Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Remembering rebecca

My dear friends and family,

As you know Tom and I have been looking forward to being parents of the bride for our youngest daughter, Amelia, 29, as she weds her chosen Sean this coming Friday night in Vancouver.

With this joyous news, we also must share some very sad news with the sudden passing of our oldest daughter, Shaunnie Rebecca, 31, on Sunday morning in her sleep. Amelia's note below says it very well.

Only 25 months apart, Amelia and Rebecca were as younger siblings, each others constant companions, sometimes best buds and other times not. Both pursued sports ( one year between bingos and driving for soccer, swimming and downhill ski racing we were very busy!!) and university. Rebecca was very talented in fashion design, in Human Ecology, & on her own, putting on a  modelling show several years ago at the Edmonton Armoury and when about 8  made Amelia lie down on brown paper to trace an outline for sewing a princess dress. Pioneer Ranch Camps has also played an important part with both young women from Amelia's involvement with Senior Girls to Rebecca time as staff at Sundre, life guarding for junior camps. In this, we also remember our eldest son and his young family.

Contact information for Tom and i can be found below but I hope with understanding it may be a while before we get back to you, as both on the road to Vancouver when you get this, but we both appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

With love,



Dear friends and family,

Sean and I are thoroughly looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday for our upcoming nuptials.  We are in high anticipation of the joy and celebration to come!  We wish you safe travels, as you come to Vancouver from near and far.  

This email is difficult for me to write, as it also bears some sad news.  I wish to let you know, so that any initial shock and reaction will be gone by Friday.  Yesterday my family got the news that my beloved sister, Shaunnie Rebecca, passed away during her sleep.  If you have ever met Rebecca, she is a vibrant, strong willed, and creative personality.  She has also lived with mental illness for at least 10 years, and this past summer was particularly difficult.  Her death was unexpected, and brings grieving to our family.  Sean and I will be celebrating and remembering her life, as we celebrate our new life together as a family. 

If you wish to send cards or condolences to my parents, please contact me for their details.

with love,
Amelia (& Sean)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Engagement Photos

I know that it has been WAY to quiet around this blog for too long.  I have no excuse, other than doing my planning for the wedding.  It's coming up, and in 9 days, I'm going to be a Mrs.

Last weekend, two of the folks at St James Anglican Church were kind enough to offer us an "Engagement session."  Chris and Elisha are in the process of "rebranding" and think that it is great to be able to give back to our faith community by taking some photos of some of the people in the church.  It was quick and dirty (about 45 mins) but tons of fun.  Their website has more of their work, and of course, facebook.

We are really thankful that they were able to give us this gift!  and, man oh man... do we look good.