Wednesday, May 13, 2009

stolen.... memories?!?!

so, what a week, what a week. there is so much to tell, not enough time, and limited resources!

My basement suite looks like a hurricane has hit, except that it still has walls standing up. this whole "packing up to move across the country when I don't own a car" thing is quite amazing! I had friends over last night for a small pot-luck, and honestly, I am not sure when I am going to get the chance to get together with some of them again. and, that makes me sad. I am going to miss people, that's for sure.

I am heading over to edmonton tonight, on a last minute road trip. I have recruited people off of craigslist to shard the ride with, but I will be driving all the way though. The purpose of the trip is to go and visit my older sister, Rebecca. I miss her a lot, and for health reasons, she is not able to travel. And, so I came to the dawning realization that if i do not go now, it may be another year before I have the chance to see her. And, so that is important for me. is to go see her. SO, over the mountains on a 10 hour drive i go!!!

last sunday, shortly after I wrote that post about Joel Plaskett, my laptop was stolen. or, it grew two legs and walked away. at any rate, it sucks. so many things on it, most of which were backed up, but memories... like photos from my middle east trip.

I am about 500$ away from reaching my fundraising goals! woooohooo! so exciting :) haiti waits. And, i am sooooooooo excited to meet the kids that I am going to be leading this summer. what a fricken life changing experience they are about to have. and, right now, they have no idea how big it is going to be. thank you to those of you who have been generous to donate.

when I have been packing up, i opened up my memory trunk. in that trunk, i have photos, journals, scrapbooks, letters and other memorbilia that i have kept since about highschool. oh man, what a life. and, when you get the chance to look back at it, like I have over the past few days while packing up, it is a little amazing. and, i am only 25. there is so much left to go.

I am racing in 9 days, out on the island. an olympic distance tri. I might die. pray for me, that i don't. My training has been a little over-and-out, to say the least. i guess the advantage to that, is that i can just enjoy it. do it for fun. 'cause i love racing. and, i love triathlons. :)

oh! and, today, on the bus, I ran into my high school rowing coach. what a cool cool thing! it just made my day! okay, bigger update when i am in edmonton for the weekend!!!

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