Saturday, January 30, 2010

in which i am so *not* over winter

so, last night, as a team building weekend, (yes, as you might know, I am a huge proponent of team activities and team spirit. 'cause a team that likes each other pushes each other and works better together and that means it eventually goes faster together), the girls that I coach, and I, went north about 2 hours, and engaged in fun winter activities. it included a little bit of frigid sleeping and a little bit of frigid frolicking in the woods. here are some photos and a video!

we slept in a youte. i think a youte is a mongolian round house. some of us were warm. others of us were freezing. i was happy that i was one of us who were warm.

oh, you know. just found a lawn chair in the middle of the woods, in a little winter shelter someone had built. (can i have a warm drink and/or a beer?!!?)

that's a little snow. did i mention how cold it was today?! it was cold. but, it was also perfect.

group pic #1. bridge.

group pic. #2. end of day.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

last day rowing

This would've been at Dad Vail regatta, 2005. I am 3 from the left. I would've been the last day that i was a competitive rower. What beautiful people those ladies are. What a beautiful and sad day that was.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

why do i blog?!

Today, i had such a great weekend. skiing yesterday was amazing, the first time in about 10 years, i think. And, it was beautiful and sunny. but, dang, i am so sore today. hello hip flexors! hello lat's. it feels so good to be a little sore today. and then, at the end of the day, I participated in a "raclette" with some friends of mine from school. it was delicious. and, all of this, and a bit of the sermon at church this morning, (apparently, the pope has just encouraged roman catholic priests to start blogging.) got me thinking.

why do I blog. a lot of people have asked me that before, and I guess i blog because i find that it is a nice way to get out some of my thoughts. it's a bit like a journal, and it is a way for people to keep up with me, when we don't get the chance to see each other often...

you see, since i live a slightly nomadic lifestyle (i have lived, since I was 16 in the following places: mill bay BC, for 3 years. Morgantown WV for 4 years. Vancouver BC for 3.5 years. Montreal). so, i have friends everywhere. not to mention the people i have met while traveling. blogging is easy. And, i know that not everyone reads me. but, for those who do. its kinda nice.

but, this is all to say, that blogging never ever makes up for the face to face. our technology can never substitute for the relationships that we have between people. We still have to take the time to slow down, and to sit and to talk and to relate. we have to be in community, and love. and you can never think that you know me, if you just read my blog, and never get in touch in real life with me. (if you are one of those people... please look up, and hit that email button at the top! send me an email. get to know me... cause I would love to know you.)

right now, i have so many things going on in life. and, i have just really been thinking about how much I enjoy the simple things in life. and, to make you have a heart warming moment, let me share some (a very short list) of those things with you:
  • cheese melted on vegetables.
  • potluck dinners.
  • sunshine on a crisp winter day.
  • accoustic guitar.
  • meeting new people.
  • connecting with old people.
  • not waking up to an alarm, when every day you do.
  • remembering times in your life where something significantly lifechanging happened. when you found refuge.
  • sleeping naked.
  • phone calls from people to just say "i was thinking about you this whole last week."

but, i also blog because i can find old hilarious photos, and share them with the a hippie. senior year (04-05)

in the dallas stock yards. Circa Jan 2003

rowing, fall 2003 (can you recognize anyone else in this photo!?)

Russia, summer 2003, post banya. yup, don't ask. you get naked, and get beaten by birch branches. ha.

west coast trail, 2005. After I fell on my face.

Alaska, Summer Solstice. June 2006

June 2oo6, tongariro crossing, new zealand. it was freezing cold!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I saw this this morning, after reading a bit of a blog. sometimes it is somewhat shocking.

had a nice time last night with a few friends who came over for dinner. apparently, the theme of the night was "spinach." it was nice and relaxed, and so casual. things like that make me happy. today, going out to enjoy the sunny day with a X-C ski, despite the fact that there has been no major snow in the last 2 weeks. i have not gone sking in *years* so, it should be lovely!

Friday, January 22, 2010

remember when!?!?

time for some old photos!

