Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Engagement Photos

I know that it has been WAY to quiet around this blog for too long.  I have no excuse, other than doing my planning for the wedding.  It's coming up, and in 9 days, I'm going to be a Mrs.

Last weekend, two of the folks at St James Anglican Church were kind enough to offer us an "Engagement session."  Chris and Elisha are in the process of "rebranding" and think that it is great to be able to give back to our faith community by taking some photos of some of the people in the church.  It was quick and dirty (about 45 mins) but tons of fun.  Their website has more of their work, and of course, facebook.

We are really thankful that they were able to give us this gift!  and, man oh man... do we look good.


Joy said...

congratulations on being almost married! being married is a wonderful thing!

Kelly Covert said...

Love, love, love these pics and now I'm super-duper doubly bummed I won't be at your nuptials!! You guys look so supremely happy and in love!!

Megan said...

These are lovely!! So excited for you! :) <3