Saturday, January 30, 2010

in which i am so *not* over winter

so, last night, as a team building weekend, (yes, as you might know, I am a huge proponent of team activities and team spirit. 'cause a team that likes each other pushes each other and works better together and that means it eventually goes faster together), the girls that I coach, and I, went north about 2 hours, and engaged in fun winter activities. it included a little bit of frigid sleeping and a little bit of frigid frolicking in the woods. here are some photos and a video!

we slept in a youte. i think a youte is a mongolian round house. some of us were warm. others of us were freezing. i was happy that i was one of us who were warm.

oh, you know. just found a lawn chair in the middle of the woods, in a little winter shelter someone had built. (can i have a warm drink and/or a beer?!!?)

that's a little snow. did i mention how cold it was today?! it was cold. but, it was also perfect.

group pic #1. bridge.

group pic. #2. end of day.


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Bonnieupnorth said...

Great video but as noted couldn't get the links right on my blog but put on my facebook!