... i went to egypt and fed a camel a fig newton with my mouth?

... when i worked at summer camp, and did ridiculous things on a daily basis?

... i Hiked the west coast trail with my best guy friend, Zach, and we hitched all the way there and back?

i lived in morgantown, and regularly got to hang out with some of the the best people in the world (Zach, Kirst, Kev, Me... with dreads!)

we went swimming at blue hole, just after sophmore year?

cause if you don't remember... i do :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010


went running this morning. it was amazing. until i slipped on a slippery slope (say that 10 times fast!). and, no pain in the ankle directly after. but, the pain has grown.

quick taking of NSAIDS today. Clinic (hopefully) asap. have a tensor band on to stop the inflammation. not doing major foot pounding in next 4 days. at least. ice. rest. elevation. that is the menu for the weekend.

ugh. so frustrating.

p.s. i have an addendum to make to this, that I was thinking about while swimming. I remember the days that I was not afraid to get injured. because i had a wonderful group of athletic trainers to be (and a few professionals!) at my general disposal. oh the days of being a student athlete at a division 1 school. now, being injured is a lot more difficult. 'cause it costs money to go get professionals to help fix you. and, despite the fact that I pay for insurance that would help cover it, the up front cost is generally hard to afford. argh.

i am looking forward to this weekend, with a couple of things planned.
having people over for a potluck dinner tomorrow night. wooo! love potlucks! love friends.
planning on doing some snow activity on saturday. woooo! love the snow!
then, the never dull small anglican church and school work for sunday.

that is all for the day. pretty much. a few other things circulating in this brain of mine. but. again, those are for my brain.. not yours ;)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

two times a day!?!?

so, today, I ran into one of my classmates at the athletic centre, when I was coming to do my swim. I mentioned that I had done my strength, then grabbed some lunch and was coming back to do my swim workout. She said something to the effect of "dang... i can't believe that you do twice a day." i felt that i wouldn't actually mention that it was my third of the day.

sometimes, it is just how scheduling works. you just fit it in when you can.
you make it a priority.
today, it looked like this: forgot to turn alarm on.
run at 8am.
go to school have class.
quick functional training at 11:30
eat small lunch.
swim at 1:15.
going away gathering,
class at 5pm.

clearly, that is not *too* insane. besides... the way i look at it is when you have a workout that can be back to back with another (such as fuctional training+swim), it only counts as one ;)
I am not fat.

So, I know that this statement is very true.
but, sometimes, when it comes down to it is that as a female athlete, it is hard to remember.

I love nutrition. I love learning about food, i love cooking food, i love the diversity of food, and i love knowing how my body responds too food, i love talking about food.

but, what gets me, is when I am at the gym, and I see someone eat a disgusting, high gylcemic, oily substance that may resemble a slice of pizza, or pasta dish, or "sandwich." first thing: when you die, they will cut you up and exclaim "wow! how did this person live so long!?!?" secondly, and more to my frustration: I do not understand how people who eat things like that can stay skinny. we are talking like they do not physically appear to be a result of the food they eat. why is it, that I can hit my nutrition 90% of the time, and still be carrying around 10-15lbs of extra weight!??!?!
ughghghgh. so frustrating!

today, we said good-bye to one of my classmates. here is a picture of us at the torch relay.

carmen is an exceptionally talented, outspoken, and lovely woman. she has a 3 year old son, and they moved from colorado to come to this program. She has had a few hard times throughout the fall, and this has led to her not being able to stay in the program. Her leaving is so anti "mcgill model of nursing" that it is a little disgusting. She has been an incredible friend, and I will miss her!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

more than devastation...

so, you may wonder why I have not taken the time to more fully comment on what my reactions are on the Haiti earthquake... and, I suppose as I sit here this morning, it is because the words have not been able to come to me in the first few days.

