Wednesday, December 31, 2014

100 awesome things about 2014

  1. Giving kindergarten students immunizations
  2. Speaking French at work
  3. Kayaking at cape Maclear
  4. Eating baobab fruit
  5. Sorting bottle caps with Malawian kids
  6. Being inspired by teammates at Calgary 70.3
  7. Jamjar food sponsorship
  8. Dave watt's magic fingers
  9. Boardgames in tofino
  10. Selling my rowing shell
  11. Chambar anniversary dinner
  12. Pic's of Nicole's baby girl
  13. The water hose while climbing up the hill in penticton GranFondo
  14. Watching my dog trying to lift her feet off of the hot concrete in penticton
  15. The generosity of stu and Marianne
  16. Salmon buying in Richmond
  17. Floor neighbours
  18. Community coming together to help an injured dog
  19. Meeting nurses in Malawi
  20. "Marmalade! Marmalade" I forgot marmalade!
  21. Sasamat canada day swim followed by berry picking with Celine
  22. Watching Sean rock the triple crown on a hybrid
  23. Tash and Antony's tree trimming
  24. 2nd line parade in NOLA
  25. Whole food discounts with Donna
  26. Dancing with Ed at k&m's wedding
  27. Sunrise Surfing with makayla
  28. The strength of a koala butt
  29. Madison's purple hair disaster 
  30. Success of IM 70.3 WC in Mt tremblant 
  31. Kits pool
  32. Being on LETC board
  33. New pornographers concert
  34. Ira glass late show at the vogue
  35. The lake behind see ya later winery
  36. Warm heart initiatives fundraiser
  37. Bubbly with Phil in brissy
  38. Julie Rogers sleepover
  39. Sunsets in Malawi
  40. Cycling in the hunter valley
  41. Leaving about the book of common prayer.
  42. 33 acres of ocean
  43. Thursday mornings with tight club
  44. Lunch under a walnut tree with terry and Selena
  45. Walks up to earnest ice cream
  46. Ice cream cones
  47. Ilala starting to swim
  48. Free upgrade on KLM
  49. Mum getting her first full time job in 30 years
  50. More days snowboarding than in the past few years
  51. Trail running with Ilala
  52. Ticket to ride 
  53. Be the hammer, not the nail
  54. A new couch
  55. Getting closets installed at home
  56. Road tripping to Boise with mum-in-law
  57. Successful craft fair shopping
  58. Sean's wooden bow-tie
  59. New tattoo!
  60. Dessert on the Sunshine Coast at Easter
  61. Zero ave ride with a little crash
  62. Ride to lynden pie shop with SAA
  63. New rain boots
  64. My dog's ears
  65. Getting Esther lee her birthday present
  66. Women's whistler training weekend
  67. Running with kim and Ali
  68. Reading Sonja w's kona race report
  69. Discovering gin
  70. Watching Olympic curling and women's bobsled
  71. A breakthrough run at the first half marathon 
  72. Completing 10 before 10
  73. New fountain shelter
  74. Anna and Andrew's wedding
  75. Open water swimming with Kristina at Manley beach
  76. Boogie boarding at freshwater 
  77. Getting a surprise 250$ check from bcnu
  78. Post race meals
  79. Dock lunch off main
  80. Mec summer century ride
  81. Crepes in Quebec
  82. Learning how to identify emotions
  83. Taking Facebook off my phone
  84. Ladies clothing swap
  85. Fall colours in our neighbourhood
  86. Ilala accomplishing challenges in agility class, especially the tunnel sock
  87. Learning to sew, sort of
  88. Being reminded "it's NOT ok."
  89. Being commended for my nursing skills
  90. Learning new skills in nursing
  91. Using lowly worm as a prop at work
  92. Saving a life 
  93. Hugs on the street Christmas Eve
  94. Bike tour in NOLA
  95. Generosity and forgiveness of friends
  96. Watching Madison find wings
  97. Master chef and amazing race
  98. Finally having a public inquiry date for Rebecca
  99. Meeting my nephews and niece in Duncan
  100. My awesome loving, supportive, understanding partner in life and love.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Its now Boxing Day, an Christmas has come and gone, just like that.  I have had a lovely couple days with Sean's family, a great Christmas Eve mass, and fun Christmas party with our neighbours last night.  All the things thy Christmas should have: family, god, food, friends, love, walking and relaxing.  Not necessarily in that order.

I have sent our Christmas cards and newsletter early this year (shocking) and now it is time to have a solid six days of off work time. 

