterfall of the hike yesterday, in the columbia river gorge. just at a different spot.

BICYCLE FREEDOM! (in the distance you can see the beautiful mt rainier...) this is at a park in tacoma called preservation point.

my beautiful neice makayla, and I, after the Shawnigan lake Tri, last sunday.
wet-suit super hero's! Dana and me...

loading on the shuttle bus... me, makayla, my mum, and dana...

and, maybe my favourite shot of this week... zachary, kevsky, swisslove, and me!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

the last days...

So, it is pretty crazy that I am writing, and am thinking about the next couple days. I wish that I could have the time to update more these days because there is so much going on, but since my computer got stolen, it makes it far harder to do. There is just wayyyy to much to cover in such a short time, so I will do my best to get a post today, and another post before I head out to Florida, on the front end of my trip to Haiti...

I am currently sitting in Tacoma, Washington, beside one of my best friend's, Zach. I arrived yesterday, after a great last week in Vancouver and on the Island. Last week, I had my convocation, my last day at work, the packing and moving, and my final race until at least august. I have had a crazy time of just going and going and going, and it has been a little crazy. It is amazing to me to think that I now can sign my name Amelia Payne, M.Sc. it is crazy to think that in a week I am going to be in charge of 27 eager teenagers going to a developing country....


so, that was a few days ago. I am now sitting in portland, at a bubble tea cafe. we went hiking today in the columbia river gorge, and, for a few moments, I realized how much I have going through my head. What a crazy time of transistion it is right now, and it is so wonderful. exciting. nerve racking. The past couple days have been a wonderful time of relaxation. and, it is kinda funny, 'cause I never knew that I was so tired. I just feel like I can get 8hrs of sleep a night, and still want an afternoon nap.


this week has been about seeing friends. makayla. dana. kevin. zach. jessie. risha. i love seeing people i love. 'cause it is so good for the heart. and, i love having people i love meet people i love, cause it makes your life a bit more connected.

and, my prayers go out to sam and gretchen, who, this week were in a car accident. sam, thanks for calling zach, and telling us about them.


i recently got an amazing gift. it includes the ability to post photos and videos online!!! I will do so, before I am off to florida, and then haiti. i wish i could update more, but having a computer that was stolen, sucks.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

stolen.... memories?!?!

so, what a week, what a week. there is so much to tell, not enough time, and limited resources!

My basement suite looks like a hurricane has hit, except that it still has walls standing up. this whole "packing up to move across the country when I don't own a car" thing is quite amazing! I had friends over last night for a small pot-luck, and honestly, I am not sure when I am going to get the chance to get together with some of them again. and, that makes me sad. I am going to miss people, that's for sure.

I am heading over to edmonton tonight, on a last minute road trip. I have recruited people off of craigslist to shard the ride with, but I will be driving all the way though. The purpose of the trip is to go and visit my older sister, Rebecca. I miss her a lot, and for health reasons, she is not able to travel. And, so I came to the dawning realization that if i do not go now, it may be another year before I have the chance to see her. And, so that is important for me. is to go see her. SO, over the mountains on a 10 hour drive i go!!!

last sunday, shortly after I wrote that post about Joel Plaskett, my laptop was stolen. or, it grew two legs and walked away. at any rate, it sucks. so many things on it, most of which were backed up, but memories... like photos from my middle east trip.

I am about 500$ away from reaching my fundraising goals! woooohooo! so exciting :) haiti waits. And, i am sooooooooo excited to meet the kids that I am going to be leading this summer. what a fricken life changing experience they are about to have. and, right now, they have no idea how big it is going to be. thank you to those of you who have been generous to donate.

when I have been packing up, i opened up my memory trunk. in that trunk, i have photos, journals, scrapbooks, letters and other memorbilia that i have kept since about highschool. oh man, what a life. and, when you get the chance to look back at it, like I have over the past few days while packing up, it is a little amazing. and, i am only 25. there is so much left to go.

I am racing in 9 days, out on the island. an olympic distance tri. I might die. pray for me, that i don't. My training has been a little over-and-out, to say the least. i guess the advantage to that, is that i can just enjoy it. do it for fun. 'cause i love racing. and, i love triathlons. :)

oh! and, today, on the bus, I ran into my high school rowing coach. what a cool cool thing! it just made my day! okay, bigger update when i am in edmonton for the weekend!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

"There is a reason why i love this town...."

