Friday, June 6, 2014

Boise 70.3 rave eve!

So, its the eve of race day! A little copy and paste from an email I sent to my coach, earlier.  Mostly because I'm tired, and I don't want to type on my tablet more. But, let's just start this out with saying that Boise is beautiful!!! I'm so excited for this race tomorrow!!! I'm also so excited for my 12:40start time!

Generally, the things that could effect this race are done, including the mandatory pre race frozen yogurt. Now it is to get a good sleep, a morning "get the jitters out" run, and toe the line tomorrow.  No photos, as I forgot my phone at home.  I'll upload some when I get home.

Meanwhile, if you are at all interested in I am doing tomorrow, have a live feed at ironman tracker.  (That link might only open well in a mobile format... ).  I'm bib # 991!

Drive went really well yesterday, got a little nap in there, didn't feel to stiff.  Wasn't able to get a run in, because it was about 11-12hrs... By the time!e we got here, unpacked, we were needing to eat & sleep.

Today was fine too... They don't let you swim in the reservoir, for some reason, so tomorrow will be the first go.  I did get in up to my waist, and it is chilly!!!! Even on the cold side of chilly... I have to be ready for a slow start to the swim, and becoming a bit breathless.

Its also HOT and dry down here.  I think it will be about 28degrees while racing, and if the wind from today is any indication about how it's will be tomorrow, it will be gusty and heavy.  The bike will be challenging, that's for sure.  I got out today for about 30km, just over an hour, with 3 solid effort bits.

The run, will be awesome.  Flat course along the river, covered with trees, and cooled by the water. I'll be doing 30mins in the early am to get the jitters out. 

I don't anticipate this being easy tomorrow.  I'm nervous, because I want to do well.  I want to qualify.  There are 60 women entered in my category, so I anticipate needing to be to 5 to have a chance.  I don't feel great about my training in the past couple weeks (longest unintended taper ever!!!!), but I feel great with the races I have under my belt this year.  I feel uber nervous about the wind, because if it is gusty and stronger, I feel like I will be blown right over. 

But, I'm excited to race.  That's for sure.

That's where I'm at right now!!!

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