Monday, March 31, 2008

it hailed this past weekend.  large iceballs falling from the sky.  that isn't supposed to happen.  It is already April.  The 4th month.  I am well into the year of a mid-life crisis, when i have come to the complete realization that I am turning 25 in 3 months.  and, that kinda frightens me.  not that it is old.  just that it is a milestone.  and, i am already planning my schedule for the summer (specific, day to days).  and, to me, that is silly.  

some of my friends, aka, Kevin, Zach, and Donna, hung out this weekend in Pensacola.  and, im not going to lie.  im really kinda jealous.  don't know why, but i just wish i could be there with them.  honestly, i miss them immensely.

Also, i have realized my top choice for medical school.  and that is Tulane University, in New Orleans.  yes, folks, I want to live in the amurican south.  ;)  But, the reason why it is my #1:  first, it has a Tropical medicine, and public health school attached to it. Seeing that i want to do medicine in developing countries, this would be very helpful.  second, New Orleans, and Lousiana is not a wealthy area.  and, i want to work with underpriviledged people in my life.  that is my passion.  so, i would have a greater ability to learn in that environment.  and #3.  The area has a high african-american population, as well.  and, we all know that amo loves black people, and black communities, and that if she were to choose, she would live as a white girl in a majority black population, whether it be in north america, or overseas.  

so, i really want to go to tulane.  :)

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