Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crest of a hill...

Over the past couple weeks, I have been able to think a little bit more about things that I love. and, here are a few more.
  • i love tunnels/canopies that are made my trees. (in fact, i love trees, in general)
  • i love shooting a roll of film, not having enough money to develop it, and then develop it months and months later, only to find out what was on the roll, long after you have forgotten.
  • i love stalking my competitors on
  • I love the crest of a hill. No matter what. If it is cycling up one, and at the very top, rolling over the top, and feeling your heart stop pounding; or climbing a mountain, and seeing the view from the top; the top of a roller coaster, and the drop that follows.
there has been a lot of happenings in the past 2 weeks. mostly all happening during the time away in alaska (and, sorta in chicago). My past two races have kinda haunted me for the last little while. I didn't have a great time in Alaska (despite it being a small part of a big picture), and I am still slightly frustrated with my bike at mooseman (really!? still? after a month?). All of a sudden, July is on us, and here I am 1/2 way through a season, still frustrated with 2/4 of my races thus far. and, that is not a good place to be. so, hopefully my meeting with my coach tonight will help that out. All I gotta say, is that it is go time. july and august, baby. Go time.

give it to me coach. drive it in, and make it hurt a bit.
as long as it makes these legs go faster.

so much about Triathlon right now.
onto school.

I am so glad to be done with the year, despite the fact that i have a mini paper, and two final exams (deferred from the spring) in august. I have had slightly shocking news that i was rejected from a portion of my Nursing program that I have been really keen on: the global health stream. This section allows people in my program to focus their classes on International health care, and social justice issues/care of marginalized people groups. I am fricken made for Global health. i have done so much work overseas, and my largest passion is social justice/marginalized people. remember? Africa is what makes my heart beat harder (other than when i go work out ;) ) but... rejection. It never feels good.

what does this mean. I have emailed the coordinators, and am having a meeting on Monday, to find out what it means. Am I totally screwed for my future plans, if I am not in this program? No. I mean~ really. I don't have to go overseas with McGill. I can make my own plans, and go overseas with whomever, whenever, I want. I can set up my own work overseas. That is not the problem. But, I just want to make sure that I am not missing out on educational experiences that will help with my future career choices. you know. like interesting classes, and the such.

in final news.

I am going to edmonton for 6 weeks. Leaving on Sunday. Coming back on the 15th of August.

there is a couple reasons. Thought of it mostly because I have not found a job here in Montreal yet.. And, I am just sitting around, doing nothing. and, I am bored because of that. And, i don't really even like edmonton. But, it is a good decision. and, it will allow me to re-connect (well) with the friends that I have there (all five of them. ha!), and my family who lives there. I have lots of cousins, my niece, and my sister.

but, also. (I wasn't going to post this on any facebook status update, because there are too many people on facebook, who I really don't care if they know about my life. but, you, my creepy internet blogging friends, get to know.) There is a boy there, that i like. from what I can tell, he is pretty neat. he likes to ride bikes and take photos (he tells me to ignore the karate photos) and cook good food and drink nice wine and look at the earth to design large structures (isn't that what "geotechnical" engineers do?) and wear patagonia clothing. and, this boy likes me. (i know. you are allowed to be as shocked as I am.) so, all of a sudden, there there could be a facebook status update from "single" to "in a relationship."

but, that won't happen.
'cause facebook doesn't need to know.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WoooOOOOoooo, sweet give-away!

So, i know I am due for a decent post. It will come later today.

Meanwhile, check out Kelly's Blog, for a sweet REV3 Cedar Point Giveaway.

Kelly is a Train-This coach, a momma, a teammate, a Aflac Irongirl Host, and pretty much, an all around amazing woman, with a blog worth following.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

a little taste of the past week...

not doing a big post, just a few photos from the past few days (not my own, but one of the girls that I am traveling with!)

The beautiful Hatcher's Pass.

End of Nancy Lake Canoe Trail, with friends Old and new. 13 lakes, 8 miles, 6 hours, and two nice long lunches.

Girls camping trip up in Denali National park. We hiked to the top of this. I think that it is "Igloo Mountain"

Top of the Ridge: Christy, Gretchen, and I.

Denali from Wonderlake campsite, during Summer solstice, at 1AM.
The colour and reflection is called Alpenglow.

more to come! Great time up in AK :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

FInally arrived!

Hello friends and Sponsors!

