Thursday, January 14, 2010

lyrics to that song :) and.. what i am eating today!

we go up and down like a boat on a wave.
we go round like a car on a busy motorway.
always in motion, never the same.

somedays you're happy, other days i'm sad.
some days i think about, what we could've had.
live for the moment, never the past.

we go up and down...

so, it thought that I would also give a little blurb about what my day is going to look like today.
woke up, shortly before 6:30 (yay! before my alarm, which was set for 6:37. i *love* waking up before my alarm goes off!)
ate banana with almond butter. drank glass of water.
went for 45 minute morning run on the "mountain."
came home. ate breakfast: 2 eggs poached in marinara sauce, small bowl of natural yogurt with handful of frozen berries and cinnamon, 2 cups of french press coffee.

came back, to get ready for the day. now, for those of you who don't really know my schedule, i spend a lot of time away from my house. sometimes i leave at 7am, and don't return until 8pm at night. so, i have to bring a lot of stuff with me. my school work, my workout gear, my food. this is why, in the fall, i bought a 32L day pack. sometimes, people think that i am going on a hike, or something, but, nope... i am just heading out for the day!!! *my own little day hike!* so, that being said, i will bring quite a bit of food with me. since, also, i tend to like to eat.

so, this is is the food that is in my bag today:
- kale chips.
- grapefruit
- vanilla soy milk drink
- apple
- salad with: baby spinach, cranberries, green pepper, red pepper, 1/2 avocado, mushrooms, olive oil and rasberry vingear.
- two handfuls of mixed, salted nuts. (no peanuts!)
- two handfuls of snow (i think? they seem thicker than snow peas!?) peas, two handfuls of baby carrots.
- hummus for the previous.
- blueberries, cottage cheese, and cinnamon.

*sounds pretty darn delicious to me!*

on the schedule for today:
walk to pathology at 10am.
school work/study for an hour
midnight kitchen: bowl of lentil or bean soup (or the like!), and veggies (root?! or salad?) for lunch!
go do a 3000m swim, and a functional strength training workout.
early movie with beth. not quite sure what we will go see, yet...

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