Tuesday, July 26, 2011

beware of attack squirrel!

surely, this cannot be true.  but, alas.  i can see the end of the summer.

in a mere 4 weeks, I will be one day post my last race of the season, and 1 day pre-leaving for africa.


it feels like there is so much time left, but also so little.  Scheduling is crazy and time is ticking away.  between now and then, there are weddings to attend on the west coast, "inlaws" to visit with, training to be done, Rx's to be picked up (yup. the doc convinced me to go on malaria prophylaxis), bags to move and people to visit with, work to do, and school work to be formatted.  oh yeah.  a lot of finger crossing and god praying to be had that my trip to Malawi is not a total gongshow.

Anyway, i was down in Canmore this weekend, supporting and cheering and volunteering for the boy I like love's 24 Hour of Adrenalin  corporate team.  Like last year, it was a load of fun, I had a (marginally) better volunteer position, and I just LOVE being in the mountains, in a race atmosphere. but, I also got thinking a bit about my own race season.

but, not after a squirrel ran up my leg.  seriously folks.  i rounded a corner, into a pedestrian underpass, and there was a family of squirrels (a mother, and about 6 baby ones, some nursing, at that moment).  i looked at them, the looked at me.  i looked at them, they looked at me.  i took a step forward, they paused.  i took another step forward.  they freaked out.  squirrels scattered everywhere.  down the tunnel.  up the walls.  towards me.   up my leg.

seriously.  have you ever had a baby squirrel run up your leg?  probably not.  but, i have. I may have screamed like a girl. oh wait.  i am a girl. 
so.  in that occasion, a photo from Key Largo, circa 2008.
anyway.  race season...
I only have one more race this year.  I will be doing the Alberta Challenge.    A local race, put on by the same people who did this year's Lake Summerside, and last year's Lake Chaparral.  So far... there are 6 women registered for the 1/2 iron.  HMMMMMMM.  should be interesting to see who shows up!!!

but, it has certainly been interesting in the past few weeks after Canmore.  Not going to lie... my motivation has been pretty low with training and "being serious."  I am not sure if it is because Alberta Challenge is such a small race compared to what I normally do.  I don't know if it was because i was so exhausted after those 3 races in one month.  i don't know if it is because i am away from my usual lack of a schedule.  but, motivation pretty much has been low.  especially on what i am eating.  UGH.

anyway.  i have been SO HAPPY with my race season.  ever since the winter long ride, where i saw that Mary had scheduled me for 3hrs and 30 mins in march.  that one i emailed her and said "what?!!? you have NEVER scheduled me for this long.  even at the peak of last season.  this is... new territory. new badass territory."

and she wrote me back with:  it's a new year, sister.  a new year.  

and, oh man.  what a year it has been.  from that first 1/2 marathon of the year, which i was so disappointed with.  that i was emotional about, because i ran, for the 5th time in a row, within 1.5 minutes of the same 1/2 marathon time that i have ever ran.  from there, it has just grew.

it grew into a 2nd place overall spring sprint triathlon.
it grew into a fantastically strong 10mins off a PB, but way more challenging conditions, much earlier in the season, june 1/2 ironman.
it grew into a 10 minute personal best at the olympic distance.
it grew into a 2nd place AG at the provincial championships, and possible rolldown slot for ITU world championships in 2012.  

holy crap.  i don't know what has happened this year.  but, honestly, if i were done my season right now, I would be more than happy with my success in this season.  i don't know what mary has done, but, she nailed it this year.  whatever she has complied in trainingpeaks, and filled those little boxes in with week after week, she has put together a program for me this year that has just clicked.  I know one thing for sure, it is that I am so proud to have a coach like that.

so, the season is coming to a close.  and, there are exciting things happening in the next year.  Like a trip to the love of my life:  africa (shhhh, don't tell the boy i like love).  like a graduation.  like a move across the country east to west.  like a wedding.  like a few job applications. you know.  exciting things.  life changing things.

and, i feel like next year may be a big year in my triathlon life as well. or, it might be a rest year.  we shall see what happens.  but, for now, i am going to just bask in the wonder of what this season has been.  i am going to relish every moment that is left of it.  as long as i can get my motivation back.  somewhere.  somehow.

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Alexa said...

umm.. don't forget registering for IMC in 2013!