Sunday, May 31, 2015

8 weeks out!

Oh boy!  I cannot believe how quickly this spring had passed by.  Seriously, it is summer already, and Ironman Whistler is just around the corner.  

These last couple months, particularly April, have been super hectic.  At the end of March, I had a couple weeks of feeling like I was never feeling healthy.  So much so, that around Easter, I was so sick that I was (well... Still am) convinced that I had mono.  I've never had it before in my life, and my symptoms were right on.  It wasn't strep, which was my other likely.   At that same time, we had a wedding on Vancouver Island, so my mum came to visit.  On her first day here, she slipped and broke her arm.  She stayed for 3ish weeks.  

Around that time, sean and I travelled to California (it was awesome!), and I had one of my slowest 1/2 Iron distance races ever.  It hurt SO bad.  I learnt a very basic message:  you can't race fast and efficiently if you don't train!  It was, however, a beautiful and well organized race. If you want a great early season race, HITS Napa Valley is a good choice! 
Then, while we were in California, we bought a house.  We bought a house in Squamish!  We going to be living in beautiful Squamish!  So, of course we had to get our condo ready to sell, and list it, and sell it.  That is super exciting, but definently not UN-busy.  So, I guess this means the cat is officially out of the bag!?  We will move in early August, right after the race.
Life has settled down again.  Sean is on a bike trip up in Alaska and the Yukon right now, and will be gone until his Friday. I have two fellows at my place, helping me out with the dog and with cooking, but life busy.  Ironman training is H.A.R.D.  This is the last day of May, and this month I have swam, biked, and ran more that any other month in my triathlon history, ever.  I have managed longer, higher quality work than I did before challenge penticton, so I hope that qualifies for faster stronger racing in July.  The time spent with friends training for this goal has been invaluable.  It's such an incredible connection that you build with people, when you are a) doing something really hard, and b) have a common goal. 

So, as I sit eating my delicious lunch from JamJar on the drive, I can only think of how grateful I am for this journey.  I've had a bit of an ironman crisis weekend this weekend:  one where I feel overly busy, overly hungry, overly tired, with not enough time and a flat tire on my bike, and my husband away (I miss him!).  I've been on the edge of a few tears today, but... It's ok.  This is expected, occasionally.  It's part of the journey.  I'm excited.  Because, I fell like I am going to be successful in my race in July.  I'd say it's not probable that I will qualify for Kona.  But, it certainly is possible.  And, if it is possible, everything I do for the next 8 weeks will be to make that dream even more probable.

I'm racing next Sunday in Oliver, BC.  Wish me luck! 

All of these places are awesome companies, with awesome people.  They make me faster and better looking.  Check them out.