i remember when a friend of mine told me about it. and thinking "wow really? i can't believe it." just being in a state of ignorant disbelief. that first day that we heard about it, i didn't really feel. it just was... these things happen, i guess. there have been a lot of things that have been going on this week with people who are close to me here. major things, and times that needed to be dedicated to other people who needed a coffee. a lunch. a listen.

but then. it wasn't until the next day that i started to feel. and it was when i was sitting alone at home, and turned on the national. and as I watched peter mansbridge outline the destruction, it became much more real. to see places that you have seen. walked on. know of. and how they are 100% not like they were before.

from what I know, everyone that i know there is okay. they are safe. there was one fellow who was missing for a while, but, according to facebook status updates (really?!) he is okay. the area up by the orphanage... not sure?! but, it is a little away from the capital, and it is rural... so, i suspect that it is not as damaged as P-A-P.

some of the things that I think about right now are about the immediate responses.

we will see the aid flow in right now. I was watching the news today and it said that the problem is that the airport and ports have traffic jams. (problem. i dont think so...) but, what i think will be the problem, is that in the days. months. years. that follow. we cannot forget that this has happened. relief must continue in the future. haiti must rebuild.

as PAP is the most devastated, relief efforts will be focused there. but, people will flee from the capital. they will go to other places to look for food, and shelter. they will go to the places that are less effected, but will still face shortages, due to mass "internally displaced persons."

refugees, or the families in your immediate/local area who will have people relying on them. they too, need your help. do you know a haitian? will they be providing for their loved ones? can you help them?

we live in privilege. we live in areas where if natural disaster strikes, there is still quick access to healthcare and aid. for example... in 1989, when a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck in 1989 in San Francisco, the quake killed 63 people. In haiti, there are already 50'000 people deceased... estimated 200,000.

in the coming time, you will hear sad news, but you will hear stories of resilience, and heroism, and hopefully, recovery. let us pray that instead of having this be a story of total devestation, that this can be a story that allows Haiti to rebuild stronger than what they were before. that this could be a story that allows Haiti to re-start.

if you are wondering what you can do... the canadian gov't is matching donations. choose a charity that most suits your philosophies, and donate. donate 5$. or hundreds. or, if you are sitting around with only minor commitments in life right now... donate time. seriously. go. leave what you are doing, and go for 2 weeks. especially if you are a emergency medical personal. but, if you can't do that... here are some bigger, reliable orgs... you probably already know about them, but, this makes it easy.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

lyrics to that song :) and.. what i am eating today!

we go up and down like a boat on a wave.
we go round like a car on a busy motorway.
always in motion, never the same.

somedays you're happy, other days i'm sad.
some days i think about, what we could've had.
live for the moment, never the past.

we go up and down...

so, it thought that I would also give a little blurb about what my day is going to look like today.
woke up, shortly before 6:30 (yay! before my alarm, which was set for 6:37. i *love* waking up before my alarm goes off!)
ate banana with almond butter. drank glass of water.
went for 45 minute morning run on the "mountain."
came home. ate breakfast: 2 eggs poached in marinara sauce, small bowl of natural yogurt with handful of frozen berries and cinnamon, 2 cups of french press coffee.

came back, to get ready for the day. now, for those of you who don't really know my schedule, i spend a lot of time away from my house. sometimes i leave at 7am, and don't return until 8pm at night. so, i have to bring a lot of stuff with me. my school work, my workout gear, my food. this is why, in the fall, i bought a 32L day pack. sometimes, people think that i am going on a hike, or something, but, nope... i am just heading out for the day!!! *my own little day hike!* so, that being said, i will bring quite a bit of food with me. since, also, i tend to like to eat.

so, this is is the food that is in my bag today:
- kale chips.
- grapefruit
- vanilla soy milk drink
- apple
- salad with: baby spinach, cranberries, green pepper, red pepper, 1/2 avocado, mushrooms, olive oil and rasberry vingear.
- two handfuls of mixed, salted nuts. (no peanuts!)
- two handfuls of snow (i think? they seem thicker than snow peas!?) peas, two handfuls of baby carrots.
- hummus for the previous.
- blueberries, cottage cheese, and cinnamon.

