Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy easter!

So, today is easter, and a few days ago, it was the first day of spring (which, coincidently is one of 2 days of the year that it is the same amount of darkness and light during the day. it is kinda weird that in almost 25 years, i had never thought about that....) and, on the first day of spring, it felt remarkably winter like. However, yesterday felt spring like. and, so i rode my bike the whole day long, riding for about 65 km in total. and yes, my ass hurts today, since i did all that riding in my jeans. i decided that i definently need a pair of cycling shorts. but, that cycling was intersperced with some things:

1) completed the sale on Maggie the matrix!!!! i am now officially carfree, with my tuition fee, visa bill, and bicycle loan paied off!!!! YAY! the whole process was far to stressful for my own good, because i started the whole thing off to hastily, i think. I learnt a lot through it. essentially that in big transactions, don't go into it to fast with out making sure you have all the steps right, before you start!

2) i pampered myself. I got my nails a little manicured, and my hair cut and dyed. i love being girly.

Tomorrow will be my last day off in this four day weekend. And, I am glad to say that i have not done any work at all. and, it feels really good, but admittedly a little weird.hard to just do nothing at all.

as well, as you may know, this weekend is easter. i think that my favourite day in easter celebrations is certainly maundy thursday. the entire feet washing thing? makes me almost cry almost every time. like really. what an amazing thing for God to decide to do. but, for my easter celebrations, i did the church thing a few times, and i watched a concert choir sing Bach's "The passion of St John." I have ate 4 meals at resturants with friends. and, i have eaten chocolate in moderate amounts. not toooo shabby, i must say.

i'd also like to say that in april i look forward to the following things: going to chicago for a weekend (seeing friends, and the muscial wicked!). buying some eye glasses. defending my thesis proposal.

in the next post or two, i would like to write about some people i know,  And what i have learnt recently, because of having these two people in my life.