Friday, June 4, 2010

it is go time!

so, the big weekend is finally here. I am heading, in about 1.5 hrs, down to NH to participate in the first triathlon of the season. Yes folks, Mooseman 70.3 has arrived.

am I ready? Coach says I am. I believe her. I believe myself.

and yet, I feel like I have never done one of these before. I can't quite remember what it is going to feel like. and to know that I am pretty much supposed to race the entire thing on perceived exertion. but, the plan is: swim and don't worry about the time. bike, and go slow. run, and go fast.


I would also like to comment, that I am going to be camping. and, many people may question as to how you can sleep in a tent the nights before a 1/2 iron. why, my friends?! because, I have slept in tents for months at a time before. I love sleeping in tents. and, we will have to see what happens. if it works, and I am rested, well, I will sleep in more tents at more races.

but, this is what it comes down to . and, not going to lie, there are things that I would love to have right now. like my team kit. like aerobars. like a triathlon bike. but, when this girl, and her baby blue bike with disc brakes, and a tri suit that is thinning in the bum, comes running by you, you will look at your carbon frame and brand new clothing and think. wow... how is *she* going to beat me ;) LOL.

this is what it comes down to. the early mornings. the running in the rain. the consuming of sugary substances in aluminum packages that make your mouth go ugh.

And it comes down to this, because i love it. i love to race. i love to train. and, i love that it is not because I am obsessed with body image, or unbalanced in life, or have not life. i do this because i love it.

race report to come up soon! until then: happy racing to all my teammates. it is goign to be a great weekend, even if it does thunderstorm! (ugh!)

below, are more photos from the TNT weekend bike ride and Ottawa 1/2 Marathon

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Bonnieupnorth said...

Good luck you have trained hard and am proud of you!