Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lake Summerside Race report.

Wowza.  I have been a BAD blogger.  Oh well.  not my fault.  I have been just having such a good time spending time with the boy i like love and swimming in 30.5m long outdoor pools and working at Way Past Fast and catching up with old and new friends.  

but, i raced today.  it has been a little weird, because post-hawaii, I had a week of nothing (for recovery) the a week of "let's get back into it" and then, this week... a taper week.  HA!!!!  So, basically, I have not had crazy ridiculous regular training weeks for about 5 weeks, prior to hawaii.  So, i was a little unsure of my fitness level, but, very sure of my feeling of being rested.  

Today's race was the first of 2 races in 2 weeks.  Today, and next sunday.  So, not a long race report, but, the key is that it was a PERSONAL BEST!  yay!   I shaved at least 3 minutes off my pb (which was made on a short course) and 10minutes off my next fastest time.  SO, good day.  here it is!

here is my Lake Summerside report.  Pretty much, one of the best things about the day was that the course is all of about 10 minutes away from where I am living this summer, and so I got to warm up by riding my bike there.  and the race started at 9am.  so, I didn't have to wake up early. i got to sleep in my own bed.  I get to sit in the living room with my feet up to recover.  Lovely.  Lovely. Lovely way to spend a day.  I fricken love this sport.  

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hawaii: the engagement report

so, i guess the way to start this to to say:  "well, it turns out that the boy i like, is actually the boy i love."

post race was spent in the hotel, lounging while watching the Canucks game (right... ice hockey while in Hawaii!), and eating a ginormous meal for dinner.  The plan was to go to the Mauna Kea Observatory, but the drive up and back would take at least 4 hours, and it would (obviously) be at night.  Not necessarily the best idea for the evening/night after a 1/2 ironman!

so, we woke up on sunday after a lovely (surprizingly, for being in the same room as two boys who really like to snore) sleep, and went out for some coffee.  Then, of course went for second breakfast... at the buffet.  and, subsequently stuffed ourselves again.  then, it was a little lagoon lounging at the hotel, and off for the afternoon activities!    I have added pictures, but, I thought that i would leave the report up to the boy.  'Cause it was all him.
A little Planking Action at the Hilton

Kayak feet in the lagoon!

the boy i like love and I chasing Honu's in the lagoon!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hawaii: the 70.3 Race Report

After a surprizingly great sleep, in the usual pre-race way, alarm goes off at 4:30 am on saturday.  IT WAS RACE DAY!  In HAWAII!  YAY!

i had stolen/bought a variety of "the usual" things for my pre-race breakfast.  Hammer Whey Protein (which proved to be disgusting), some apple sauce, a banana, and two pieces of bread.  Since I was still feeling pretty full from the last night's dinner, I knew this would be plenty.  Started sipping an energy drink, and jumped into the shower (i was so tired the night before, that it seemed impossible) to shave my legs, and start a race feeling clean...  there is something comforting to starting a race clean, because you are about to do something that is the height of classiness in terms of getting salt water, sweat, sugar (in liquid and semi liquid forms), sunscreen (which i applied 3x prior to the race!) and the potential of bodily fluids all over your body.

so, we take off, a little late for comfort, head to the lot, and jump on the shuttle to the start.  Shuttles to the start are always a little nerve racking for me... did i forget something?  I don't really care what you are thinking about this race at this point in time... let me focus on my race!  am i going to be there on time?   but, we get there, and, I do know that I am going to be a bit pushed on time.  I set up T1, and i proceeded to walk away from my bike 3x, with things still on me which i did NOT need for the race.  Like my flip flops...  had to go back to put them in my "pick up bag" a number of times.  I also discovered on the way to the race, that i had forgotten my bike computer in my pocket.  so... no heart rate monitor.  No bike computer.  Just a watch, which i hit start on, and would hit laps during the run.

and my perceived exertion. every second of today would be on "how do i feel right now?!"

down to the port-o-pots one last time, body marking, and made my way to the water 10 minutes before start.  Yup, no time for warm-up... but, i suppose, this is a super warm water swim, it should be much "easier" than a cold water swim...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hawaii: The beginning!

So, how do you describe a few days which are indescribable (at least to a nursing student, who is NOT a english major) on a small little blog?!  It has been a while since I last posted, and there will be certainly things that are certainly missed out on.  So, I have decided that what I will do, is break it into days...

first will come the race preparation days which are Thursday-Friday, and kinda uneventful.
then, Ironman Hawaii 70.3 Honu race report.

following that will be recovery 2 days (including a story about a boy and a ring)
Then, when the time comes, it will be about the Holiday days.