Sunday, December 2, 2007

kevin and snow

so, the last few days has been great.

kevin shon came up to visit me for 3 days, and i havent seen him since 2005; more on that later!

it snow about 10 cm today, and it is staying on the ground. and, i rode a bike in it (not my own), and felt like i was toying with death, but also the adrenaline was so much fun! :)

went to a med school visit this afternoon. met great people, asked good questions, and was impressed by the answers. gets my insides ticking about wanting to be in med school asap...

Staff christmas party tonight for body and soul. i like the people i work with... there is a good handful of them who are pretty great to hang out with, and whatnot. but, anything with free food and drinks is good with me!!!!

1 comment:

Bonnieupnorth said...

You bring laughter to my day and better not make any comments when I bike ride with my dog after your 'toying with death"