I present to you our Christmas card and newsletter, for all of you out there in blogger land.  I appreciate you all, and please keep in touch!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Its a busy time of year!

Oh boy, this time of year is a bit of a struggle... I have been wishing and waiting for holidays (err.... 5 more work days until a week off?!), and everyday seems a little bit behind.

Today, I was to pick up a package from FedEx.  Because they only deliver during the day, I had to get it from the depot.  I also needed to drop something off to be shipped (My wedding band lost a stone.  Boo...).  I was super disapointed to find out that I was going to pay another 20$ on the package to pick up: the GST/PST (fine, ok, I forgot about those) and an unknown 10$ processing type fee.  Isn't that what I paid shipping for?  ARGH!  but, is the time and mental strain of arguing with customer service worth the 10$ potential refund?  I dunno.

Last week was my first "all green week" in training peaks.  Essentially, what that means is that I did every workout, when I should be doing it, and for the right amount of time.  This is the first time this year that I have done that, and I felt PSYCHED about it.  But, I definitely felt the fatigue, and I felt my knee get sore.  Its a gentle time of year, one when you want to be "on it" but also not pushing it too much.  It's not the time to get stressed about missing workouts, or exceptionally pushing through pain.  There is time... it's getting faster, but there is still time between now and the big dance.

Christmas is such a lovely time of year, but, it is busy... we have had many gatherings (A tree trimming, 2x office christmas parties, an ugly sweater party, a hannukah party we had to skip), craft fairs, and christmas concerts.  All of that, plus gift shopping, working a full time job, walking a dog, and training.  I love christmas, but, boy, its a busy time of year.  I can't wait to relax for a bit.

Meanwhile, here is a photo of me and my love, in ugly, ugly sweaters...

Finally, I want to direct you to the right hand side of my blog, where there is a fantastic pink skull and butterfly.  I get a benefit if you click there, and purchase BETTY DESIGN clothing.  I am getting a little more "into" the #beabetty thing, which is actually quite neat.  There is a sense of community, and support.  For someone like me, who is not much into retail (Much less online retail), it is a bit of a push to get exited about buying things... but, its super nice stuff.  I can't wait to get a few new triathlon things for the year, and look "badass and beautiful."  If you want stuff, click HERE.  Or there, up on that logo...

Friday, December 5, 2014

Grey Day at home

Today, Vancouver is grey grey grey.  You might think "isn't Vancouver always grey?" Nope, my friends, it is not.  This past fall has been beautiful~ many cold, sunny, crisp fall days.  It has been beautiful.  This is a photo that Sean took today.  See: grey.

With a the change in weather yesterday, unfortunately came a headache.  This is quite common for me, having suffering from migraines since I was a kid.  This wasn't a "doosy" but, enough for me to fall into a drug induced sleep, early last night.  I woke up not feeling awesome today, included a crappy gut for some reason.  So, I called in sick.  It often feels unnatural for me to do nothing.

Today, I am doing nothing.  It's kinda great. I walked the dog at trout lake, and I have... err... bought myself a new ipad mini!  eeeeeeee :) early christmas gift from me, to me!  Unfortunately, I already screwed up with the password, and have had to reset it to factory settings.  Oh well. I hadn't really set it up much, anyway.

Other than that, nothing... It feels good. (but, i really ought to go out and get my 40 min dreadmill run in...)

This week, in terms of my nursing career, and my job in Public Health, has been the one in which I have learnt the most. I'm not going to get into details.  The long story short, is that I was given a good reminder about the most basic of nursing skills, and how, no matter what skills we have as a professional, we must still be vigilant about the basics.

Professional learning is an interesting thing.  It is very different from learning as a student, as you have a professional practice that you are responsible for. As a student, there is someone else who is responsible for your learning, and someone else who serves as a back-up to make sure all the t's are crossed and i's are dotted.  Not that you aren't responsible, but, you have backup.

As a professional, I have started to think  that you learn in three ways:

  1. by your own practice, the good and the bad.
  2. by talking and discussing with your colleagues, and observing their practice.
  3. by looking things up and researching from reliable sources.

When you do well, you can reflect and know that you did well.  When you have a question about something, you can discuss with mentors and colleagues.  When you make a error, you have to claim responsibility, and take a solution and systems based outlook, in order to not make that mistake again. Some of those ways of learning are easier for people.

This week, it has been a challenging week of learning for me.  Despite the difficulties that come with challenging learning, I believe that I will be a better nurse out of it.  I breath, I focus on solutions and growth, and I move forward. Move forward, perhaps by first having moved back a bit.  And, that's ok.  That is OK.