Saturday, June 7, 2014

Boise 70.3 race report

Normally, I don't write a race report on the day of a race.  Today, I will.  For two reasons: first, because I go to Malawi on Monday, and I won't otherwise have time.  Second, because I feel like I have to explain.

Honestly, sometimes I like to think that I have "fans" that follow my times while I'm racing, or look up my results... And, when I have a race like today's, I feel... Well... Embarrassed.  I'm better than today's results.  You know it. My coach and my teammates know it. Even I know it.

But here I am.  Saddened, because I had a beautiful opportunity in a beautiful location, and the world was my oyster.  Had I done a personal best time, I may have even qualified for Mt tremblant.  If I di what I have the potential to do, I certainly would've.  But today was not my day for that.  And, I'm sad. 

I will be better. And I'm optimistic.  Calgary's race is far enough after my trip to Malawi for some awesome training, with the Penticton grand Fondo in there as well! They also have a boatload of qualifying spots!

A superb athlete that I know, Sonja told me after the race today, that her coach had said: sometimes your the hammer, and sometimes your the nail.   Today, i was the nail, Let Calgary  be my day to be the hammer.

Pics to come.

Soooooooo.  First time I have ever sat on the side of a course and cried.  That was lovely. Today is also the slowest half iron that I have raced since 2010.  My third slowest EVER.

Good things of the day:
Strong swim in cold, choppy water.  This actually went way better than anticipated, with no moments of feeling breathless.  That was nice, never got a good set of feet, but I tend to swim better with out, I think.

Bike: this actually felt awesome for 80% of the ride.  Honestly, very little I would change in terms of output and effort. I (obviously, with the results from later), should have consumed for salt and solid nutrition. It was dry and dusty, but a great course with good diversity!

Run: I improved throughout the course. I finished, when I wanted to quit. Great great spectator friendly course, with lovely shaded trees, and awesome support from fans and volunteers.

Bad/terrible things of the day:

Slower and messier transitions. Its the first race of the year, I think I could of done a bit better.  I even forgot my race bib in my run bag.  Ran without a number (no photos will be available... Maybe that is a great thing."

I got a flat at about mile 15.  Luckily, it was a)the front wheel and b) close to an aid station, so I could use a hand pump, rather than co2, & someone was there to help me.  It still sucked as I watched my competitors ride by.

The wind was a bitch.  80% of the ride was into a head, or a scary cross wind.  But that, everyone had to deal with. 

I must not have done nutrition well, because I did not pee at any point. And that scared me. I felt like I was drinking enough, but, not enough salt... As we will see in the run.

I transition to the run, and legs feel the "norm." I think, boy they are a little worse than normal, but it will remedy itself by 3km. 

Boy, I was wrong... Within the first mile, I got a jabbing stabbing cramp in my right quad.  I tried to run it out... More cramping.  Stretched, and my hamstring would cease up.  More attempts at running, no go.  Sat on the side of the course, massaged my leg, and cried.  I knew that the run was going to be terrible.  Honestly, after a few more tries at running, I thought I was going to have my first dnf. 

I also got gastric cramps. 

My attitude was crap at this point and I was feeling very defeated.

It took my first 5 miles of basically walking & watching 15 of my age group competitors pass me by, before I felt capable of running again.  I cried a bit more, ate chips at the aid stations, and determined that I would finish one lap before I made a decision to quit or not. I'm glad I did, because I was able to pick it up, and maintain a moderate pace.  Except for the time I had to use the portapotties, because I thought I was going to shit my pants, but then when I tried to go, the were occupied, my intestines shut down, and I only had gas.  I still barely had to pee.

So there we have it.  The slowest 70.3 for me since 2010.  

And frankly, that sucks ass. I Definently was the nail today, and not the hammer. But, I'd be more sad/pissed if I dnf'd

Oh well.  Forward ho to Calgary.  Let's figure out nutrition, shall we?

Friday, June 6, 2014

Boise 70.3 rave eve!

So, its the eve of race day! A little copy and paste from an email I sent to my coach, earlier.  Mostly because I'm tired, and I don't want to type on my tablet more. But, let's just start this out with saying that Boise is beautiful!!! I'm so excited for this race tomorrow!!! I'm also so excited for my 12:40start time!

Generally, the things that could effect this race are done, including the mandatory pre race frozen yogurt. Now it is to get a good sleep, a morning "get the jitters out" run, and toe the line tomorrow.  No photos, as I forgot my phone at home.  I'll upload some when I get home.

Meanwhile, if you are at all interested in I am doing tomorrow, have a live feed at ironman tracker.  (That link might only open well in a mobile format... ).  I'm bib # 991!

Drive went really well yesterday, got a little nap in there, didn't feel to stiff.  Wasn't able to get a run in, because it was about 11-12hrs... By the time!e we got here, unpacked, we were needing to eat & sleep.

Today was fine too... They don't let you swim in the reservoir, for some reason, so tomorrow will be the first go.  I did get in up to my waist, and it is chilly!!!! Even on the cold side of chilly... I have to be ready for a slow start to the swim, and becoming a bit breathless.

Its also HOT and dry down here.  I think it will be about 28degrees while racing, and if the wind from today is any indication about how it's will be tomorrow, it will be gusty and heavy.  The bike will be challenging, that's for sure.  I got out today for about 30km, just over an hour, with 3 solid effort bits.

The run, will be awesome.  Flat course along the river, covered with trees, and cooled by the water. I'll be doing 30mins in the early am to get the jitters out. 

I don't anticipate this being easy tomorrow.  I'm nervous, because I want to do well.  I want to qualify.  There are 60 women entered in my category, so I anticipate needing to be to 5 to have a chance.  I don't feel great about my training in the past couple weeks (longest unintended taper ever!!!!), but I feel great with the races I have under my belt this year.  I feel uber nervous about the wind, because if it is gusty and stronger, I feel like I will be blown right over. 

But, I'm excited to race.  That's for sure.

That's where I'm at right now!!!