Tuesday, July 26, 2011

beware of attack squirrel!

surely, this cannot be true.  but, alas.  i can see the end of the summer.

in a mere 4 weeks, I will be one day post my last race of the season, and 1 day pre-leaving for africa.


it feels like there is so much time left, but also so little.  Scheduling is crazy and time is ticking away.  between now and then, there are weddings to attend on the west coast, "inlaws" to visit with, training to be done, Rx's to be picked up (yup. the doc convinced me to go on malaria prophylaxis), bags to move and people to visit with, work to do, and school work to be formatted.  oh yeah.  a lot of finger crossing and god praying to be had that my trip to Malawi is not a total gongshow.

Anyway, i was down in Canmore this weekend, supporting and cheering and volunteering for the boy I like love's 24 Hour of Adrenalin  corporate team.  Like last year, it was a load of fun, I had a (marginally) better volunteer position, and I just LOVE being in the mountains, in a race atmosphere. but, I also got thinking a bit about my own race season.

but, not after a squirrel ran up my leg.  seriously folks.  i rounded a corner, into a pedestrian underpass, and there was a family of squirrels (a mother, and about 6 baby ones, some nursing, at that moment).  i looked at them, the looked at me.  i looked at them, they looked at me.  i took a step forward, they paused.  i took another step forward.  they freaked out.  squirrels scattered everywhere.  down the tunnel.  up the walls.  towards me.   up my leg.

seriously.  have you ever had a baby squirrel run up your leg?  probably not.  but, i have. I may have screamed like a girl. oh wait.  i am a girl. 
so.  in that occasion, a photo from Key Largo, circa 2008.
anyway.  race season...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Balancing life and working out the details

so, the other day, I had the first conversation where training got in the way of "life."  I mean, there have been other times, but, this time was the first time I had a conversation where I realized that not everyone thinks that my way of prioritizing is "normal."

the conversation went something like this, at about 10 pm:

"well, I have a 2-hr bike ride for sometime tomorrow and swim practice in the morning.  And a dentist appointment.  and work.  Do you want to join me for the bike ride?"
"hmmm, sure, that sounds good.  What time?"
"Well, I was thinking after I get back from work."
"when are you working until?"
"ummmm.  you want to ride at 7:30, for 2 hours?  when are you doing to eat dinner?"
"well, after?"
"errrr... isn't eating just as important as training?"
"well, yes.  but, i will eat.  just after riding."
.... quizzical  stare.
"i mean, it's not a big deal.  i'll have a snack.  then i'll ride.  then eat something for a sort-of dinner.  yes, it's late, but whatever. ...no big deal."
"ok.  i just think you are not prioritizing in really the best way."
 "well, when else am i supposed to do it?  before my early morning dentist appointment? should i wake up at 5 and do it then?"  (getting grumpy.  i just don't like waking up early):
"i'm not necessarily saying that..." 

20 minutes later:

ME:  "ok.  so, what i hear you saying is that you don't want me riding tomorrow night, so we can eat together. i'm going to wake up early.  and, i'll ride before the dentist appointment."
why don't you add the ride to the dentist as part of the 2hrs.  then it won't have to be so early?
"ok.  fine.  good idea.  i'm sorry i got grumpy.  but, just so you know, sometimes i prioritize differently.  this isn't going to be the last time that we have this conversation.  and... you are not the only partner of a triathlete who feels like this." 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Relationship Building

One of the things that I said to the boy that I like love, when I first started dating him was "Listen up, buddy.  I am flexible with a lot of things, but, one of those things is NOT living in Edmonton for the rest of my life.  I just will not do it.  SO, if you plan on this being a long-term relationship, you need to realize that you will have to eventually move out of this city."   That was 3 weeks in.

and, his response?  "Eh.  Ok.  I'm good with that.  I've just been looking for an excuse to move anyway."

but, all that being said, It means that I have spent the last two summers in this city.  And, I don't mind, because I get to be with him.  However, what I do mind, is the mosquitos.  They are so bad, they are covered by our national news.   and, of course, the local newspaper.  Swarmed by blood thirsty mosquitos. i hate that.

however, all that being said, the summer is not that bad in this city.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hawaii: The Holiday

so, i have been back from my holiday for about a month.  and, I have not yet written about the rest of my holiday. Not because I haven't wanted too (it has been waiting in my "edit" box).  But, this summer has been busy (HA!  as if my life is never not busy).  So, in memory, here is my Hawaii post, holiday edition.  remember, it was written quite a while ago.

in arriving back to Canada, i think that edmonton weather has had me in the ultimate state of revenge.  Since getting back (last monday morning, 10 days ago) there has not been one nice day of weather until yesterday.  10 days of sunshine in hawaii.  10 dreaded days of rain in edmonton.  I even had to do my long saturday ride on the trainer!  UGH!  it is JUNE!  but, at least I am not in Saskatchewan (or north dakota, for that matter), where the rain and flooding is causing people to evacuate.

so, in order to remember the sunshine, here is my post about the rest of the holiday in Hawaii.  Oh yeah.  and, I'm racing on Sunday (already!?!?).  A local Olympic Distance race... 30 women registered.  one of the others is the girl (um... super fast runner!) who won last year's Slave Lake Triathlon (you know the one... i ran with bare feet?).  It should be fun to race my edmonton "Arch rival..." (HA! not really...)  but, it will be fun to race a race that is all of 5 minutes away from the place i am staying!

but... HAWAII!  The amazing Hawaii!  if you have seen my facebook album, you have seen these photos.  I will hopefully add some more, in the coming days, but, for now... just lavish in your jealousy.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Racing Madness!

So, after a 1/2 ironman, and two olympic distance Events in less than a month, all I can say is.....PHEW!  my body hurts!    Honestly, I always say that I love racing so much more than training.  I mean, if there is not a goal at the end of the tunnel, why would we bother?  but honestly, at the end of the day, your body just says WHOA.  slow down there.

and, it is that time.  I have a rest week this week.  I might even skip my ever-loved outdoor pool master's class.  I  will only race another two races this season.  A 10km trail run in mid-July, and a 1/2 iron on the 21st of August.  Then, it will be off to my love.  Then, it will be off to Africa. There is so much to do between now and then.  Like the getting my eyeglasses.  And the dentist appointments.  and the doctor appointment (all this week). and the waiting for my new passport. and the applying for a Malawi Student Visa.  and buying a plane ticket to South Africa and Malawi.  and weddings. and racing. and working.

SIGH!  there is a lot to do, when you are doing the things you love!

Such as, this weekend.  The first weekend in July is special.  Not just because it is Canada day, but, also because it signifies the beginning of another trip around the sun for me.  The weekend was spent in Canmore, Alberta.  Which, as it happened, had a triathlon.  It was an Olympic distance, and it also happened to be a qualifier for the Canadian Age-group team for the ITU 2012 World Championships in New Zealand.  So, Although it was not an "A" race, i had some self-inflicted pressure.  Was I capable of winning my age-group, and qualifying?!  was I able to overcome my fatigue, and in  poor ability of hill climbing/training, and the elevation change?  Did i have a chance?

well... maybe.

The weekend was to be one of fun.  I was traveling with the boy i like love, to meet my friends: Erika, my previous roommate from Vancouver, and Sydney, and their husbands and one baby.  here is a photo of the three of us. i love friends.