Monday, May 30, 2011

Flight Purgatory!

There have been days and flights in my life, where I have arrived to the airport a day early or a day late or missed a flight or tried to get an earlier flight from the airport. and more often than not it has always worked out.  Not today, my friends, not today.

 Air Canada does about 4 flights a week to Honolulu.  But, they are pretty much all squished around the weekends.  During the week, there is a flight on Monday, and on Thursday.  When I booked my original flight to Hawaii, i thought I would be doing clinical right until the end of may.  But, I was done early.  So I thought "hmmmm, i should try to go to the airport on monday morning, and get an earlier flight to Hawaii. I mean, 1.5 days in Hawaii prior to my race is just NOT enough.  I will be jet lagged, hot, and grumpy."   and, it is annoying to not be able to fly standby anymore. it was even more annoying to have to lug my bike box back to the city (as if i am going to pay 10$ a day to store it at the airport).

But, alas.  it was not to be.  So, what do I have to do in the next 3 days!?  Um. Nothing.  Nothing at all.  because I am tapering, I have a grand total of 2 hours of working out to do.  and. that. is. it.  honestly.  I have no idea what is going to happen in the next 3 days.  It is like i am in flight purgatory.  not moving forward.  not moving backwards.  but, at least it is going to be sunny.  so,  I think the next 3 days will involve something like this...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The step of Inspecting

In nursing, when we learning about assessing a client, there is one step which is entitled Inspection.

Inspection includes just looking at the patient, determining their "State."  what do they look like? What is the level of conciousness?  Do they appear to be in distress?  Are they breathing with difficulty?  are they reaching out in pain?  are they appropriately answering questions?  etc.  So.  If you think your nurse is looking at you with "shifty" when you first meet her... well, she is.  but, they are only shifty, because they are "inspecting" your body.  (HA!  another bad nursing joke just came into my head.... "I'm not checking you out... I'm just doing my inspection.")

also included in this inspection, especially for psychiatric clients, is if they are appropriately dressed for the situation.

I have had my last month of clinical rotation in the Emergency Dept at Royal Victoria hospital.  I have learnt a lot, I have been kept on my feet, I have been forced to be more organized. It has kept me on my toes, i have loved the people i have met in the department.  It makes me more willing and wanting to start in an ED when I finish my nursing.  It has also caused me to have to re-arrange some of my workouts,

Last friday, we had to present a case study to the other people in our class.  We decided to present a client who presented to the ED with extreme depression.

Friday, May 20, 2011

not so impressive. it's just what we do.

consistency and organization. 

The first has seemed to be the recent trend in multisport.  And, by trend, i mean... it seems as if i am reading lots about it lately.  People seem to be talking about it a lot lately.  And, the second. well, it seems to go so nicely with the first. because if you lack organization, consistency is pretty difficult to have.

I have been learning about consistency lately.  A friend of mine wrote a fantastic entry  (followed up by a blog entry about time... um... consistency and organization, AGAIN!)  about how it is not all that impressive to have a run in the morning, and a swim in the evening.  but, what is pretty impressive, is doing that same routine (or similar) day in and day out, for weeks. months. years.

My coach  recently raced Gulf Coast Triathlon and nailed her bike leg, which allowed her to have a great run.  Just look at this power file: a straight line, with a Heart Rate that is steady steady.   Her coach (Jesse Kropelnicki at QT2 systems) gave her a "A-" for this bike ride.  You can read about it HERE.  but, how did she succeed and nail this ride?  Well, she was consistant. 

I also recently heard a comment that someone on my team had said, when answering the question "wow!  You look so great for your age!  How do you do it!?" she mentioned how people don't like to hear that it is about being physically active throughout life.  for the past 20 years, or more, she has given her body something to do.  Fitness does not come instantly (as some of my old personal training clients may wish...), but, it comes with a consistant lifestyle decisions (healthy eating and active living!).  It may not be the same level of a triathlete.  but it has to be consistant.  it has to be for life.  it wasn't overnight that you became like that.  it will not be overnight that you will look how you want.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

La Printaniere Race Report!

