Sunday, May 22, 2011

The step of Inspecting

In nursing, when we learning about assessing a client, there is one step which is entitled Inspection.

Inspection includes just looking at the patient, determining their "State."  what do they look like? What is the level of conciousness?  Do they appear to be in distress?  Are they breathing with difficulty?  are they reaching out in pain?  are they appropriately answering questions?  etc.  So.  If you think your nurse is looking at you with "shifty" when you first meet her... well, she is.  but, they are only shifty, because they are "inspecting" your body.  (HA!  another bad nursing joke just came into my head.... "I'm not checking you out... I'm just doing my inspection.")

also included in this inspection, especially for psychiatric clients, is if they are appropriately dressed for the situation.

I have had my last month of clinical rotation in the Emergency Dept at Royal Victoria hospital.  I have learnt a lot, I have been kept on my feet, I have been forced to be more organized. It has kept me on my toes, i have loved the people i have met in the department.  It makes me more willing and wanting to start in an ED when I finish my nursing.  It has also caused me to have to re-arrange some of my workouts,

Last friday, we had to present a case study to the other people in our class.  We decided to present a client who presented to the ED with extreme depression.

being that i planned to do my long bike ride on friday afternoon, because that is where it where it fit in my schedule.  so, i decided, to be efficient (organized!)  i would bring my bike to school, and leave for my ride directly after my class.  but, what does that mean.  it means me showing up with minimal clothing, or items to carry for school.

i wore my bike stuff.  and, what else does someone wear on a bike ride, other than spandex?

there I was, standing in front of my classmates, and my professor, for the last presentation of the year, wearing my road spd clip in shoes (um... i've peed in those before.  not to mention they make me walk like a duck), my road shorts (yup, not only do i have spandex, but i also have padding sewn into them protecting my crotch), and my longsleeve warm up spandex shirt (because i know *Everyone* loves seeing someone in too much spandex).

ironic that i was doing a presentation on a psychiatry client, and I was definitely inappropriately dressed for the environment.  but hey... as i said then, and as i say now... at least my classmates know me, and this isn't so strange for them...

it is the other days of the week this week, which i have been in appropriately dressed for the situation, in public, which i worry about.

like, on the bixi bike today, toting my Ironman Syracuse backpack.  Um.  bixi is not what you would ride for a 70.3  and... shouldn't a triathlete be able to move faster on a bike, no matter if it is a bixi or not?!?!

or... when i thought i would ride my cervelo to the shop for a tune up.  in my skirt and tank top.  P3's aren't designed to be ridden in skirts, chacos, and a pink tank top.  (but... i swear, it was only 4 blocks!)

and.  i swear.  i am not a psych patient.  though, sometimes people definitely might debate if i am crazy.  but, what is it about bikes that make me a little less than normal?


we all have a little crazy in us. 

Meanwhile, this crazy is excited about the squash, sweet potato, red pepper soup that is waiting for her. mmmmmmmmm.....

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