Wednesday, January 6, 2010

yes... but can lightning run on ice?!

this is what i have been thinking the past few days since I have arrived back in this city. there is *loads* of snow here. the street cleaners have been a bit of a gong show, and the sidewalks... well... let's just say that they aren't completely clean.

pretty much, my biggest pet peeve about snow is when it hovers a couple degrees below freezing, so the snow wants to melt, and then creates this very slick little layer of slushy brown stuff which is a mixture of everything that people have been walking through, snow, salt, water, and ice. anyway. not very nice. especially for this girl who doesn't have a great pair of winter boots. that is due to the fact that the boots that i have had for the last 5 years are now making my ankle sore. and. it. is. not. even. my. "bad" ankle.
go figure.

at any rate, running in the snow (especially uphill) is challenging. but, it is beautiful. and it is crisp. and you see skiers. and, i like that. also how it feels "quiet." but, i definitely understand the comment in "cool runnings." (9:03 on this clip!) not that i am lightning. this guy is lightning. i'm just a wannabe triathlete.

i have made a decision, that starting next week, every thursday afternoon I am going to do an outdoor winter activity. that includes 3-week rotations of x-country, snowshoe, and snowboarding. i mean. comon'. i live in quebec.

school is shaping up to be a very busy semester, that's for sure. i am really excited for my classes, though. I am excited that I get to have a "physical assessment" class, where we do a whole lot of hands on lab work. I am excited that I get to work in a ped's TB clinic. and that I have an OBS rotation. and that i am TA'ing a pathophys class, where I get to lecture on master's athletes, and osteoporosis, and spinal cord disorders. it is going to be busy busy busy... but, i think it is going to be fun, and filled with good learning. and, those are things that i love!

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