Tuesday, January 19, 2010

two times a day!?!?

so, today, I ran into one of my classmates at the athletic centre, when I was coming to do my swim. I mentioned that I had done my strength, then grabbed some lunch and was coming back to do my swim workout. She said something to the effect of "dang... i can't believe that you do twice a day." i felt that i wouldn't actually mention that it was my third of the day.

sometimes, it is just how scheduling works. you just fit it in when you can.
you make it a priority.
today, it looked like this: forgot to turn alarm on.
run at 8am.
go to school have class.
quick functional training at 11:30
eat small lunch.
swim at 1:15.
going away gathering,
class at 5pm.

clearly, that is not *too* insane. besides... the way i look at it is when you have a workout that can be back to back with another (such as fuctional training+swim), it only counts as one ;)
I am not fat.

So, I know that this statement is very true.
but, sometimes, when it comes down to it is that as a female athlete, it is hard to remember.

I love nutrition. I love learning about food, i love cooking food, i love the diversity of food, and i love knowing how my body responds too food, i love talking about food.

but, what gets me, is when I am at the gym, and I see someone eat a disgusting, high gylcemic, oily substance that may resemble a slice of pizza, or pasta dish, or "sandwich." first thing: when you die, they will cut you up and exclaim "wow! how did this person live so long!?!?" secondly, and more to my frustration: I do not understand how people who eat things like that can stay skinny. we are talking like they do not physically appear to be a result of the food they eat. why is it, that I can hit my nutrition 90% of the time, and still be carrying around 10-15lbs of extra weight!??!?!
ughghghgh. so frustrating!

today, we said good-bye to one of my classmates. here is a picture of us at the torch relay.

carmen is an exceptionally talented, outspoken, and lovely woman. she has a 3 year old son, and they moved from colorado to come to this program. She has had a few hard times throughout the fall, and this has led to her not being able to stay in the program. Her leaving is so anti "mcgill model of nursing" that it is a little disgusting. She has been an incredible friend, and I will miss her!

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Bonnieupnorth said...

There are all sorts of benefits and reasons for regular physical exercise but the one that motivates me the most is maintaining one's basic sanity!