Saturday, January 2, 2010

new decade.... ready. go.

so, I am staring Montreal again in the face. After a wonderful two week holiday here in Mississauga, I am headed back tomorrow morning. It has been a great, and relaxing couple of weeks. it has gone exceptionally fast, considering that there has been a whole lot of nothing planned. but, pretty much the best part of the whole thing was catching up with my family and getting to know them better. *Awesome*

It is funny, I sit here, and I am really thinking about what I can write right now.

maybe about how christmas is really good at making my muscles slowly fade away.
or how i find it hilarious that sometimes "we" are so committed to what we do that i love the fact that riding a bike on a indoor trainer in a garage while watching it snow outside is my idea of a great new year's day afternoon.
or how on runs, i seem to have very intense thoughts and dreams and conversations with god.
or how i wish i am going to start a 3 day veggie cleanse on monday. more so for a psychological cleanse then an actual physical cleanse.
or how it is neat the my "little" cousin is a 4th generation Patterson family University of Alberta Law student.
or how wonderful today was because i got to see a long "lost" friend from high school for the first time in about 7 years.
or how i think i have new year's resolutions this year.

yeah. how i have new year's resolutions this year.

last year, i said that i didn't have very concrete ones. the year before, i had *very* concrete ones. this year, it is somewhere in between. i guess what it seems to be is a two year flux and flow with my goals.
  • i want to get A's in all my classes next semester. (forget this B- crap. not acceptable.)
  • i want to lose 10lbs by the time i reach my first half iron race in the early summer (first weekend in June, hopefully)
  • i want to be more active about intentionally getting involved with things where I will meet new people who are close to my age, and share my interests. yes, what that means is that I want to be more intentional about making friends.
  • i want to see as many as many as I can of the people that i love the most. some of the people on the top of that list include Makayla, Zach, Christina, Sam and Gretchen, Kevin, Megan, Donna, Fun Steve.
  • I want to race 5:20.
  • I want to take more time to read books for fun. let's say: I want to read 5 leisure books by the end of this year.
  • I want to figure out what country I want to think about setting up a clinic in. And, I want to gather about 5 more people who would be keen on partnering with me on that.
and for now, that is it. well, *not really* but, the rest are in my head. those are the ones that i only tell my god and my bestest friends. so, perhaps, those ones aren't for you. ;)

a little photo from a few years ago... can you say cheeks?! cause, I can!

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