Yesterday afternoon, I finished off the successful first year as a nursing student, and got excited about my upcoming summer break, which will be such a welcome time! This afternoon, my plane from Minneapolis touched down in the beautiful state of AK, with the other members of the Leukemia and Lymphoma's Team in Training. the time has come, and the money has been counted, and we are all here, ready to race: ready to remember all the people that we are running for.

Today, during dinner with friends, I was able to really reflect upon the time I have had leading up to this race. I am so excited for it, for a number of different reasons.

First off, with your help, I have been able to raise 5800$ A-fricken-Mazing. I just heard the other day that the 3 2009-2010 Montreal teams (Summer, Winter, and Spring) has (for the first time) raised more than 1 million dollars. Thank you for your support, encouragement, and donations. Without you, this journey is impossible.

Secondly, at the end of May, when I was able to watch my fellow nursing students complete their TNT race in Ottawa, I was so inspired by their efforts, and their success in the run. And, to hear about when Beth and Her dad ran hand in hand for 100 m was one of the best moments to think about during the day. Your friends, and your family members, who have been diagnosed with blood cancers (or, any other cancer, for that matter!), whether they have beaten it nor not, get up each morning and fight a battle. It is far harder to walk that battle, than for me to race a 1/2 marathon. As I have been raising this money, and training for this race, I have heard and met so many of you have been affected by this, as well as names of your loved ones. Please send me those names again, so that, on Saturday, I can put them on the wings that I am racing with. I want to honour their (and your!) journey! This whole process has really just opened up my eyes and knowledge about blood cancers.

Third, I have returned to the place, which 4 years ago, was the first time that I ever thought "wow. If those people could run a 1/2 marathon, I would be able to run a 1/2 marathon..." It was the first time that endurance racing entered into my head. This will be my 5th standalone 1/2 marathon, and my 7th all together. I am exceptionally excited to go for the fastest time I have ever run. Last weekend, I was down racing my first 1/2 Ironman of the year, where I ran a personal best off an exceptionally challenging bike. With the strong run from that recent race, I am feeling that my legs will be able to carry me quickly through the rolling hill course. I have been challenged to take about 5 minutes off my personal best for this run. So, now that I have been able to reach the fundraising, challenge, I am ready for the running challenge!!!

I will let you know how it goes!

If you know anyone who would like to receive this update, please forward it to them (i.e. if you have friends who have donated, and I do not have their email...)


Sunday, June 13, 2010

250th post, and socialist swim times.

so, apparently, this is post #250. do i really have that much to say!?!? ;)

so, today, I had a fantastic day... started off with a little brick w/o, then a little church going (where we watched a video for an hour! yesss!), and then a little coffee drinking, some swimming, going home, and then downloading my most recent sinister obsession: Dexter episodes. (and, to tell you the truth. it does give me a bit of the creepers. but... so interesting that it is so addicting as well.)

when I was a kid, my first big sport was swimming. I swam from the time I was about 5. I failed my "colours" repeatedly, until I joined the Royal Glenora Gators Summer swim team, at about age 7. I swam with them until grade 9, and I then was in winter club for a year. swimming was my first love. I was dedicated to get up in the early morn and make it to our outdoor pool, even as a small child. I loved being fast at it. And, i was decent. Not amazing, but decent. I would win regionals, and make the top 10 at provincials. I even once got a medal at provincials. we had such good times over the summers. we made incredible friends (a few of still are friends today), and laughed and traveled and swam. we had coaches who didn't like to swim and other ones who had famous olympic siblings.

swimming, for me, is still a great love. And, it has taken such a different role in my life. IT is only in the past few years that I have gotten back into it. And, I am certainly not as good as I used to be, but, i love it almost as much as i used too. And, i love that I am far better than most triathletes at it (which is why, at mooseman, i was going to be severely distraught if there was thunder and lightning, and they canceled the swim). swimming has changed a lot since I was a swimmer. esp with this whole new total immersion swimming.

