Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Its a busy time of year!

Oh boy, this time of year is a bit of a struggle... I have been wishing and waiting for holidays (err.... 5 more work days until a week off?!), and everyday seems a little bit behind.

Today, I was to pick up a package from FedEx.  Because they only deliver during the day, I had to get it from the depot.  I also needed to drop something off to be shipped (My wedding band lost a stone.  Boo...).  I was super disapointed to find out that I was going to pay another 20$ on the package to pick up: the GST/PST (fine, ok, I forgot about those) and an unknown 10$ processing type fee.  Isn't that what I paid shipping for?  ARGH!  but, is the time and mental strain of arguing with customer service worth the 10$ potential refund?  I dunno.

Last week was my first "all green week" in training peaks.  Essentially, what that means is that I did every workout, when I should be doing it, and for the right amount of time.  This is the first time this year that I have done that, and I felt PSYCHED about it.  But, I definitely felt the fatigue, and I felt my knee get sore.  Its a gentle time of year, one when you want to be "on it" but also not pushing it too much.  It's not the time to get stressed about missing workouts, or exceptionally pushing through pain.  There is time... it's getting faster, but there is still time between now and the big dance.

Christmas is such a lovely time of year, but, it is busy... we have had many gatherings (A tree trimming, 2x office christmas parties, an ugly sweater party, a hannukah party we had to skip), craft fairs, and christmas concerts.  All of that, plus gift shopping, working a full time job, walking a dog, and training.  I love christmas, but, boy, its a busy time of year.  I can't wait to relax for a bit.

Meanwhile, here is a photo of me and my love, in ugly, ugly sweaters...

Finally, I want to direct you to the right hand side of my blog, where there is a fantastic pink skull and butterfly.  I get a benefit if you click there, and purchase BETTY DESIGN clothing.  I am getting a little more "into" the #beabetty thing, which is actually quite neat.  There is a sense of community, and support.  For someone like me, who is not much into retail (Much less online retail), it is a bit of a push to get exited about buying things... but, its super nice stuff.  I can't wait to get a few new triathlon things for the year, and look "badass and beautiful."  If you want stuff, click HERE.  Or there, up on that logo...

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