Last night, I went to a Joel Plaskett concert. at a small-ish venue (the Vogue theater downtown), but large enough for there to be a good crowd. I felt like the concert should have been held outside, in the sun, in a park.

if you ever have the chance to see him, please do, 'cause he is amazing. he is from Halifax, and has a voice that hits right to your soul. And, in addition, he is super funny, and brings along his father on tour to play with him, and the girl who he "fell in love with her voice." in my head, i think he fell in love with her. 'cause when they sing a duet, it sure sounds great. but, i read on wikipedia, that he is in love with a artist, not a musician.

I went with Audrey, and friends. and, there was a point when I got really sad, 'cause I am going to miss them. lots. i am getting nervous about leaving, and moving.

today, i am doing a presentation at my church, to talk about my trip. both after the 9:30 service, and the 11:15 service. I have advertised it as a potluck lunch. I sure hope that people bring food :) ha!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sheeesh! (kabobs?!)

wow. i am lame. it has been a while. i blame it on how incredibly busy I am these days.

ha. that's a joke.

I really blame it on my wireless connection capabilities of my computer right now. yup, at max, my wireless will stay online for for approximately 3 minutes when I am at home, and then the signal fades in and out, and in and out. eventually it ends at "out." so, i am now, connected at UBC library via a cable. this sucks.

so, my life these days includes a lot of doing nothing. for instance, last thursday, this was my day: work from 7-11. sit on computer at work, doing some email responding. phone friend. arrange to leisurely ride bikes to sea wall, sit and eat salads and soups while watching people stroll by. then, ride again to meet another friend to rent some rollerblades, and skate around the stanley park sea wall. then, go to pub to watch playoff hockey. then, ride bike to yet another friend's to watch a movie. fall asleep on couch. wake up close to end of movie. ride my bike home for a real sleep.

yeah, life is tough right now. On that thursday, I also logged onto my student account at UBC. No tuition owed. all grades in. Graduation approved. NO TUITION OWED! (wooooo!)

so, what am i doing with life?

I am selling stuff on craigslist: a desk, a printer, some chairs, a bed side table. random crap like a tea pot, and a disk rack, and old CDs and Books and cassettes. Trying to fit my life into two bags and a bike.

I am connecting with my community: going for coffees, going for workouts, having social events, picnics, telling people about my trip. I am loving spring, and the sun, and the smells that come with it.

I am working out, and training: for the first time, in a long time, I am regularly going to the gym. more than once a week. I have kinda reminded myself about how much fun it is. I only have one more race before I head south. I will be racing at Shawnigan Lake on the 24th of May. And, I will do the olympic distance. and, my training plan? swim, bike, and run. if my body feels like shit, take a rest day. if i want to go hiking, go hiking.

I am hosting couchsurfers: an australian for a week, and tonight, I will have a swede for a few nights.

I am fundraising: about 1700$ to go to cover this trip to haiti. it kinda makes me nervous that I am not going to make it, but, i know it will come.* God isn't on a budget. I am selling 50-50 tickets, and had a great sushi dinner the other day that raised about 300$, and I am connecting with my people around town. it has been amazing to see how supported I have been in my endevours, and it is so exciting to share these endevours with other people.**

I am connecting at a deep level with my spirituality, and my God: it has been quite amazing, what all of this change has done. It has made me want to be in church more, and continue to connect with that community. It has made me think about things like what mission means in my life, and what it means to just know, and trust that God is bigger than the disarray of planning my life out.

I am taking care of wrapping up things here in BC: I am making sure my driver's liscense is renewed, and that my health insurance is in order for my trip, and that my cell phone will be on the minimal plan for while i am away. figuring out how to stop mail from most of my banks, non-profits, etc. Getting my plane ticket for montreal, and packing up my house.

so, you know. busy-ish. just not in the same way that I am used too. And, that feels nice :)

* that reminds me. if you want to financially support me... now is the time. the deadline is nigh. email me for address and instructions. roweramo at

**I am incredibly excited about going to Haiti. Recently, I was asked "what is mission" and, it has got me thinking a lot in the last week. And, maybe, I will post what I wrote in response to it. To all of you, who support me (not really just in finances, but in the bigger things... the deep, spiritual things, and the community connection things, and the inspirational things...)

thank you.