Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Outreach Nursing

I am at home sick today, after sleeping for 12 hrs last night. I have been fighting a chest cold, which is not as bad as the plague that hit me in january, but certainly not fun.  I hate the ongoing debate that happens in your head when sick: stay home, or go to work?  Do a bit of exercise, or relax?  Only eat ice-cream, or cook food?

That's the kind of day it is.  So far, I have decided: staying home, relaxing, a bit of cooking.  It sure is boring being home all day.

At the beginning of March, I started back at Primary Outreach Services as an outreach nurse on the Shelter team.  Honestly, I was unsure about what it would feel like to return; being in Public Health for 8 months really helped me define what I like about public health, and what were the areas of practice that I did not love about that position.  That was the same way I felt about returning to outreach nursing.  I know that there are a TON of things I love, and a few things that I was not looking forward to.

Being back for the past week and a half has been great.  I love the work, the clients, and being outside in the neighbourhood.  However, of course, there are reasons as to why I originally left the position for a while, and why I needed a break.  I understand how easy it is to "burn out" in a complex role such as outreach nursing, and dynamics that exist within healthcare surrounding marginalized and complex client populations.  It's not easy work, that's for sure.

I am happy to be back, and I am anticipating the coming weeks as I re-integrate into my role on the team.  I think there is still lots to learn, and ways to build the role again.  I am excited to see how that happens, and seeing where it goes.