Saturday, May 14, 2011

I've never done THAT before! but, 3 things i DO know...

so, it is raining today.  And, it will be raining tomorrow.  and, you know what that means?  It means that it has been a full day of HTFU workouts today.  But, surprizingly, the HTFU workouts have turned out to be some of my best of the season, thus far.  Which is really nice.

 I went into this a little bit "ugh" due to the rain. I wanted to really control my ride (because, i knew that if it was a ride like last week, i would NOT be happy. Hard +rain= grumpy). It was certainly a HTFU ride. Cold, decently windy, and WET!

I started off with a big climb, to warm the body up. Then, down (slowly, due to fear of wet falling and crashing!), and over to the F-1 track, for about 2.5 hrs on the track. round and round and round. Mostly, what i thought about, was resulting out of your blog the other day: consistency, and RPE. So, I have my HRM file, but, since I don't have HR, all I have is (most of my) laps. Not really sure as to why I got quicker towards the end (less wind? More "zen?" warmer?)

anyway. it felt REALLY good. I really started off with a lower RPE, because i knew it would get tougher towards the end. it was focused, steady, consistant movement. I didn't drink as much as normal (it was cold, and wet), but, I peed WAY more, than normal (is that because of the rain?).

And, so... great to start the day with a great ride and then eat a delicious brunch at Lawrence Restaurant. it was a little more expensive than what i would normally spend, being on a student budget, but it was DELICIOUS.  It was core friendly, only in the sense that it fit into the "workout window" and served as a recovery meal.  Besides... I'm racing tomorrow.  Today is a day for carb loading.

I am racing tomorrow!!!!

YAY!  the triathlon season is officially beginning!  

in my 3 years of triathlon (2008: 3 olympic distance; 2009: 1 70.3, 1 olympic; 2010: 2 70.3's, 2 Olympics), I have never done a sprint triathlon.  Nor have I ever done a pool triathlon.  So, tomorrow, I have a "I will be doing two brand spanking new things" day.  

and, to tell you the truth, i am really excited.  There is prize money to win for top 3 overall in each gender.  Now, I highly doubt that I have a chance at that.  but.  it is kinda nice to think about (there ARE only about 30-35 women in the race... and, i do always aim for a top 10-15% finish).  because, anything would really help with that aforementioned student budget.  In truth, I have no expectations.

it will be wet.  It will be cold.  It will be early. It will be in a pool, with lane swimming that looks like THIS.  How the heck, do i flip turn under a lane rope!??!   anyone have any last minute tips?  What do i wear?  I was going to test my Hawaii race suit, but, it is going to be cold.  Do i wear the TrainThis super hoodie?   or, a jersey with arm warmers? do I bother putting socks on?  it will be wet! it is a sprint! do i have time!??!  (but, i do know that i will be wearing SOME sort of Train-This gear, with pride!)

HA!  so many questions.  this is the type of thing I like.  Not actually really knowing what is going to happen.  There are so many discoveries to be made.  there are a lot of things i don't know.  

three things i DO know though. 
i love triathlon. 
and i love racing.  
and i LOVE that the season is starting!  

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Joy said...

on the flip turns I would guess to push off crooked, but I'm not sure. my flip turns have always been lousy and I've never done any long distance stuff. But know when i've pushed off crooked by accident before I've ended up in the wrong lane.
Anyhow, best of luck with the race. Enjoy yourself!