I was distraught when the pool at mcgill closed for reno's in may. I had to search for a new pool to go too. and, I was delighted to find out that Montreal city pools are the socialist vision of the city. Pretty much every pool, every day, has times where people can swim for free. FREE! but, guess what that means. EVERYONE SWIMS FOR FREE. and, i mean everyone. and, i like it how they segregate the lanes~ that there are slow, medium and fast lanes. but.. really: when it says "fast=25 sec/lap" do you think anyone follows that? nope. and i fricken swim over top of people.
i guess that is the problem with this new fangled full immersion swimming.
you don't look forward, you look down at the bottom.
and you can't see the people in front of you.

and, I feel bad. I feel bad that I am faster than the 7 other people in my lane, and i have to swim around them. and, i hate it when people push off the wall *right* in front of you, when they know you are faster than them, instead of letting you go first. sigh.

socialist swimming is great, because it allows everyone to swim.
but, socialist swimming is also annoying, because i feel like i can never get a workout in, without feeling like I am annoying everyone else. or, like they are annoying me.

thank god my pool is re-opening on wednesday.

in other news. on my bike ride home from the pool, i was thinking of things i love. so, lo and behold. another (non-exhaustive) a list of things I love. (other lists can be found here here and here. )

i love the foam on a well made latte.
i love walking around in bare feet.
i love to float.
i love my beautiful, talented niece.
i love boys who where flip flops in the spring time.
i love going to big screen movies.
i love sharing and eating food with people.
i love porches.
i love a good sweat.
i love it during winter camping when a friend will throw a hot naglene bottle (or 2) into your tent to keep you warm in your sleeping bag. and then, when later, that same friend will come into the tent and spoon with you to keep you warm.
i love walking around in my cold house in my underwear during hot summer days.
i love it when zach updates his facebook status. because it tells me that he did not die in combat while serving his country in iraq.
i love fruit and vegetables. there is not much more that can get me going than a massive fruit and yogurt and nut bowl.
i love drive in movies.
i love the smell of lilacs.
i love shaving my legs after a while of forgetting/being to busy to shave them (ha!)
i love seeing people i love, after not seeing them for years.

Friday, June 11, 2010

recovery week!

so, i guess, this week should've been expected to be a little abnormal. not weird, but just a little abnormal.

and, why is that?! well, it has been because it is *recovery week!*. and, I am thankful that it has been. I mean, we are looking at friday now. I am feeling ready to get "back in the game," but Mary still gave me a day off tomorrow. How many hours did I have this week? well... something like 4.5. amazing.

so, what does that mean? I guess it means that I have been able to use this week to re-focus. After a long training block, and a big race, this recovery time is essential for not only your body to let out a deep breath, but also your mind. to say: "okay, what is on the plate next?" to look at race schedule. To look at school schedule, and life schedule. see what is going to happen.

So, with that said, it is no wonder that recovery week as been a little a-typical.

it has consisted of:
  • late nights, because I don't have to get up ridiculously early (like... 11:15-11:30 ish! wowza!)
  • impulsive (late night) emails, and follow up conversations.
  • writing my last paper for the year.
  • friends calling from washington state at 8 am asking "are you in normandy park? I was just wondering if you could come and pick my friend and I up, we are pulled over by the cops." HA! and, if you knew this friend who called, you would know how hilarious this is!
  • a re-vamping of my diet. somehow. somehow i gotta figure out what to do about it. The last 3 months or so has been awful, and i want to become leaner. because leaner means faster.
  • a fricken 70.3 in torrential downpours! a 8th place AG finish :)
  • an invitation to a birthday party of someone who is not in nursing (yay! I am making friends in montreal!)
  • sleeping in until 8:30 on a friday morning.
it is nice to relax. and, have I mentioned that I only have 1 week of school left for the year! YESSSS! so exciting. But, come July, studying and reviewing for those two finals in august is going to rear it's ugly head.
i have also been thinking of one of the things I want most in my life right now. over the weekend, my friend will stated "hm. Now I understand why you are so obsessed with what type of bike you have. Because that is all people do around here: look at each other's bikes, and make judgements."

and, i thought... maybe not judgements. but, we definitely size people's bikes up, and admire the fine piece of equipment that they are.

I love my bike. to me my bike is a trophy for not killing myself in a bike crash 3 years ago. It has been with me in commuting, in long and short races, in critical mass rides, through the cities, and the country sides. I love her. I love her colour, and her feel. she and I are so comfortable. she is my bike that i say "well, it's so nice, because you can do everything on it."

but really. i want one. i want a new bike. I dream of a new bike. a bike that has aerobars and a more comfortable tri position. A bike that I can save for just training and racing, and it doesn't get the beating of a regular commuting bike. another bike where I feel like I can fly and race pretend to impress people by the prettiness.

oh, to dream the dream.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

last 100 and pics from the weekend!

