Friday, June 11, 2010

recovery week!

so, i guess, this week should've been expected to be a little abnormal. not weird, but just a little abnormal.

and, why is that?! well, it has been because it is *recovery week!*. and, I am thankful that it has been. I mean, we are looking at friday now. I am feeling ready to get "back in the game," but Mary still gave me a day off tomorrow. How many hours did I have this week? well... something like 4.5. amazing.

so, what does that mean? I guess it means that I have been able to use this week to re-focus. After a long training block, and a big race, this recovery time is essential for not only your body to let out a deep breath, but also your mind. to say: "okay, what is on the plate next?" to look at race schedule. To look at school schedule, and life schedule. see what is going to happen.

So, with that said, it is no wonder that recovery week as been a little a-typical.

it has consisted of:
  • late nights, because I don't have to get up ridiculously early (like... 11:15-11:30 ish! wowza!)
  • impulsive (late night) emails, and follow up conversations.
  • writing my last paper for the year.
  • friends calling from washington state at 8 am asking "are you in normandy park? I was just wondering if you could come and pick my friend and I up, we are pulled over by the cops." HA! and, if you knew this friend who called, you would know how hilarious this is!
  • a re-vamping of my diet. somehow. somehow i gotta figure out what to do about it. The last 3 months or so has been awful, and i want to become leaner. because leaner means faster.
  • a fricken 70.3 in torrential downpours! a 8th place AG finish :)
  • an invitation to a birthday party of someone who is not in nursing (yay! I am making friends in montreal!)
  • sleeping in until 8:30 on a friday morning.
it is nice to relax. and, have I mentioned that I only have 1 week of school left for the year! YESSSS! so exciting. But, come July, studying and reviewing for those two finals in august is going to rear it's ugly head.
i have also been thinking of one of the things I want most in my life right now. over the weekend, my friend will stated "hm. Now I understand why you are so obsessed with what type of bike you have. Because that is all people do around here: look at each other's bikes, and make judgements."

and, i thought... maybe not judgements. but, we definitely size people's bikes up, and admire the fine piece of equipment that they are.

I love my bike. to me my bike is a trophy for not killing myself in a bike crash 3 years ago. It has been with me in commuting, in long and short races, in critical mass rides, through the cities, and the country sides. I love her. I love her colour, and her feel. she and I are so comfortable. she is my bike that i say "well, it's so nice, because you can do everything on it."

but really. i want one. i want a new bike. I dream of a new bike. a bike that has aerobars and a more comfortable tri position. A bike that I can save for just training and racing, and it doesn't get the beating of a regular commuting bike. another bike where I feel like I can fly and race pretend to impress people by the prettiness.

oh, to dream the dream.

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