Sunday, June 13, 2010

250th post, and socialist swim times.

so, apparently, this is post #250. do i really have that much to say!?!? ;)

so, today, I had a fantastic day... started off with a little brick w/o, then a little church going (where we watched a video for an hour! yesss!), and then a little coffee drinking, some swimming, going home, and then downloading my most recent sinister obsession: Dexter episodes. (and, to tell you the truth. it does give me a bit of the creepers. but... so interesting that it is so addicting as well.)

when I was a kid, my first big sport was swimming. I swam from the time I was about 5. I failed my "colours" repeatedly, until I joined the Royal Glenora Gators Summer swim team, at about age 7. I swam with them until grade 9, and I then was in winter club for a year. swimming was my first love. I was dedicated to get up in the early morn and make it to our outdoor pool, even as a small child. I loved being fast at it. And, i was decent. Not amazing, but decent. I would win regionals, and make the top 10 at provincials. I even once got a medal at provincials. we had such good times over the summers. we made incredible friends (a few of still are friends today), and laughed and traveled and swam. we had coaches who didn't like to swim and other ones who had famous olympic siblings.

swimming, for me, is still a great love. And, it has taken such a different role in my life. IT is only in the past few years that I have gotten back into it. And, I am certainly not as good as I used to be, but, i love it almost as much as i used too. And, i love that I am far better than most triathletes at it (which is why, at mooseman, i was going to be severely distraught if there was thunder and lightning, and they canceled the swim). swimming has changed a lot since I was a swimmer. esp with this whole new total immersion swimming.

I was distraught when the pool at mcgill closed for reno's in may. I had to search for a new pool to go too. and, I was delighted to find out that Montreal city pools are the socialist vision of the city. Pretty much every pool, every day, has times where people can swim for free. FREE! but, guess what that means. EVERYONE SWIMS FOR FREE. and, i mean everyone. and, i like it how they segregate the lanes~ that there are slow, medium and fast lanes. but.. really: when it says "fast=25 sec/lap" do you think anyone follows that? nope. and i fricken swim over top of people.
i guess that is the problem with this new fangled full immersion swimming.
you don't look forward, you look down at the bottom.
and you can't see the people in front of you.

and, I feel bad. I feel bad that I am faster than the 7 other people in my lane, and i have to swim around them. and, i hate it when people push off the wall *right* in front of you, when they know you are faster than them, instead of letting you go first. sigh.

socialist swimming is great, because it allows everyone to swim.
but, socialist swimming is also annoying, because i feel like i can never get a workout in, without feeling like I am annoying everyone else. or, like they are annoying me.

thank god my pool is re-opening on wednesday.

in other news. on my bike ride home from the pool, i was thinking of things i love. so, lo and behold. another (non-exhaustive) a list of things I love. (other lists can be found here here and here. )

i love the foam on a well made latte.
i love walking around in bare feet.
i love to float.
i love my beautiful, talented niece.
i love boys who where flip flops in the spring time.
i love going to big screen movies.
i love sharing and eating food with people.
i love porches.
i love a good sweat.
i love it during winter camping when a friend will throw a hot naglene bottle (or 2) into your tent to keep you warm in your sleeping bag. and then, when later, that same friend will come into the tent and spoon with you to keep you warm.
i love walking around in my cold house in my underwear during hot summer days.
i love it when zach updates his facebook status. because it tells me that he did not die in combat while serving his country in iraq.
i love fruit and vegetables. there is not much more that can get me going than a massive fruit and yogurt and nut bowl.
i love drive in movies.
i love the smell of lilacs.
i love shaving my legs after a while of forgetting/being to busy to shave them (ha!)
i love seeing people i love, after not seeing them for years.


Kelly said...

I love your list...the foam on top of a well-made latte makes me moan sometimes...

Anonymous said...

A swim coach who doesn't like to swim!? What is that all about? Although, if one did have access to a tasty bagel and coffee on deck, I do see how that might deter one's swimming aspirations. Hmmm. I am going to make a latte!

Jon said...

Just found your blog and noticed that you did Mooseman the other weekend. I was there too. What day, huh? That race is gonna make most other 70.3's look like cake. Nice finish!