I am in the last 100$ of my fundraising campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society of Canada. Would you donate to my 1/2 marathon with Team in Training? CLICK HERE

Maybe the only two decent photos, that my friend will, was able to get of me during mooseman.

that's okay :) I was happy that he was there for the weekend with me, despite the fact that he has no interest in triathlon at all...

Monday, June 7, 2010

5 most important facts about me!

welcome to my site, all those who are google searching "mooseman 2010 race report." it is in the next post down. HOPE YOU HAD A SUCCESSFUL 70.3 or DUATHLON!

so, i was thinking the other day, for a variety of reasons. and, it essentially led into a mode of thought which stated "if i needed someone to know the most important things about me, what would those 5 points be?"

and, this is what I came up with. in no particular order.

the most important. so important that it doesn't have a number. because it is the route of all the other points.

My faith. My God.... defines who I am. And (almost) everything I do is because of his work in my life. he is my stability. my path to success. my ability. he is my north star.

onto the other points.

one: AFRICA. The continent that makes my heart beat. the place which holds my passion. I want to spend long amounts of time there, and dedicate my life to serving the people of that continent. Probably in west africa. probably by setting up a medical clinic.

two: as of right now, I spend most of my money (other than the school and rent and food) on traveling and racing. this means that i also dedicate a lot of my time to making those two things the best possible experiences. it also means that sometimes, i will put off spending money on somewhat more important things (like... say... clothing) in order to do those two things. i do this, becaues i love to race, and I love to travel.

three: I have a passion for the underpriviledged/marginalized of this world. and that also means that I feel way more comfortable being quite minimalist in my life. sometimes i get distracted by "stuff," but, when it comes down to the grind, I would rather live in a small space, with small amounts of stuff.

four: I live a very nomadic life. but, i feel the most at home (in canada) on the west coast, and in the mountains. I don't know yet, if for my time in Canada, I want to set roots in a city (i.e. vancouver) or in a rural mountain town. but, being a nomad also means that I have friends all over the world. and those friends are important to me. and, despite the fact that I may not see them (or you), or talk to them (or you) as frequently as we might like, it does not mean that I do not love you any less.

five: I have led a fairly dramatic life, with plenty of diverse experiences, which leaves me with a lot of history/"things" I deal with for a (almost) 27 year old.

and, because of all of these points, the people in my life must be able to support. keep up. not be afraid of my goals and ambitions.

so... i guess. that is me.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mooseman race report

It is long! Caution!

Mooseman 70.3

Swim 100/m T-1 Rank Bike Mph T-2 Rank Run
Pace Overall
32:30 1:41 2:30 539 3:24:50 16.4 1:14 437 1:55:30
8:50 5:56:32

So, first off, I want to comment about how different this race was
from the last 70.3 that I did, all the way back in April 2009, down in
NOLA. What an incredibly different event! All together. Not only
the way that I ended up running the race, but also the location and
the technicality of the course. Before you judge my splits (aka: my
bike time), know that in many ways, this was far harder than NOLA, in
terms of the challenge of the course.

Going into it, I knew that it was going to be exceptionally
different. For two reasons: first, because I barely remember what it
would feel like to run a 70.3, and the plan was actually there. The
training was there, and the training was different. And that leads
into point number two: This year, I am a coached athlete. And what
does that mean? I guess it puts me into the ranks of someone who has
someone else, who (thankfully!) knows way more about this sport than I
do, telling me what to do. In training. In racing. Someone to hold me
accountable. And, I was excited about that.

I headed down to NH on Friday afternoon, and we got there late-ish.
My friend was running late on the pickup, and we got there close to
dusk, so my 30 min continuous open water swim which was supposed to
take place on Friday, didn’t happen until Saturday. We set up our
little tent, and I was so thrilled that I was at an event that
included both camping and triathlon. Two of my favorite things in the
world. Friday night, I barely slept. I think it was the excitement.
Or, maybe it was that horrendous thunderstorm that rolled through. You
know. The one that made the olympic distance become a duathlon, and
make all the 70.3 participants worry about what conditions were going
to be the next day. Right. That one. Woke up Saturday morning, and
made our way to the Hebron Community Church, which just happens to
have a “community breakfast” on the first Saturday of every month.
Yes friends, apparently, the itsy bitsy sign we saw on the lawn was
correct: on Saturday, from 700-8:45, hot pancakes, eggs, english
muffins, hot cereal, coffee... Everything you can ask for, was
provided for 4$ pp. Much better than the 11$ breakfast the ironman
sponsored site was offering. *sigh* heaven in breakfast.