*sounds pretty darn delicious to me!*

on the schedule for today:
walk to pathology at 10am.
school work/study for an hour
midnight kitchen: bowl of lentil or bean soup (or the like!), and veggies (root?! or salad?) for lunch!
go do a 3000m swim, and a functional strength training workout.
early movie with beth. not quite sure what we will go see, yet...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

loaded week...

the earthquake in haiti makes me tear up.
a good friend of mine from school has to stop the program, and go back to the states.

that is definitely two crappy things of this week.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

sometimes, i have a hard time coming up with a title for these posts. and, really, tonight is one of those nights.

So, this past weekend just flew by. It was mostly just filled with people. and, spending time with people... some that I know pretty well, and others that i don't really know at all. Friday evening was filled with catching up with a suprizing amount of people on the computer. it was a little ridiculous. I am not a huge "computer instant message" chatter; but, there was one point when i had at least 4 facebook chats going on. it kinda felt like I was in high school again. Then, saturday started off with a brunch with the girls on the rowing team. I love that we plan things like that, because, with team sports, so much is about team unity and cohesion. And, events that are not focused around your sport, only can lead to grow that cohesion. and, that automatically then translates into better practices. better racing. and better attitudes. i then came home, and eventually went for a run. Last night, out to a bar for one of my co-student's 26th birthday. it involved interesting times and interesting people. interesting in both... well... good interesting, and *interesting* interesting people. one of the things that was nice was that the girl whose birthday it was, i don't know very well. but, this provided a new opportunity to get to know her a bit better. this morning, off to church with more "interesting" people, and then for a nice long coffee with one of the ladies of the church, who is also a nurse. again, nice long period to get to know someone a bit more. came home, and tempo biked. then, a curry stirfry and now it is pretty much bed time.

see how in all of that, barely any school work got done?!!? ha! but, i think that is okay for just being the first weekend.

random thoughts from the weekend:
  • i wish that winter had more races scheduled. or that it was finished sooner, so i can race sooner.
  • i like practicing in zones. this weekend, it was so nice to be in looooooooowwww, slowwwwww, eaaaasy zones, both on my run and bike. it allowed me to just chill. it is funny, though, to do those slow and, yesterday, on my run, i was just in love with how it was at the end of the day, and the snow looks blue. and, i could hear ice falling from the trees, and see the orange/pink colours through the sky/park due to the sun setting.
  • i am a little stumped with a decision that I am making right now. and, i hate it when i have to decide things on what i think might be best for me, what might be best for other people, and what might be best for everyone.
  • my cousin gave me a bracelet for christmas that says 41 + strength. she explained it to me that 41 is the number that the letters in my name add up too. strength is what she thinks of, when she thinks of me. and, this is coming from a girl who doesn't know me super well, but only knows peripheral information about my life. and, it might be the best gift that i got. because it gives me strength.
  • earlier last week, i did a "detox." not so much for thinking that it would clense things out of my body, but more so to fall off the ridiculous eating habits from christmas. and, now, we are doing a nutrition challenge with train-this. we get 4 points each day: one for eating 4 fruits. 1 for eating 4 veggies. 1 for 2 nalgene bottles worth of water. 1 for not overeating, or indulging. so, you can get 28 points in a week. If you get more than 25, for 4 weeks, you can buy a non-food treat for yourself.... so, that is kinda neat. a way to stay accountable and healthy.
  • i am so excited for my rotations this semester.
  • i am loving that my TMI team members are getting the packages. and, that they love them. and that they have been reminded of the extraordinary work that was done in each of their lives.
  • the following video is a song that I heard the other day on CBC radio 3. I instantly loved it. "Up & down" by the mountains and the trees. (um... *great* band name.)
  • i am looking forward to meeting new people this semester. and getting to know people better. i need more people in my life in this city.

so, it is way past my bed time. g.o.o.d.n.i.g.h.t. b.o.n.n.e.n.u.i.t.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

yes... but can lightning run on ice?!

