Sunday, January 10, 2010

sometimes, i have a hard time coming up with a title for these posts. and, really, tonight is one of those nights.

So, this past weekend just flew by. It was mostly just filled with people. and, spending time with people... some that I know pretty well, and others that i don't really know at all. Friday evening was filled with catching up with a suprizing amount of people on the computer. it was a little ridiculous. I am not a huge "computer instant message" chatter; but, there was one point when i had at least 4 facebook chats going on. it kinda felt like I was in high school again. Then, saturday started off with a brunch with the girls on the rowing team. I love that we plan things like that, because, with team sports, so much is about team unity and cohesion. And, events that are not focused around your sport, only can lead to grow that cohesion. and, that automatically then translates into better practices. better racing. and better attitudes. i then came home, and eventually went for a run. Last night, out to a bar for one of my co-student's 26th birthday. it involved interesting times and interesting people. interesting in both... well... good interesting, and *interesting* interesting people. one of the things that was nice was that the girl whose birthday it was, i don't know very well. but, this provided a new opportunity to get to know her a bit better. this morning, off to church with more "interesting" people, and then for a nice long coffee with one of the ladies of the church, who is also a nurse. again, nice long period to get to know someone a bit more. came home, and tempo biked. then, a curry stirfry and now it is pretty much bed time.

see how in all of that, barely any school work got done?!!? ha! but, i think that is okay for just being the first weekend.

random thoughts from the weekend:
  • i wish that winter had more races scheduled. or that it was finished sooner, so i can race sooner.
  • i like practicing in zones. this weekend, it was so nice to be in looooooooowwww, slowwwwww, eaaaasy zones, both on my run and bike. it allowed me to just chill. it is funny, though, to do those slow and, yesterday, on my run, i was just in love with how it was at the end of the day, and the snow looks blue. and, i could hear ice falling from the trees, and see the orange/pink colours through the sky/park due to the sun setting.
  • i am a little stumped with a decision that I am making right now. and, i hate it when i have to decide things on what i think might be best for me, what might be best for other people, and what might be best for everyone.
  • my cousin gave me a bracelet for christmas that says 41 + strength. she explained it to me that 41 is the number that the letters in my name add up too. strength is what she thinks of, when she thinks of me. and, this is coming from a girl who doesn't know me super well, but only knows peripheral information about my life. and, it might be the best gift that i got. because it gives me strength.
  • earlier last week, i did a "detox." not so much for thinking that it would clense things out of my body, but more so to fall off the ridiculous eating habits from christmas. and, now, we are doing a nutrition challenge with train-this. we get 4 points each day: one for eating 4 fruits. 1 for eating 4 veggies. 1 for 2 nalgene bottles worth of water. 1 for not overeating, or indulging. so, you can get 28 points in a week. If you get more than 25, for 4 weeks, you can buy a non-food treat for yourself.... so, that is kinda neat. a way to stay accountable and healthy.
  • i am so excited for my rotations this semester.
  • i am loving that my TMI team members are getting the packages. and, that they love them. and that they have been reminded of the extraordinary work that was done in each of their lives.
  • the following video is a song that I heard the other day on CBC radio 3. I instantly loved it. "Up & down" by the mountains and the trees. (um... *great* band name.)
  • i am looking forward to meeting new people this semester. and getting to know people better. i need more people in my life in this city.

so, it is way past my bed time. g.o.o.d.n.i.g.h.t. b.o.n.n.e.n.u.i.t.

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