Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back in Vancouver for Good!

It's been a while since posting~  as I would say, because there is nothing going on.  But, truely, there have been great things happening.  Shortly after arriving back in Canada, from New Orleans,  I went right out to Tofino, for a short 3-day holiday with the Birch's.  The Birch Parent's were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, so everyone came together for a beautiful weekend!
Staying at Middle Beach Lodge, we had plenty of time to sit and relax, walk on beaches, and eat nice west coast food!  I've been to Tofino once before, with my beautiful niece.  This was definitely a different trip, but, it is really nice to just be able to get out and relax.  I do think, however, that the next time that I am out there, I want to engage in a bit more "water sports."  Either do some surfing, or some kayaking, or something... one of the great things about being on the coast, is that there is so much ocean to take advantage of!

As always, Sean took some great photos.  You can see them HERE. Two of my favourites, of myself, are the following.  This first photo, of my feet, was on the front page of Vancouver Independant New Source, The Tyee.  Therefore, my feet are Vancouver famous.  Sorta.   The weather was also as good as tofino can get.  Nice and fairly warm, and high clouds.  So, that is why the rain slicker photo is ironic.  Cause we didn't need rain gear that weekend.

Otherwise, I have been doing things like: CV writing, and job investigating, and, well... wedding planning... I have found a dress (HURRAY!)  after not much shopping.  A local Vancouver designer, who for a low amount (700$) is going to make and pin a dress onto me.  I won't say more than that, because, of course... it is a surprise!

we are also choosing caterers this week.  Hopefully we will make a decision before I head off to the states next wednesday!  we are also narrowing down where we are going to register.  nothing to special, but going to be giving people options!

and, of course... i have joined another social media site (sigh).  I am now on Pinetrest, mostly because it is really easy to put things you see on the internet, all in one place. And, it is nice to be visual with ideas.

FInally, next week.  LESS THAN A WEEK... I am going to be joining my good friends, Kevin, and Sam & Gretchen, to do an EPIC adventure.  We also will be having a friend of K-Shon's join us.  So, the 5 of us are going to be rende-vous-ing in Tacoma, WA, in order to then embark on a 4 night hiking trip up the beautiful Mount Rainier.  We will be staying at Camp Muir for the nights of the 22nd to 26th.  Then, Sam and Gretchen are going to join me back up to Vancouver, where we will be able to show them this great city!!!  
Mt. Rainier from above

I am pretty stoked about this adventure.  It will be my first time hiking on a glacier, and probably the biggest mountain that I have ever stood on.  To be able to do this with some of my best-life-long (well, since college) friends, is going to be amazing.  People I trust and love and are psyched to be with! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The magic memories of NOLA

there is something to be said about memories.  I know that they change, and they fade and the morph from what actually happened.  That being said, these past two weeks have been chalked full of memories.  these past two weeks have been some of those days where you have to pinch yourself to be reminded that this actually happens in life.  There is certainly a magic about New Orleans.  That's for sure.  There is a magic about the people you meet, the food you eat, the music you listen and dance too.

Sunday afternoon, Kirsten and I did something that I would never imagine that I would do... we went to a PGA Golf tournament, the "Zurich Classic." We got all prepped up, and went to watch golf for all of about 45 minutes, then went to the post-party ;)  Kirsten had gotten free tickets, due to her connections with the high-rollers of NOLA.  I thought the whole thing was pretty funny, as people got really into it.  lots of ooooing and ahhhhing.  we may have been hushed one or two times.  here I am, hitting up the golf clap. and the two of us looking like people who should fit into a golf tourney.  This is the most preppy I have felt since I was in private high school.

Post-PGA, somehow (long story short), Kirsten managed to pull some other strings to have us get dinner (fantastic Taco's at the Rum House on Magazine) and drinks paid for by a friend of a friend.  Then, she managed to also get our cover fee for a fantastic show at Carrollton Station dive .  The thing about Jazz fest, is that the actual concert ends at 7pm each night... but then, people head out throughout the city to get more live shows at more intimate venues.  Despite not being at the Fest on Sunday, we managed to get the fest vibe during the evening.  We started listening to Eric Lindell, and the friend of a friend announced "this isn't quite my scene" and left.  So, there we were.  Listening to a fantastic NOLA musician, and dancing the night away.

Eric Lindell is a bit of country, a bit of jazz, a bit of rock, a bit of folk, mixed into one.  The other shocking thing about this show, was that there was an outrageous amount of tall people there.  I had conversations with not only one of the girls I arrived with (who was 6ft tall... my height... but wearing heels!!!), but also some boys from denver, who looked like a basketball team hanging out.  Since I don't ever get to hug many people who are significantly taller than me, I didn't hesitate to get hugs.  Especially from fun girls like Kirsten.  I also didn't hesitate to steal people's fun hats (it was given back at the end of the night!)

and we danced. danced. danced.  I'm not a dancer.  im tall.  im uncoordinated.  im somewhat awkward.  but, it is so much fun.  And, i just looked at the crowd, when everyone was just bouncing a bit, and smiling, and I just thought how much fun everyone was having.  And, that just brings so much joy.  people are there just there to have fun.

Monday was some of the same.  We didn't end up going out until LATE.  I'm talking, we left the house at 10pm, after having sat around watching season one of "how I met your mother."  we decided that since it was pretty much my last night, it was time to go out and have one last sha-bang with NOLA, the music, and a new jazz-fest friend.  essentially, we had spent the last week like old ladies, sleeping about 8-9hrs a night.  I think we were "saving up."

not going to lie, and say that i was totally well behaved on Monday night.  there were probably definitely a few too many drinks drank.  this would be revealed in the following facts:

  1. kirsten lost her iphone in a taxi (recovered the next day, thankfully), 
  2. i lost my t-shirt by leaving it on the piano at the spotted cat (don't worry, i was wearing a dress, so, it wasn't like i was naked, because i didn't have a shirt... but, the shirt not recovered the next day), 
  3. we ended up taking 2 different taxi's home (kirsten had an ordeal with trying to recover her phone)
  4. i didn't roll into bed until 5:15am (WHAT?!?!?  i do NOT remember the last time i did this...)

I have fallen in love with that city.  I don't know the next time I will go back, or the next time I will cross paths with the new friends that I made while there, or hear the music that I fell in love with.  But, that's ok.  because that is what having fun is all about.  its about taking the moments as they come, and valuing exactly what you have at that moment.

To dance is to be out of yourself.  Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.  ~Agnes De Mille

and now... well, yesterday was the first day of being back with my beloved.  forever.  we can't say any longer that we are in a long distance relationship.  because we aren't.  we are together.  forever. (except for those times that we will not be together...)