Monday, September 19, 2016

Summer in Squamish

Oh boy!  I can't believe that it is already September.  The summer has passed so quickly, and fall is certainly in the air.  Sometimes I wonder if it is because I didn't have any focused race periods, or builds, or whatnot.  Or, perhaps it was because of the consistency with the Malawi walking challenge. I'm just not sure.  But here is a quick recap, with some of the summer highlights. 

1) going to Edmonton and DNFing a triathlon 
I went to Edmonton on a lovely trip with Sean to see friends, visit family, bury/remember my sister, celebrate my birthday and compete in GWN triathlon. It was quick, but filled with fun and love.  

2) Malawi walking challenge 
500km of walking in 50 days.  Basically... Lots of lovely walks, some fundraising, lots of reflection on how to keep Warm Heart Initiatives going strong. 

3) Squamish 50km.  
It was hard and it was fun.  I cried, laughed, trotted, walked, balanced, and felt like I was accomplishing a great feat,  
In the mountains of Squamish! I met my expectations, loved the aid stations, and understand why people can get hooked. 

4) kayaking desolation sound with Sean, Sam, and Gretchen. 
So lovely to have our yearly catchup with dear friends.  Spent some days kayaking in a beautiful location in BC, camping on cliffs and poking at sea creatures.  Hard work, nice rewards. Kayaking is adventurous and fun! 

5) Challenge Penticton 
I entered and participated in my first Cross triathlon! That was 1.5km open water swim, 28km mountain bike and 10km trail run.  It was so much fun,super supportive   and a hard challenge. It was nice to be in Penticton for another triathlon year.  I got to catch up with some teammates while I was out there, meet a hero of mine (Silken Laumann( and had an altogether great couple days.  Also, I qualified for world championships next year!  Yay!