Sunday, May 10, 2009

"There is a reason why i love this town...."

Last night, I went to a Joel Plaskett concert. at a small-ish venue (the Vogue theater downtown), but large enough for there to be a good crowd. I felt like the concert should have been held outside, in the sun, in a park.

if you ever have the chance to see him, please do, 'cause he is amazing. he is from Halifax, and has a voice that hits right to your soul. And, in addition, he is super funny, and brings along his father on tour to play with him, and the girl who he "fell in love with her voice." in my head, i think he fell in love with her. 'cause when they sing a duet, it sure sounds great. but, i read on wikipedia, that he is in love with a artist, not a musician.

I went with Audrey, and friends. and, there was a point when I got really sad, 'cause I am going to miss them. lots. i am getting nervous about leaving, and moving.

today, i am doing a presentation at my church, to talk about my trip. both after the 9:30 service, and the 11:15 service. I have advertised it as a potluck lunch. I sure hope that people bring food :) ha!

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