So, I have recently made a vow that I would never again write a race report on the same day as a race.  Well, that has been nixed for this race.  and, I guess the reason is because... I know it is going to be a race report that has no potential to be anything but good :) 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I've never done THAT before! but, 3 things i DO know...

so, it is raining today.  And, it will be raining tomorrow.  and, you know what that means?  It means that it has been a full day of HTFU workouts today.  But, surprizingly, the HTFU workouts have turned out to be some of my best of the season, thus far.  Which is really nice.

 I went into this a little bit "ugh" due to the rain. I wanted to really control my ride (because, i knew that if it was a ride like last week, i would NOT be happy. Hard +rain= grumpy). It was certainly a HTFU ride. Cold, decently windy, and WET!

I started off with a big climb, to warm the body up. Then, down (slowly, due to fear of wet falling and crashing!), and over to the F-1 track, for about 2.5 hrs on the track. round and round and round. Mostly, what i thought about, was resulting out of your blog the other day: consistency, and RPE. So, I have my HRM file, but, since I don't have HR, all I have is (most of my) laps. Not really sure as to why I got quicker towards the end (less wind? More "zen?" warmer?)

anyway. it felt REALLY good. I really started off with a lower RPE, because i knew it would get tougher towards the end. it was focused, steady, consistant movement. I didn't drink as much as normal (it was cold, and wet), but, I peed WAY more, than normal (is that because of the rain?).

And, so... great to start the day with a great ride and then eat a delicious brunch at Lawrence Restaurant. it was a little more expensive than what i would normally spend, being on a student budget, but it was DELICIOUS.  It was core friendly, only in the sense that it fit into the "workout window" and served as a recovery meal.  Besides... I'm racing tomorrow.  Today is a day for carb loading.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gettin' it done!

So, I am sitting in my bed, taking the day off of my clinical rotation.  why?  Well, for no other reason than "we get one sick day"  and it is sunny, and I want to do my tempo ride on the beautiful grand prix circuit, which has uninterrupted baby-butt smooth pavement.  and, as long as i have a productive day (i.e., grocery shopping, training, cleaning, and packing), then, i will call it a good day to skip.

it has been a while since I have blogged.  Not because there is nothing to say, but, because days are quite filled!  My Clinical takes up most of my time, but, so does training, wrapping up final school things for the last semester, and talking to the boy I like.  

Last week, at this time, I was sitting in my supervisor's office, awaiting for someone awaiting the final forms for my proposal.  I am done!  WAHOOO!  On friday, with the submission of (18 fricken copies) my proposal for the Malawi project to the internal review board (ethics) at McGill, marked the end of spring semester. And, I am officially done with all homework for the year!  Only that clinical left, and it is going great so far!

What an amazing relief.  

Monday, May 2, 2011

120 hours

so, it has been a while since I have had a decent post, and, there have been quite a few reasons as too why. I have had a great couple weeks.   things in life are going well.  They have been busy, I have had my first real race of the season, I am in the final steps of submitting my research proposal, and I started my final "Stage" (aka. clinical rotation) for the school year.  Grades for the semester are starting to roll in, so far, with very good results.  Over easter, i got to see the ever hot and wonderful boy i like.

and, all of this means that I have all of 120 clinical hours remaining between me and the summer. it means that i don't really have much homework. just paying 800$ tuition for working 40hrs a week.

120 clinical hours between me and complete school freedom (or, so i hope) for the summer.
120 clinical hours between me and moving on from montreal for at least 8 months.
120 clinical hours between me and going to hawaii.
120 clinical hours between me and... WHAT?!  HAWAII!??!  I only have 32 days until i am racing Honu 70.3?!?

know what this means?
it means it is time to get serious.