Monday, March 31, 2008

it hailed this past weekend.  large iceballs falling from the sky.  that isn't supposed to happen.  It is already April.  The 4th month.  I am well into the year of a mid-life crisis, when i have come to the complete realization that I am turning 25 in 3 months.  and, that kinda frightens me.  not that it is old.  just that it is a milestone.  and, i am already planning my schedule for the summer (specific, day to days).  and, to me, that is silly.  

some of my friends, aka, Kevin, Zach, and Donna, hung out this weekend in Pensacola.  and, im not going to lie.  im really kinda jealous.  don't know why, but i just wish i could be there with them.  honestly, i miss them immensely.

Also, i have realized my top choice for medical school.  and that is Tulane University, in New Orleans.  yes, folks, I want to live in the amurican south.  ;)  But, the reason why it is my #1:  first, it has a Tropical medicine, and public health school attached to it. Seeing that i want to do medicine in developing countries, this would be very helpful.  second, New Orleans, and Lousiana is not a wealthy area.  and, i want to work with underpriviledged people in my life.  that is my passion.  so, i would have a greater ability to learn in that environment.  and #3.  The area has a high african-american population, as well.  and, we all know that amo loves black people, and black communities, and that if she were to choose, she would live as a white girl in a majority black population, whether it be in north america, or overseas.  

so, i really want to go to tulane.  :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

a little passion

after reading my friend zach's recent post about easter, i thought i would copy something, and post a photo of "the stations of the cross" in the church of the holy sepulchre in Jerusalem. One year ago, on easter (although not one year ago, in terms of time), I arrived in the holy city for my 3 week middle eastern extravaganza. that 3 weeks ended up being more than amazing. and, being in the Holy Land, close to easter (even though i wasn't there for a service, b/c i arrived in the evening) was really impacting.

I think, to anyone who has ever been to the middle east, they would say that it is impacting.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy easter!

So, today is easter, and a few days ago, it was the first day of spring (which, coincidently is one of 2 days of the year that it is the same amount of darkness and light during the day. it is kinda weird that in almost 25 years, i had never thought about that....) and, on the first day of spring, it felt remarkably winter like. However, yesterday felt spring like. and, so i rode my bike the whole day long, riding for about 65 km in total. and yes, my ass hurts today, since i did all that riding in my jeans. i decided that i definently need a pair of cycling shorts. but, that cycling was intersperced with some things:

1) completed the sale on Maggie the matrix!!!! i am now officially carfree, with my tuition fee, visa bill, and bicycle loan paied off!!!! YAY! the whole process was far to stressful for my own good, because i started the whole thing off to hastily, i think. I learnt a lot through it. essentially that in big transactions, don't go into it to fast with out making sure you have all the steps right, before you start!

2) i pampered myself. I got my nails a little manicured, and my hair cut and dyed. i love being girly.

Tomorrow will be my last day off in this four day weekend. And, I am glad to say that i have not done any work at all. and, it feels really good, but admittedly a little weird.hard to just do nothing at all.

as well, as you may know, this weekend is easter. i think that my favourite day in easter celebrations is certainly maundy thursday. the entire feet washing thing? makes me almost cry almost every time. like really. what an amazing thing for God to decide to do. but, for my easter celebrations, i did the church thing a few times, and i watched a concert choir sing Bach's "The passion of St John." I have ate 4 meals at resturants with friends. and, i have eaten chocolate in moderate amounts. not toooo shabby, i must say.

i'd also like to say that in april i look forward to the following things: going to chicago for a weekend (seeing friends, and the muscial wicked!). buying some eye glasses. defending my thesis proposal.

in the next post or two, i would like to write about some people i know,  And what i have learnt recently, because of having these two people in my life.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Life moves forward.

So, it has been quite a while since I have posted. Much apologies. my life has been seemingly too busy recently. I am hoping to resolve that soon. ;)

To begin. you know when life seems to all of a sudden creep up on you, and catch you a little off guard? well, that has seemed a little like what has been happening this week. all of a sudden, life seems to be here. life is anon! not that it has not been happening, but, suddenly, it seems that the things that i have aspired for, dreamt of, are now here. the biggest one being applying to medical school...

I realized this week, that i have to make decisions about writing the MCAT, and applications that will be due in the fall. Where do I want to go? What are the things that I would look for in a medical school? What would i look for in a place to live while i am at school? what happens if i don't get in? what is my back up plan? how do I ride the "apply to medical school and talking to the right people bandwagon"? and how the HECK do I do well on the MCAT!?!?!? ha!

and, it is kinda nerve racking. life. it is here. trust. im turning 25 this year, and in many ways, i am where i want to be, and in others, not so much. i remember when I said that i wanted to be done with medical school, and living in africa, by the time i was 30. i probably would have like to met my beloved and life partner by now. but, here i am, in Vancouver, gazing across downtown, to the beautiful mountains, working (or, at least currently, procrastinating) on a research master's degree that i would've never expected to be involved it. but, a year from now? graduated, and hopefully been called for interviews, and thinking about the next step in my life.

anyway, back to the MCAT. I have to write it in the fall. I do also have the potential to graduate in August as well. HOwever, having the summer, working, finishing my thesis, and attempting to write the MCAT with success... that doesn't sound like fun to me. or as my friend, and classmate would say "i would be stressed out for you." And, she suggested "what about defending your thesis proposal (in april), and then stopping your research to focus on the MCAT?" and, at first, it seemed odd to delay graduation. but now, as i think about it... it is really the right decision. And so, i will prepare my proposal defense, and then stop. and focus. and MCAT. oh gosh.


Maggie the Matrix is being sold. The bumper stickers have been removed, much to my sadness, and memories put away. Mile 0, key west. West Virginia University. Blackbear burrito. Denali. Rogue beer. InterVarsity Alumni. Head of the Charles 2003 participant. life moves forward. but, certainly, i will be sad to see her go.