Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a little bit of everything...

so, here is a post about a little bit of everything.
well, not really. all it is about is my life.
so, if you are interested.....

read on! read on!
ha ha... okay, done with the ridiculousness. (well, okay, am i really *ever* done with the ridiculousness?!?! i think not)

today, i went to get a new battery for my garmin. get the new battery put in, and guess what? it now works less than it did before. *crap* so, guess what is getting sent to garmin international on warranty? guess who doesnt have a HRM for a while... yup, that's me!

remember how i rolled my ankle last week while running in the park? well... let's just say that the swelling hasn't gone down. *crap* can we talk about how much i love ice on my foot. well, i don't. but, ice+foot have been a common theme recently.

i have recently been getting annoyed with having to carry about 10 million bags to school each day. i carry school stuff, work out stuff, lunch stuff, coffee stuff... you get the picture. my backpack is definitely not big enough. but, now it is. cause, you are talking to a girl who got a new one! yeah 140$ bag for 90$! yeah deuter futura 32!

remember how i used to swim? well, tomorrow i am starting with McGill Masters Swimming. i am a little worried, since i haven't been in a pool for months, but, as mary said: just give it a few weeks!

i would like to mention something that has been on my mind lately. i would like to point out how many of my friends are doing "grown up" things. like having babies. and getting married (ahem, christina and dave, erika and jay). and buying houses. and retiring from their first job. and making careers. and, here i am, getting excited about a new backpack that can carry all the stuff that brings me to school and back. i love what i am doing right now, i love that i am here, and the choices that have brought me here and back and around. but, on the occasion, i think about being 26, and knowing that i am an adult. and, sometimes i feel like i am 22, because i am still a student after forever. and, i very much live like a student. but, on many other occasions, i feel like i am "older." that i should be past the student thing. that i should be in the young professional stage. that i should be in many other stages.

but, i'm not. and, i know that is okay. because this is where i am meant to be. but, sometimes, i wish that society would stop telling me that i should be somewhere else...

(argh! ZCM! i am hating your satellite connection right now!)

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bananya said...

Oh Amo...how I understand you about your last paragraph..I feel the same, I also wish "the society" would stop telling me what I should do.. but you know it takes courage to be who you really are and to be where you "are meant" to be because this is what YOU want and not what someone else wants for you... I know you have your own path, not a "standard" one, but unique and I'm sure more excited one and one of te things i always look up to you is because you FOLLOW it ;)