Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hawaii: The beginning!

So, how do you describe a few days which are indescribable (at least to a nursing student, who is NOT a english major) on a small little blog?!  It has been a while since I last posted, and there will be certainly things that are certainly missed out on.  So, I have decided that what I will do, is break it into days...

first will come the race preparation days which are Thursday-Friday, and kinda uneventful.
then, Ironman Hawaii 70.3 Honu race report.

following that will be recovery 2 days (including a story about a boy and a ring)
Then, when the time comes, it will be about the Holiday days. 

I left Montreal bright and early on Thursday morning, after having spent the last 3 days pretty much doing nothing.  It was a great way to end my time in Montreal~  jsut relaxing.  But, it was also strange, as all my stuff was packed and ready to go, my bed was moved, and I had barely any food, and certainly not much to do.  So, that was ok.  I also spent as much time as possible, staying up late (until about 2am) to try and minimize the effect of the 6 hr time difference.

so, off too the airport, and everything went well. I even got the chance to meet a friend of mine in the Vancouver Airport for coffee.  I was able to sleep a good amount on all flights (since I had only slept 4hrs during the night before), and finally arrived in Honolulu.  I get there, with no Zach to be found.  I go to curb side pickup, where eventually, I get a text saying "I'll be there at about 7:30."  I had landed at 6.  so.  Nap time on the curb.  Zach got there at about 8pm and came out of the car threw a lei of flowers around my neck, and said "You've just been leid!"  :rolleyes:  Off to a sushi dinner, and then prep for the next day travel to the big Island.

Woke up early (the only great reason for a time change), I went for a 1/2 hour jog, and then off we were.  We got to the airport about 30mins before the flight, but timing was perfect... they just started loading the plane.  Upon arrival in Kona, i was in awe because the airport has no walls!!!!  Go to the baggage claim, and wait.  and wait.  and wait.  11:30.  no bikes.  registration ends at 2:30, and bike check in at 5:30.  we get our rental car, decide to go get lunch, our last minute things at the bike works store (which is the one that home-town-hero Bree Wee is sponsored by) (also, which has a great CO2 cartridge return program!!!)  and, turned around to go back to the airport.

OUR BIKES HAD ARRIVED!  hurrah!  we now had 45mins to make it to registration.  We did, and made the "mandatory race meeting." and, i think the only mandatory thing about it was how much it psyched me out.  they did a fantastic job at reminding us how hard it was going to be.  the 1700 mass start swim, with potential for 3ft swell as a result from a typhoon (or something) that just hit the south pacific.  the cross/head winds on the bike.  the "energy sucking grass" on the run.  the broiling hot sun the entire day.  and... not to mention all the hot bods around.

that is one thing for sure... i get nervous when looking at other triathletes.  they all look WAY faster than me.  and it makes me envious.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.  Got the bikes re-built and checked in, computer and nutrition taken off the bike.  Looked at the swim course.  Drove down to Kona for a big pasta dinner with my bestie (Christina) and her husband (Dave) and son (luke).  It was then up to check in at the Hilton at Waikoloa (which even has a boat and a train to get to your hotel rooms!!!) and early to bed.

it was good to be there.  And despite the fact that the day went a little differently than planned, we still managed to not have a lot of time on our feet.  and it all got done.  and we were ready.  I was excited and nervous and tired and full.  Zach... well, he was something.  Not quite sure if this army boy was ready for the race.  but, there we were.  going to sleep.

and i was dreaming about the next day and racing and the most unknown 70.3 thus far in my "career." (except for that very first one) and seeing the boy i like, who was arriving the next morning as well to watch me race!!!



Kristin said...

What a beautiful race pic!!! Congrats on your engagement!! you are leaving me in suspense here!! :)

Bonnie said...

High your blogging and looking forward to the rest of the story, although as you probably suspect some of it has already been spilt!

Laura said...

I love happy news! Excited to hear about your adventures in Hawaii.