Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crest of a hill...

Over the past couple weeks, I have been able to think a little bit more about things that I love. and, here are a few more.
  • i love tunnels/canopies that are made my trees. (in fact, i love trees, in general)
  • i love shooting a roll of film, not having enough money to develop it, and then develop it months and months later, only to find out what was on the roll, long after you have forgotten.
  • i love stalking my competitors on
  • I love the crest of a hill. No matter what. If it is cycling up one, and at the very top, rolling over the top, and feeling your heart stop pounding; or climbing a mountain, and seeing the view from the top; the top of a roller coaster, and the drop that follows.
there has been a lot of happenings in the past 2 weeks. mostly all happening during the time away in alaska (and, sorta in chicago). My past two races have kinda haunted me for the last little while. I didn't have a great time in Alaska (despite it being a small part of a big picture), and I am still slightly frustrated with my bike at mooseman (really!? still? after a month?). All of a sudden, July is on us, and here I am 1/2 way through a season, still frustrated with 2/4 of my races thus far. and, that is not a good place to be. so, hopefully my meeting with my coach tonight will help that out. All I gotta say, is that it is go time. july and august, baby. Go time.

give it to me coach. drive it in, and make it hurt a bit.
as long as it makes these legs go faster.

so much about Triathlon right now.
onto school.

I am so glad to be done with the year, despite the fact that i have a mini paper, and two final exams (deferred from the spring) in august. I have had slightly shocking news that i was rejected from a portion of my Nursing program that I have been really keen on: the global health stream. This section allows people in my program to focus their classes on International health care, and social justice issues/care of marginalized people groups. I am fricken made for Global health. i have done so much work overseas, and my largest passion is social justice/marginalized people. remember? Africa is what makes my heart beat harder (other than when i go work out ;) ) but... rejection. It never feels good.

what does this mean. I have emailed the coordinators, and am having a meeting on Monday, to find out what it means. Am I totally screwed for my future plans, if I am not in this program? No. I mean~ really. I don't have to go overseas with McGill. I can make my own plans, and go overseas with whomever, whenever, I want. I can set up my own work overseas. That is not the problem. But, I just want to make sure that I am not missing out on educational experiences that will help with my future career choices. you know. like interesting classes, and the such.

in final news.

I am going to edmonton for 6 weeks. Leaving on Sunday. Coming back on the 15th of August.

there is a couple reasons. Thought of it mostly because I have not found a job here in Montreal yet.. And, I am just sitting around, doing nothing. and, I am bored because of that. And, i don't really even like edmonton. But, it is a good decision. and, it will allow me to re-connect (well) with the friends that I have there (all five of them. ha!), and my family who lives there. I have lots of cousins, my niece, and my sister.

but, also. (I wasn't going to post this on any facebook status update, because there are too many people on facebook, who I really don't care if they know about my life. but, you, my creepy internet blogging friends, get to know.) There is a boy there, that i like. from what I can tell, he is pretty neat. he likes to ride bikes and take photos (he tells me to ignore the karate photos) and cook good food and drink nice wine and look at the earth to design large structures (isn't that what "geotechnical" engineers do?) and wear patagonia clothing. and, this boy likes me. (i know. you are allowed to be as shocked as I am.) so, all of a sudden, there there could be a facebook status update from "single" to "in a relationship."

but, that won't happen.
'cause facebook doesn't need to know.


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