this is what i have been thinking the past few days since I have arrived back in this city. there is *loads* of snow here. the street cleaners have been a bit of a gong show, and the sidewalks... well... let's just say that they aren't completely clean.

pretty much, my biggest pet peeve about snow is when it hovers a couple degrees below freezing, so the snow wants to melt, and then creates this very slick little layer of slushy brown stuff which is a mixture of everything that people have been walking through, snow, salt, water, and ice. anyway. not very nice. especially for this girl who doesn't have a great pair of winter boots. that is due to the fact that the boots that i have had for the last 5 years are now making my ankle sore. and. it. is. not. even. my. "bad" ankle.
go figure.

at any rate, running in the snow (especially uphill) is challenging. but, it is beautiful. and it is crisp. and you see skiers. and, i like that. also how it feels "quiet." but, i definitely understand the comment in "cool runnings." (9:03 on this clip!) not that i am lightning. this guy is lightning. i'm just a wannabe triathlete.

i have made a decision, that starting next week, every thursday afternoon I am going to do an outdoor winter activity. that includes 3-week rotations of x-country, snowshoe, and snowboarding. i mean. comon'. i live in quebec.

school is shaping up to be a very busy semester, that's for sure. i am really excited for my classes, though. I am excited that I get to have a "physical assessment" class, where we do a whole lot of hands on lab work. I am excited that I get to work in a ped's TB clinic. and that I have an OBS rotation. and that i am TA'ing a pathophys class, where I get to lecture on master's athletes, and osteoporosis, and spinal cord disorders. it is going to be busy busy busy... but, i think it is going to be fun, and filled with good learning. and, those are things that i love!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

new decade.... ready. go.

so, I am staring Montreal again in the face. After a wonderful two week holiday here in Mississauga, I am headed back tomorrow morning. It has been a great, and relaxing couple of weeks. it has gone exceptionally fast, considering that there has been a whole lot of nothing planned. but, pretty much the best part of the whole thing was catching up with my family and getting to know them better. *Awesome*

It is funny, I sit here, and I am really thinking about what I can write right now.

maybe about how christmas is really good at making my muscles slowly fade away.
or how i find it hilarious that sometimes "we" are so committed to what we do that i love the fact that riding a bike on a indoor trainer in a garage while watching it snow outside is my idea of a great new year's day afternoon.
or how on runs, i seem to have very intense thoughts and dreams and conversations with god.
or how i wish i am going to start a 3 day veggie cleanse on monday. more so for a psychological cleanse then an actual physical cleanse.
or how it is neat the my "little" cousin is a 4th generation Patterson family University of Alberta Law student.
or how wonderful today was because i got to see a long "lost" friend from high school for the first time in about 7 years.
or how i think i have new year's resolutions this year.

yeah. how i have new year's resolutions this year.

last year, i said that i didn't have very concrete ones. the year before, i had *very* concrete ones. this year, it is somewhere in between. i guess what it seems to be is a two year flux and flow with my goals.
  • i want to get A's in all my classes next semester. (forget this B- crap. not acceptable.)
  • i want to lose 10lbs by the time i reach my first half iron race in the early summer (first weekend in June, hopefully)
  • i want to be more active about intentionally getting involved with things where I will meet new people who are close to my age, and share my interests. yes, what that means is that I want to be more intentional about making friends.
  • i want to see as many as many as I can of the people that i love the most. some of the people on the top of that list include Makayla, Zach, Christina, Sam and Gretchen, Kevin, Megan, Donna, Fun Steve.
  • I want to race 5:20.
  • I want to take more time to read books for fun. let's say: I want to read 5 leisure books by the end of this year.
  • I want to figure out what country I want to think about setting up a clinic in. And, I want to gather about 5 more people who would be keen on partnering with me on that.
and for now, that is it. well, *not really* but, the rest are in my head. those are the ones that i only tell my god and my bestest friends. so, perhaps, those ones aren't for you. ;)

a little photo from a few years ago... can you say cheeks?! cause, I can!