Thursday, December 20, 2007

'tis the season

for visiting friends. apparently.

This month of december, I have more days that i have friends from out of town, who are in town, than days that I do not have. the thing that give me great joy about this is that i find it amazing when you do have to see someone frequently, to still be close to them. For instance, Kevin, I had not seen for over 2 years. yet, he is still among my best guy friends.

My friend Terry left on tuesday night, after being here for 8 days. This was amazing. becasue, i have maybe, *maybe* seen him 5 times in the last 5 years. Terry Lui is an individual who was a really close friend of mine in grade 12, and for a number of reasons, we weren't really in touch. and, it is really neat to be able to re-connect with someone that you know, but haven't really known. for instance, i knew general things about him, like, what he was doing in school, that he likes cars, and listens to alternative rock; but now i know what his favourite snack is, and that his boots leak if he walks in the rain too much, and that he wants to own "a big scary dog" that isnt scary, and that when he says "you are so canadian" what he really means is "you are so white," and that he loves to think and analyze, so much so that he has to spend 45 minutes before he goes tobed, to quiet his mind.

so, to Terry: here is to re-kindling relationships. this past week has been a joy.

yup, once again, i am taller than the guy i am with being stupid in the car

close up. i feel like a look a bit chubby in this photo not quite sure what he is thinking here.

The two finger smile!

in other news. we went up to whistler last sunday. it was amazing. yes folks, my doctor told me that it was okay to snowboard. the worse that i could do on my elbow is dislocate it. so, yehaw! i went! and, it was amazing. so fun to head out onto the mtn. but, the funny thing was that as you got higher up on the mtn, the winds were close to 90km an hour, and it was a complete blackout. literally couldnt see more than 3 feet infront of your face. but, it just gave me a taste of what i might experience in the next week, as i head up to whistler with Zach and Christina and Ben. pretty stoked about it. not sure how much riding I am going to be able to do, because of $, but hopefully I will be able to get at least one day.

my arm surgery went AMAZING. even the day after surgery, i could straighten my arm more than i could previous to surgery. i am sooooo excited to have almost full extension back in that damn elbow. only five small puncture spots, and i got my stitches out today. i have little scars that look a bit like stars.

Zach and Christina and Ben arrive this afternoon and evening. I am soooooooooooooo excited. On saturday, we will head up to whistler, until the 26th, when we will go down to tacoma. CHristmas this year is brining me a lot of joy. For some reason, i really feel in the christmas spirit. im listening to christmas music on my ipod. im excited to cook dinner. I am excited to decorate stockings. christmas is going to be spent with my best friends. what joy :)

oh yes, and this has been in the news in the past couple days, even though it happened last spring. pretty dang funny....

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

things i like and things i dont like

so, yesterday was an interesting day. a couple of things happened and got me thinking of the things that i do, and i dont like. i, on the occasion, come up with "a list of things i love." today, i will do a abbreviated version of that.

but, as for yesterday.

the biggest thing, was that i went to the doctor; this is my "5 month post-op" appt, to check up on how things are going. my wrist is going fairly well. my elbow, on the other hand is not going so well, but i think we knew that already. making a long story short, I am going to be having surgery again; this time on my elbow. Most likely will be having that at the beginning of January. (which, on one hand is great, b/c i will still be able to go snowboarding, but on the other hand, not so good, b/c it will certainly interfere with school and work. if i had it in december, I not be able to go snowboarding, but i wouldnt have as much time of school and work... breaking news: as of 12:30, the doc phoned, and it looks like I am going to be having surgery on Friday) it will be an arthroscopic surgery, with approx 8 punctures around the capsule. i think it will look something like this:

other things that happened yesterday:
  • i saw the most brilliant rainbow that I have ever seen in my life. literally, I was stunned. but, by the time i could access my camera, it was fading.
  • i found out that one of my clients used to be (for 10 years) the vice-president of marketing for Focus on the Family. he is close friends with Paul McCusker, who is one of the minds behind "Adventures in Odyssey" a book on tape series that i grew up with.
  • on the bus at 5:30 am, the man sitting in front of me seemed like something good was going on in his life (seriously, what is all that great at 5:30 am?), because he would sit there, and every once and a while, a small smile would spread across his face
so, as for that list:
a few things i like:
my friends. rainbows. snow. prairie skies. the personalities of orthopaedic surgeons. riding my bike early in the morning, when there arent many cars on the road. live music. my podcasts: CBC radio 3, The Hour with George Strombo, National Geographic world talk; National geographic video shorts, CBC radio vinyl cafe, NPR live concerts. seeing people be happy. seeing people give up thier seats on the bus for someone else. traveling. snuggling in bed with someone safe. reading my friends blogs. new music mixes compiled by friends. apple fritters. bubbletea. sushi. when my friend returns home from iraq safely. seeing "the day/week in pictures" on BBC website. travelling to places ive never been. the foundation resturant. love.
a few things i dont like:
when parts of your body dont work the way they are supposed to. migranes. not being passionate about the work you are doing. over crowded buses. missing the bus by 20 seconds. buses that dont come for 25 minutes, when they normally are supposed to be coming every 10 minutes. underwear shopping. when my siblings are having a hard time in life. peeling cuticles. fake powder coffee cream. that a latte costs 4.50$. cell phone chargers that break. the state and colour of the carpet at my home. when pasta water boils over. plucking my eyebrows. not being in touch with old friends. arm surgery.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

kevin and snow

so, the last few days has been great.

kevin shon came up to visit me for 3 days, and i havent seen him since 2005; more on that later!

it snow about 10 cm today, and it is staying on the ground. and, i rode a bike in it (not my own), and felt like i was toying with death, but also the adrenaline was so much fun! :)

went to a med school visit this afternoon. met great people, asked good questions, and was impressed by the answers. gets my insides ticking about wanting to be in med school asap...

Staff christmas party tonight for body and soul. i like the people i work with... there is a good handful of them who are pretty great to hang out with, and whatnot. but, anything with free food and drinks is good with me!!!!