Rest of the day was normal race prep stuff. Went for my swim, once the
weather cleared up, and thought “Dang. I wish that I had more
opportunities for open water, wetsuit swimming... I have forgotten how
different it is than pool swimming, and how my shoulders feel.” And,
in addition, this was where the bike “Complications” started. When
riding around in circles, I was noticing that my front derailleur was
not as responsive as I would like. That every once and a while, I
would shift, it wouldn’t switch chain rings, and the chain would get
jammed. And so I thought “okay. Mental note. Get this looked at in
the morning, while you are buying a waterbottle cage.” Also drove
part of the course. Wanted to see what this infamous hill was like.
Hmmm. Maybe ignorance was bliss. But, on the otherhand, knowledge
may be power. That is a big frickin hill.

Slept much better on Saturday night. Well. That is, after I emptied
my bladder.

Race morning arrived at 5am with dry weather, and beautiful sunrise
“YES! We get to swim!” and, it was neat, seeing all these triathletes
roll out of their tents and do the race morning thing. Grabbed
breakfast (banana, two english muffins, protein drink, and started
gatorade sipping) and a coffee from my south african superstar
neighbors. Made way to the course. Everything was pretty smooth for
the morning, except for the long line to get into transition.
Derailleur adjusted? Check. T set up? Check. Dry clothes bag checked
in? Check. Good to go. :)

Swim: Fairly uneventful. The Plan was the first 400 to get out early.
Start hard. Then find pace, find a pair of feet. Don’t wear a watch:
don’t stress over your time. I don’t know if it was that I started off
*too* hard, or what. But, that first 1/4 of the swim was tough. I
was moving along with another girl, and then I had to say: okay. Let
her go. You are started to get a little panicy. There were probably
two times in that first 1/4, where I had to do a little breast stroke,
have a little rest, and say “Okay. Get your head around this. Relax,
and swim like you know how do. Don’t worry about time. Just swim.”
and, it was at that point, where I found a pair of feet. It was neat,
because, like my coach says, just off to the side, at about the calfs,
is perfect. For me, The biggest thing was that I didn’t have to fight
the bubbles, and not seeing. And, I liked that. Lost her for the
last 10th or so, because all of a sudden, she seemed to be taking a
bad course. So, I thought: screw it, I am in a good rhythm, I can go
faster if I just b-line to T1. Water temp was great, and water was
nice and clear.

T1: wetsuit strippers took longer than I would’ve liked to get my suit
off. My bike was racked at the very end of a rack. Very convenient.
So wet: arm warmers? Definitely. But, ridiculously hard to get them
on, when you are wet. Ran out, in the socks, through the mud. Is
this a cyclocross race?!

Bike: well, this, my friends, is when the proverbial shit hit the
fan. Started off good. Told myself to slow down. You have to climb
that thing twice. At this point, the rain started to fall. We were
told that there was going to be radar on the course, during the
downhill, so that people didn’t speed. “Take every turn like a
hairpin.” all I gotta say, is that I think I am really thankful that
I was riding my sweet-baby-blue-cyclocross bike which happens to have
disc brakes. Which happen to be way better than normal brakes in wet
and grimy weather. But.... I also gotta say that it was amazing how
many curse words can be muttered (or, in fact) stated loudly, by
triathletes on that hill. Mary said “don’t stand up, if you don’t
have too.” oh, I had too. First time around, I knew this was going
to be amuzing. It became an exercise in watching how many people
would be going too slow that they just fall over. Or how many people
where on the side of the road for one mechanical or another. In
addition, my beloved downhills couldn’t be as rocking as desired, due
to the radar. And the rain. And the fact that I didn’t want to kill
myself and fall around slick corners. But, after the up, and the
down, the “flat came.” the first time ‘round, well, let me tell you
about the woman who turned out of a gas station and almost killed me.
Yeah. That was fun. Didn’t expect to be slamming on my brakes for
that reason. Continue along, trying to shift between my large and
small ring in the front. nothing. Its trying. But nothing. Try
again, when peddaling faster. nothing. shit. well. At least I am
stuck in the small ring, and not the large one, to climb that hill...
Then hill the second time. Down hill second time, same as the first.
Then, whamo. I think “gee, that is a weird sound coming from my front
wheel.” (as I look down and check it...) nothing. Sound continues.
Look down again. Flat. Ughghghgh. First time in my life that I have
gotten a flat while riding. Lucky I brought my flat kit, and some
CO2. I inflated the tube a bit to get it aligned in the tire... OH.
Too much! Dang it. I better not have blown my canister. and. Due
to the wetness, my fingers get freeze burnt while filling the tire.
But. Fairly fast change. Watch girls in my age group ride away, and
others ride by.

