Wednesday, May 7, 2008

some things i love right now

so, things started to look up. 
i finished my thesis proposal presentation, and it went phenomenally.  i am now a master's candidate, rather than just a master's student.  
YAY!  now it is data collection time, and MCAT study time.  which, might i say, i was rather annoyed to find out that all the august seats in vancouver are taken!  i have to go to everett, WA to write the dang test!  psh.

so, some things i love right now.

i love vancouver cherry blossoms.

I love riding my bike.  Her name is Tinka.
I love  i think it is an amazing testament to human culture.  i love meeting interesting individuals through rideshare, or reading where people are traveling to, and why.  i love finding funny bikes for sale.  I love selling things (aka, maggie the matrix) on craigslist, and buying things (Xavier Rudd concert tickets).  i love that i rented my house off it. i love that people find their lost pets through craigslist, and that i can find cheap furniture.  i like that if i need to, i can look for jobs there, or even just read about personal trainers that are "wanted."   

i love my new work schedule. no more mondays, baby.  

i love having text message conversations with people i don't know.

i love that my roommate is creating a garden in pots.  

i love riding my bike so fast that i beat a girl on a electric bike.

i love my coworkers.  they make me laugh everyday. i love that they are so good at what they do.  

i love that if you make a stink to enough people, something might acutally get done, like having a 396$ ambulance ride covered on insurance!  yessss!!!!!

i love my new triathlon  kit.  Now i just need to do a tri or two or three.

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