I realized far before my flat, that I was not going to make my
projected time. But, I was feeling okay. I was feeling that my
pacing was good, despite the fact that I was way behind time wise.
There was so much that happened that I couldn’t have helped (but,
mental note. get my shift cables changed), and it was pretty hard to
maintain a positive attitude on the bike (which is wierd for me,
because I *love* the bike. It is sexy to me). The bike was hard. It
was technical, and that hill was from hell (including an individual at
the top, dressed like satan, dancing to top 40 hits).

T2: damn fast. That is all I gotta say about that.

Run: well. La dee da. Look what I did, coach: I 85% nailed a run off
my bike. It took me 2 miles to find my legs, and during those 2
miles, I did not feel light on my feet at all. But, after that, it
was great. The first 2/3’s at least. I felt strong. Good
technique. Nailing the splits set out for me. Even a little faster:
and maybe that “little faster” was not quite what I should’ve done.
But, it felt like I was going to be able to keep that. I didn’t start
feeling bad until about mile 9. My head started to remind me that I
was feeling a little dehydrated by a little creeping headache. But,
still okay. Mile 10 and 11 where hard. I walked a bit (like, up one
little 30 m ridiculously inclined hill), and at the start of mile 11
for 25 seconds. I tried to keep the pace up, but at this point,
seemed impossible. I would allow the down hills to carry me, but, the
up hills where hard. At mile 12, it was go time. (As if it had not
been go time all morning. But, if it had not been, it was now...) hit
that last mile fairly strong. And, glad I had a good run.

At least it made up for the bike. And... What the crap. Even with a
horrendous bike time... 8th out of fifty something in my age group.
That is a pretty good result. And, I am writing this in the car on
the way back to montreal right now. And, I wish I had the ability to
move my legs. Sitting in a car sucks right now.

Last point. When I entered this race, I said “if I make the top 10 in
my age group, I will spend the money to enter another 70.3 this year,
and see if I can get a roll down spot. If I don’t make it, I will
race in ottawa and save the 100$.” now that happened... Well... I
gotta makes some decisions. What does coach think. What does my tax
return think? Hmmm. To be determined!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

500$ to go

and right. I only have 500$ left to raise for Team in Training. but, this is due by Monday.

Please help out, if you can. Even if it is just 10$, every little bit helps.

click here: My fundraising page!

it is go time!

so, the big weekend is finally here. I am heading, in about 1.5 hrs, down to NH to participate in the first triathlon of the season. Yes folks, Mooseman 70.3 has arrived.

am I ready? Coach says I am. I believe her. I believe myself.

and yet, I feel like I have never done one of these before. I can't quite remember what it is going to feel like. and to know that I am pretty much supposed to race the entire thing on perceived exertion. but, the plan is: swim and don't worry about the time. bike, and go slow. run, and go fast.


I would also like to comment, that I am going to be camping. and, many people may question as to how you can sleep in a tent the nights before a 1/2 iron. why, my friends?! because, I have slept in tents for months at a time before. I love sleeping in tents. and, we will have to see what happens. if it works, and I am rested, well, I will sleep in more tents at more races.

but, this is what it comes down to . and, not going to lie, there are things that I would love to have right now. like my team kit. like aerobars. like a triathlon bike. but, when this girl, and her baby blue bike with disc brakes, and a tri suit that is thinning in the bum, comes running by you, you will look at your carbon frame and brand new clothing and think. wow... how is *she* going to beat me ;) LOL.

this is what it comes down to. the early mornings. the running in the rain. the consuming of sugary substances in aluminum packages that make your mouth go ugh.

And it comes down to this, because i love it. i love to race. i love to train. and, i love that it is not because I am obsessed with body image, or unbalanced in life, or have not life. i do this because i love it.

race report to come up soon! until then: happy racing to all my teammates. it is goign to be a great weekend, even if it does thunderstorm! (ugh!)

below, are more photos from the TNT weekend bike ride and Ottawa 1/2 Marathon